Where To Find Crystal Fruit in Stardew Valley (Locations + Uses)

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Crystal fruit can be found simply by foraging around in the winter season.

The fruit will show up on the ground in various areas, and it’s a fairly common item to find outside your farm.

But you can also get crystal fruit as drops from dust sprites located in the mine (they have a 2% drop rate).

Or finally, you could grow your own crystal fruits with the help of some winter seeds.

These bright blue fruits can be sold for up to 300g, or you could convert them into wines or preserves too.


Finding Crystal Fruit

Foraging a wild crystal fruit (Stardew Valley)
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Foraging For Crystal Fruit

The simplest way to get your hands on this lovely winter fruit is to simply walk around during the winter season and go foraging.

You may be less likely to find crystal fruit on your farm or in the town, but everywhere else is fair game.

Don’t forget to check out places like the bus stop, train crossing, and Cindersap Forest.

Explore everywhere you can and you’ll have a good stockpile over time.


Crystal Fruit In The Mines

As you make your way through the local mine, you might start to notice what appears to be some living coal on certain floors.

From level 40 to level 79, these creatures show up in abundance and often travel in packs.

The little critters are known as dust sprites.

They aren’t terribly difficult to kill, and you can get some nice goodies while doing so.

Most often, you’ll receive coal from them (they drop coal 50% of the time).

However you can also end up with rewards like frozen tears (2%), diamonds (0.05%), and crystal fruit (2%).

While this might not be the easiest way to find crystal fruit, it’s a fun way for those who plan to take on the mines anyway.


Growing Crystal Fruit

Growing winter seeds for crystal fruits (Stardew Valley)
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Can you have too much crystal fruit?

Probably not.

When you’ve collected some of your winter forageable items already, you can combine them to make special winter seeds.

To make these seeds, you’ll need at least one of each winter forageable:

  • Crystal fruit
  • Winter root
  • Snow yam
  • Crocus

You can then plant these seeds in tilled snow (during the winter) and they’ll grow into a variety of these forageable items.

Just remember that what these seeds grow into are random. So you probably won’t end up with a patch of 100% crystal fruits.


Gifting Crystal Fruits

Crystal fruit is a lovely gift, and there are a number of Pelican Town residents who will be happy to receive one.

No one in town loves the crystal fruit (what a shame).

But here are the residents who like receiving crystal fruit as a present:

  • Elliott
  • Jodi
  • Leah
  • Pam
  • Sandy
  • Demetrius
  • Harvey
  • Kent
  • Linus
  • Robin
  • Shane

Aside from this list, most other residents will have a neutral reaction.

The only characters who dislike crystal fruits are Haley, Maru, Abigail, Jaz, and Vincent.


Tailoring With Crystal Fruit

You can use just about anything to make clothing in Stardew Valley, including the crystal fruit.

All you need for this process is a piece of cloth (made from wool), and a single crystal fruit.

From there, you can use the sewing machine at Emily and Haley’s house to make this lovely shirt.

If you aren’t a fan of the shirt, you can also use it as a blue dye for other items.


Is Crystal Fruit Worth Farming?

When it comes to the items you can forage in winter, the crystal fruit is worth the most sale value in gold.

By itself, crystal fruits can sell for up to 300g.

But you can also increase the value by turning it into preserves or wine.

Even without the artisan profession, crystal fruit preserves can earn you 350g.

Meanwhile iridium quality crystal fruit wine sells for 900g.

Patience does tend to pay off when it comes to getting more value for your crops in Stardew.

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