Best Stardew Valley Fishing Mods

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Considering the number of video games that feature fishing mini-games, we would expect gamers to be true masters in the art of fishing.

This is not the case. But not our fault!

I mean, does pressing buttons rhythmically sound like real-life fishing to you?

Since mastering Stardew Valley fishing mechanics will not make you ready for competitive fishing, why not jump the hurdle entirely? Just install any of these mods and make your life easier.

So let’s not waste any bait here and just dive in!


10. Skip Fishing Minigame

Skip Fishing Minigame Stardew Valley mod

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The Stardew Valley fishing mini-game is all well and fun, until you start failing over and over again.

With this Skip Fishing Minigame mod, failure will no longer be a possibility.

The mod not only will let you skip the mini-game entirely, but it also makes sure you’ll always make a perfect catch.

This is not cheating, though: it’s only to get more time to take care of your farm properly… right?


9. Realistic Fishing

Realistic Fishing mod for Stardew Valley

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Fishing in video games never really feels realistic.

But things are about to change, at least with this appropriately-named mod.

It tweaks the fishing mechanics so they feel way more realistic than in the vanilla game.

You’ll get the added ability to throw back fish into the water, and a persistent population that’s influenced by how much you fish. Don’t overdo it, folks!


8. Desert Fishing

Desert Fishing Stardew Valley mod screenshot

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I’ve never heard of someone fishing in the desert. But hey, anything goes in video games.

This Desert Fishing mod changes the size of the pond in the desert. So now it’s possible to catch Iridium quality fish with the greatest of ease.

And you do want to catch a lot of them, trust me.


7. SvFishingMod

SvFishingMod Stardew Valley screenshot

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Don’t you love it when you can tweak any game mechanic to your liking? I sure do!

SvFishingMod is among the best fishing mods ever developed for Stardew Valley.

It allows you to customize the game’s fishing mechanics like difficulty, rewards, and conditions. And if customizing is not exactly your thing, this mod also lets you skip fishing altogether.

That means you catch any fish automatically as soon as you access any fishing spot. Now that’s some speedy fishing!


6. Riverbend Fishing Map

Riverbend Fishing Map mod for Stardew Valley

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Any map, after hundreds of hours, will become stale. And all the fishing you can do will become pretty darn boring.

When this eventually happens, the only thing you should do to make everything feel fresh is download the Riverbend Fishing map.

It’s a custom made map featuring two docks and a riverbend that replaces the Riverland fishing map. I wonder how many fish we can catch once we’re finally over the burnout


5. Fishing Assistant

Fishing Assistant Stardew Valley mod

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Tutorials are a thing of the past. Assistants are all the rage now!

The Fishing Assistant mod makes fishing extremely easy by introducing some new mechanics like max cast power, and a catch treasure toggle that removes much of the tedium that comes with the activity.

And if you want to skip everything altogether, well you can still do so by enabling the Full-Auto mode.

Stress-free fishing, that’s how we like it. Especially in a comfy game like Stardew.


4. Auto Fishing

Auto Fishing mod for Stardew Valley

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Most Stardew Valley mods let you skip the fishing mini-game altogether.

But Auto Fishing adds another feature that the compulsive fishermen out there will surely love.

Together with all those settings that make fishing easier, Auto Fishing comes with an auto-cast mode that lets you cast and reel automatically once you catch a fish. Talk about making things faster!


3. Easier Fishing

Easier Fishing Stardew Valley mod screenshot

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If skipping fishing altogether feels way too much like cheating, you’ll surely find some good use for the Easier Fishing mod.

This mod, unlike most others, doesn’t let you skip the mini-game altogether.

Rather it tweaks some of the vanilla mechanics, like making the fish shoot up and down less frequently, so that it’s much easier to complete the game successfully. How nice.


2. Fishing Made Easy Suite

Fishing Made Easy Suite Stardew Valley mod

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Another mod that makes fishing easier?

How many of them are out there, exactly?

While Fishing Made Easy Suite’s main goal is indeed to make it easier to catch fish. The mod also comes with a couple of features that other modifications don’t have… like the ability to make all fishes appear during all seasons, make legendary fish recatchable, and more.

The different settings let you also tweak the chances of this happening, so you don’t have to play the mini-game in super easy baby mode if you’re more into the challenge.


1. Teh’s Fishing Overhaul

Teh's Fishing Overhaul mod for Stardew Valley

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A complete overhaul for 100% more fishing fun?

Ladies and gents, may I present Teh’s Fishing Overhaul.

Teh’s amazing modification is, without a doubt, the one you have to install if you want fishing to become fun again (or for the first time).

It tweaks pretty much every feature, from perfect catches to treasure finding, legendary fish, difficulty, and so on.

The streak mechanics are especially interesting, but only the best players will be able to take advantage of them properly.

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