Stardew Valley: Best Genderbender & Gender Swap Mods

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Ah, Rule 63:

“For every given male character, there is a female version of that character”, as well as vice versa.

This is as true for Stardew Valley as it is for any other game. And the dozens of mods online prove that people really just want to gender bend their favorite characters.

Well this list is certainly a doozy, so grab something to drink and get comfy – because stuff is about to get weird!

Our collection below offers all the best Stardew genderbender mods, all scoured by me so you don’t have to.


1. Female Sebastian

Female Sebastian Gender Swap / Stardew Valley Mod

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This mod changes Stardew Valley’s most beloved emo recluse into a beloved female emo recluse; probably best described as an e-girl.

She’s cute, she hates people, and she rides a motorbike.

Of course the Internet is going to love her.

Note: the design here uses a more anime-type art style, but it’s really good.


2. Alternate Clothes for Female Sebastian

Alternate Clothes for Female Sebastian / Stardew Valley Mod

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A simple switch that changes the clothes that the female Sebastian listed previously wears.

This suits her a little more, and differentiates her as a character. Definitely check it out!


3. Samantha (Gender-Swapped Sam)

Samantha (Gender-Swapped Sam) / Stardew Valley Mod

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Yep, here we can change Sam (who’s the best bachelor, frankly) into Samantha.

She still keeps the skateboarding punk vibe, which is nice.

But this time we get long hair and more pink.

She’d totally be the type to shred up the skate park, and I’d totally want to see it.


4. Sam Girl

Sam Girl Genderbender / Stardew Valley Mod

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Here’s another anime style genderbend mod, but this time for Sam… again.

She’s adorable, with long blonde hair, absolutely fitting for the silly himbo.

The cheerful portraits do a great job of keeping Sam’s original happy-go-lucky vibe!


5. Harvey Girl

Harvey Girl Gender Swap / Stardew Valley Mod

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What’s better than a nerdy shy doctor?

A female nerdy shy doctor, of course!

Now you can swich Harvey into a woman, and she’s totally adorable.

This is another anime-style mod, and the look suits Harvey so well.

She looks like the main character, honestly. I’m not the biggest Harvey fan, but this might convince me!


6. Alex Girl

Alex Girl Gender Swap / Stardew Valley Mod

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Alex is another easy gender swap, since Alex can be short for Alexandra OR Alexander.

And this mod makes everyone’s favorite sporty guy into everyone’s favorite sporty girl!

She’s super cute, and seems like the type of person I’d totally want to spend time with.


7. Elliott Girl

Elliott Girl Genderbender / Stardew Valley Mod

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I’m a huge Elliott stan to begin with.

He was my first romance in Stardew, which considering my love for Pride and Prejudice, makes good sense. It’s the tailcoats, man.

This mod makes him into a girl – and a beautiful girl at that.

She has a mature woman sort of charm, and seems like she’d totally be the mom friend of the group.


8. Alternative Clothes for Female Elliott

Alternative Clothes for Female Elliott / Stardew Valley Mod

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If you’d rather something a little more casual than Elliott’s standard fare, consider this mod.

It swaps the crimson getup with something a little more comfortable, looking more like a varsity school outfit.


9. Female Shane

Female Shane Gender Swap / Stardew Valley Mod

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You’d think that with the gender swaps that the character’s name would change, too.

But no such luck – which is a shame, because Shania would work so well for female Shane!

Like all the others on this list, this mod turns Shane into a girl.

She’s still the same old Shane, unkempt and unpleasant (sorry Shane stans!)

But now Shane is, you know, female about it.


10. Marley (Male Maru)

Marley Male Maru Genderbender / Stardew Valley Mod

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Here’s one that actually changes the name, too!

This makes Maru become Marley. And wow– he looks great!

He’s an incredibly close swap here & keeps the same intense expressions.

Creator atoms2ashes did a really nice job on this!

Both the portrait and sprite are changed, and it’s careful to make sure all dialogue refers to Marley as male.


11. Abbadon (Male Abigail)

Abbadon Male Abigail Gender Swap / Stardew Valley Mod

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If you thought Abigail was a raging goth, let me introduce you to Abbadon:

This genderbent quartz-muncher has listened to his fair share of Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance, no doubt about it.

With a piercing, an eboy haircut, and trendy clothes, this might be one of my favorite genderbends on this list.

And this emo is sure to give Sebastian a run for his money!


12. Pryce (Male Penny)

Pryce Male Penny Genderbender / Stardew Valley Mod

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If you need something sweet after all that edge in the last entry, enter Pryce: Penny’s genderswap.

The girl next door flawlessly becomes the boy next door, and Pryce seems like the kind of guy to help you bring in groceries or help a grandma across the street.

With a short haircut and warm eyes, he’s definitely the inviting sort.


13. Leonard (Male Leah)

Leonard Male Leah Genderbender / Stardew Valley Mod

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Once again, the girls-to-boys genderswaps just seem to be so much better.

Maybe it’s because they actually keep the original artstyle?

Either way, this mod turns Leah into Leonard, a hipster lumberjack looking fellow.

He’s got a beard, freckles, and is a great example of how smoothly a genderbend can go.

And once again, I like how the names were changed. I think it adds a really nice level of detail.

Leonard, I’d definitely bring home to meet my mother.


14. Emmett (Male Emily)

Emmett (Male Emily) Genderbender / Stardew Valley Mod

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And finally, we have Emmett, Emily’s genderbend.

He’s quirky, he’s zany… and frankly, I’d cross the street if I saw him at night.

But I feel that way about regular Emily, too.

With this mod he keeps the original design really well – really, the vibes are the exact same.

The goatee is a nice touch too, but it raises some questions – is his hair naturally blue? Or does he dye his beard too?

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