Stardew Valley Duck Feathers: Uses & How To Get Them

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Duck feathers are most commonly obtained just by raising ducks (which is the simplest way to get them). Duck feathers are a rare drop from any ducks you own, which means they’re entirely random.

But if you simply raise some ducks and keep them happy, then with enough time & patience you’ll get some feathers from them.

However, you can also get some duck feathers from Emily if you choose to marry her, or by checking the traveling cart frequently to buy any feathers you see there.

Duck feathers are worth up to 500g and can be used in tailoring or given as a gift. They are also important for completing the dye bundle at the community center.


Where To Get Duck Feathers

Duck Feather inside Chicken Coop in Stardew Valley
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Raising Ducks For Feathers

Much like milk and wool, duck feathers are considered to be an animal product.

Because of that, it’s easiest to get them by raising your own ducks.

While you’re raising ducks, make sure that you keep them well-fed and spend time with each one every day.

When ducks are happy and have a good bond with you, they’ll be more likely to drop feathers for you to pick up. But keep in mind that these drops are random and largely based on luck.


Marriage Gifts

When you get married in Stardew, each spouse will bring different kinds of gifts to the table.

If you decide that you want to marry Emily, you might find that she likes to give you duck feathers from time to time.

It’s her own quirky way of saying she loves you.


Purchasing Duck Feathers

If you really don’t want to raise ducks, then you can opt to check the traveling cart for some duck feathers whenever it shows up.

This is a method that will likely take you longer to actually get the feathers, since the items brought by the vendor are completely random.

But for those who don’t mind waiting, duck feathers are sure to pop up through this method sooner or later.


Uses For Duck Feathers



Not everyone is interested in bright flashy clothing – but some of you might be!

When you place a duck feather and some cloth into a sewing machine, you can make this unique lime green shirt.

Even if you aren’t interested in the style of this shirt, you can use the color of it to dye another clothing item.

That way you can customize to your heart’s content!


Duck Feather Gifting

Both Leo and Elliott will be thrilled to receive a duck feather as a present. They love them!

But Harvey also likes duck feathers, so you can always give him one if you have nothing better on hand.

The only Stardew character who dislikes duck feathers is Penny. Aside from that, other characters will have a neutral reaction to the gift.



Dye Bundle Preview in Stardew Valley
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Sooner or later, the bundles on the community center bulletin board will open up.

Typically the bundles on this board are connected to certain people in town, as well as the hobbies they enjoy.

For example, the chef bundle is connected to Gus, and the dye bundle is connected to Emily.

And to complete that dye bundle you’ll need a duck feather!


Are Duck Feathers Worth It?

Even without the “rancher” profession, duck feathers are worth up to 500g.

That’s a pretty solid reason to keep your ducks happy!

To give you an idea of where duck feathers are on the spectrum of value, below is a table of animal products in Stardew that can earn you more gold than a duck feather.

Note these are all the top prices that can be reached by selling these items at iridium quality:

Item Value
Dinosaur Egg 700g
Golden Egg 1,000g
Large Goat Milk 690g
Ostrich Egg 1,200g
Rabbit’s Foot 1,130g
Truffle 1,250g
Wool 680g
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