How To Get Fairy Roses in Stardew Valley (And Common Uses)

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Fairy roses can be grown in the fall using fairy seeds, which you can purchase from Pierre’s, JojaMart, or through the random shops that show up throughout the year.

These roses take 12 days to grow and sell for up to 580g.

Fairy roses make for great gifts, or they can be used to create fairy dust.

But at the very least they can give your farm a touch of fantasy!


Getting Fairy Roses

Buying Fairy Seeds from Pierre / Stardew Valley
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The most reliable way to get your hands on some fairy roses is to grow them yourself!

Not only will you be able to get as many fairy roses as you might want, but they also help to beautify your farm.

To begin with, fairy roses only grow in fall. So you’ll have to wait until then (unless you decide to grow them in the greenhouse).

You can purchase fairy seeds from a number of places including Pierre’s, JojaMart, the traveling cart, or the Night Market.

Once you have your seeds in hand, plant them in fall. They’ll take 12 days to grow, unless you decide to use a fertilizer that will speed up the process.

From there just wait and enjoy the beauty as it unfolds!


Purchasing A Fairy Rose

If you’re just looking to get a small number of fairy roses, then you can also opt to purchase them from the traveling cart.

The important thing to keep in mind is that the items on the traveling cart are random, so you will need to keep checking until a fairy rose shows up in the inventory.

But sooner or later, you’re sure to find one. Just make sure to save some gold so you’re ready to purchase!


What Can You Do With Fairy Roses?



Fairy roses can be combined with diamonds to create fairy dust once you’ve completed the “Pirate’s Wife” quest.

Just as the name might imply, fairy dust is a magical item that can help you to get the products of items like furnaces and kegs instantly.

Because of that, it’s worth building up a decent stock of fairy dust so you can keep the money flowing.



Not only are fairy roses valuable for creating fairy dust, but they also make for fantastic gifts!

If you really want to make some Stardew characters happy, you’ll give fairy roses to Jas and Evelyn.

They love these flowers – so getting them as a present will certainly brighten their day!

Nearly every other character in the game likes fairy roses too, and will be happy to receive them.

The only characters who will be displeased by getting a fairy rose as a gift are George, Clint, and Sebastian.



Wait, there’s more!

Fairy roses aren’t just great for gifting and creating fairy dust.

They can also be used to create a gorgeous long dress.

Just use a fairy rose and a piece of cloth at a sewing machine to create the long dress.

If you have extras or aren’t into the style, you can also use that dress to create red dye for other clothing items.


Are Fairy Roses Worth It?

Selling Fairy Rose Honey for 680g / Stardew Valley
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Fairy roses may not earn you the most gold – but they can still be worth growing.

On their own, fairy roses can be sold for up to 580g without the player having any kind of special profession.

Those aren’t terrible profits, but they also aren’t the best.

That said, planting fairy roses near your bee houses can really bump up profits from the honey you sell!

Typically, honey is only worth 100g.

However, the fairy rose honey you get when you have fairy roses near your bee house sells for 680g!

Those are some pretty huge profits just for planting some flowers.

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