Stardew Valley Emily Mods: The Ultimate Collection

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It goes without saying that Emily is one of the strangest characters. And considering Pelican Town is a place with a wizard, a little sewer goblin, and a dwarf, not to mention a caveman… that says a lot!

She’s well-loved in the community for her kindness and quirkiness, which leads to a lot of fan-made mods for her.


10. Emily Sprites Remastered

Emily Sprites Remastered in Stardew Valley

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There’s a lot of hate for Emily’s muumuu, the shapeless dress she wears – and frankly, I think it’s justified.

She’s in, what, her late twenties at the oldest?

The only people who can get away with wearing muumuus are women in their midlife crises on vacation to Hawaii or something.

This mod fixes it and gives her a more age-appropriate dress that’s honestly adorable. It also tweaks her face a little, shortens her hair a touch, and fixes her bowleg.


9. Enhanced Emily

Enhanced Emily Stardew Valley mod

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This mod, as the title suggests, enhances Emily.

It makes her hair longer, her eyes bigger, and makes her more conventionally attractive. I’m not going to get into the ethics of that with you, dear reader – if you prefer longer hair and bigger eyes, go ahead and give this one a try.

I personally think it’s a nice change.

I don’t love Emily’s original vanilla design, so something like this might make me a bit more interested in the character. I don’t usually go for kooky or quirky, but she is really pretty here.


8. Emily Revised – Seasonal

Emily Revised - Seasonal Mod for Stardew Valley

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I’ve complained before in other articles that I don’t love the way that vanilla Stardew Valley keeps the villagers in the same exact clothes regardless of season.

Don’t they get cold? I guess not, seeing as how it’s a video game, but still. Let me get meta for a sec.

There’s something to be said for having multiple outfits for characters, for me. It helps me get into the game more, to suspend my disbelief, as the kids say.

Anyway, this mod gives Emily four different outfits that change based on the season in the game.


7. Emily with Tattoos

Emily with Tattoos Stardew Valley mod

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Emily totally seems like the type to get tattoos, right?

Well here’s a mod that gives them to her.

They look totally real and natural in my opinion, like they belong on her. The mod also changes up her sprite to look a little younger, and gives her shorter hair and bigger eyes. Flower tattoos – how fitting!


6. Emily Portrait more like Sprite

Emily Portrait more like Sprite Mod for Stardew Valley

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Emily’s sprite and portrait has the same pitfall as a lot of the villagers in Pelican Town, as they don’t really match up super nicely.

Here’s a way to fix that, with changes to her portrait to better fit the sprite’s look.

Her hair gets a bit shorter, which is the main difference.


5. Emily as Ruby Rose (from RWBY)

Emily as Ruby Rose (from RWBY) Stardew Valley mod

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RWBY is a show that is hotly debated to be an anime or a cartoon, depending.

You see, it was made in North America by the studio Rooster Teeth, rather than in Japan, but is heavily influenced by Japanese anime.

Regardless, this mod replaces anime with the main character from the series, Ruby Rose.

It’s a pretty good swap, seeing as how both girls are a little weird, quirky, and random.

The sprite for Ruby looks super cute as well. So if you’re a fan of the series, I highly suggest checking this out.


4. Emily Marriage Dialogue Expansion

Emily Marriage Dialogue Expansion Mod for Stardew Valley

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I’ve complained before about how after marriage, a lot of the dialogue falls kind of flat.

There’s only so many times you can hear the same voice line without being like, “ugh, this again?”

I mean, if my real life spouse said the same ten lines to me every morning, I don’t think I’d have a spouse for much longer!

This mod greatly expands the dialogue for after you marry Emily, adding over 70 new lines of dialogue. She also has lines that reveal her tastes for gifts, with both loved and hated ones, within them.


3. Country Emily

Country Emily Stardew Valley mod

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I find it strange how this is a farming community and yet the only one who remotely looks the part is Leah.

Especially once you marry the character and they come to live on the farm. Like, ma’am, your muumuu is going to get dirty!

This gives Emily a country makeover.

There’s four versions, two with blue hair and two with blonde with an alternative version of each. The alternative version affects which way her hair curls, but not much else. All four are nice alternatives to the vanilla Emily!


2. Emmett – Male Emily Mod

Emmett – Male Emily Mod in Stardew Valley

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I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again – if it exists, there’s a mod that does a gender bender of it.

This one replaces Emily with Emmett, a quirky man who looks the exact same as the original version.

It’s a pretty 1:1 swap, with the exception of some facial hair. Interestingly, it’s blue, which indicates that Emily has naturally blue hair and does not in fact dye it!


1. Emily Dialogue Reworked

Emily Dialogue Reworked Stardew Valley mod

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Like I’ve said before, dialogue gets stale.

Well this mod reworks some of Emily’s dialogue, making her calm down a little with her passion for fashion, and adds new dialogue lines for every day of the week.

It gets rid of her love of homeopathy (thank god, modern medicine ftw) and also acknowledges her disdain for Clint’s stalkerish behavior.

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