Stardew Valley Elliott Mods: The Ultimate Collection

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Listen, I know what you’re thinking: why Elliott when there are so many better bachelors out there?

Dear reader, I get it.

He looks like an old man crossed with a Christmas elf and speaks like that guy from college who thought he and the prof were best friends. I get it. Unfortunately, that’s my type. And he was in fact my first Stardew love.

He definitely could use improvements, though. And where better to find them than mods?


1. Pirate Elliott

Pirate Elliott Stardew Valley mod

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We’re starting off weird and strong: pirate Elliott.

It makes very little sense, and I’m so here for it.

This mod totally replaces his sprite, giving him a nautical ruffian’s outfit that honestly kinda works?

In his portrait he also now has pointed ears, which I did not know was a pirate trait.

Regardless, it looks great. And this definitely adds some nuance to an already pretty out-there character.

I’d like to think pirate Elliott makes a lot of pirate puns, but that might not be very canon of me to say.


2. Elliott Dialogue Expansion

Elliott Dialogue Expansion Mod for Stardew Valley

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This expansive mod adds over 130 new lines of dialogue for Elliott, including new seasonal dialogue that doesn’t repeat in years one through four – plus better flirting at ten hearts.

Overall, the dialogue is really well written. And it does a great job of maintaining his diction and character too, with lines like “Rapturous life – it springs from all around us, if we have the eyes to see.”

Do I know what it means? No.

Would Elliott bust that out? Absolutely yes.


3. Female Elliott

Female Elliott Stardew Valley mod

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Ok so, you know that with every single one of these mod lists, there’s going to have to be a token genderbend entry.

That’s just how the cookie (and Nexus) crumbles.

This mod also changes the art style for Elliott’s portrait, drawing Elliott as an anime girl, because why not?

There’s 9 portrait expressions here and a redrawn sprite. And I think it’s pretty neat how this modder basically kept the original outfit, too.

It’s really a well done mod. And if you want to see Elliott as a woman this is definitely worth checking out!


4. Dreamburrows Elliott Portrait

Dreamburrows Elliott Portrait Mod for Stardew Valley

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Here’s a pretty simple mod that just replaces the original vanilla portrait with a new one.

But the art is honestly gorgeous.

Elliott looks softer and so much less pompous than in his original vanilla portrait.

The mod creator still keeps his recognizable features, like blocky chin and air of intelligence. But now Elliott doesn’t look like somebody you’d want to fight at the bar just because.


5. Elliott Refined

Elliott Refined Stardew Valley mod

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This is a helpful little patch that essentially improves Elliott’s sprite without totally changing up his look.

For example, it closes that weird bowlegged thing a lot of the bachelors have, and puts his legs together.

It also changes his face shape and slightly changes his outfit, such as having the bits of his tailcoat move when he walks.

It also totally changes the portrait, giving Elliott a softer and more youthful look. His hair is straighter and not so… swoopy.

Definitely worth checking this one out if you’re a fan.


6. Elliott Marriage Dialogue Expansion

Elliott Marriage Dialogue Expansion Mod for Stardew Valley

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Don’t you hate when you’ve been married for five years and your spouse still says the same three things to you every day?

This mod adds around twenty lines of extra dialogue for Elliott, and tweaks some existing ones to give you better conversations with Pelican Town’s best (and only) writer after exchanging your vows.

He’s pretty cheesy, just as an FYI.

Now, if only you could update your spouse’s usual voice lines IRL.


7. Elliott Reskin

Elliott Reskin Stardew Valley mod

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Not everyone adores the pixel art style of Stardew Valley.

I was used to really beautiful games like Dragon Age and The Sims 4 when I started playing Stardew. And it took me a while to wrap my head around the graphics.

I love the game now, obviously. But I do understand the appeal of mods like these, that make Elliott a bishounen looking beefcake.

He looks like a totally different character with this reskin, and it’s honestly kinda fun.

I love the way his hair looks here.


8. Immersive Elliott

Immersive Elliott Mod for Stardew Valley

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So this is another character adjusting mod – and this one promises to make Elliott a “flirtier, more interesting bachelor”.

I’m all for flirty and interesting!

He’s smooth as chocolate here. Plus if you pair him with the anime mod listed above (Female Elliott) then you’re in for a total treat.


9. 19th Century Elliott

19th Century Elliott Stardew Valley mod

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People already say Elliott looks too old fashioned.

So let’s just go full ham and transport him back to the 19th century.

This mod really only tweaks his portrait, but I think it’s fun and clever.

He now has sideburns and his face no longer looks like he’s jaundicing, which is a good thing. The mod also tweaks his coloration so it looks more natural.


10. Twelve Hearts Elliott

Twelve Hearts Elliott Mod for Stardew Valley

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One of the biggest pitfalls of Stardew, in my opinion, is how methodical and finite the game is – for something that’s literally infinite. By which I mean, once you’ve buddied up with the townspeople, that’s it.

There’s nothing else you can do with them.

It takes away a lot of the immersion for me that once I’m at ten hearts with someone, they’re kind of obsolete now.

Well this mod adds another event at 12 hearts for Elliott, which allows me to feel something a little extra.

It doesn’t fix the problem. But it delays it – and I will take what I can get.

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