Stardew Valley Haley Mods: Sprites, Dialogue & More

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Haley is definitely an interesting member of Pelican Town.

She doesn’t quite seem to fit in, sticking out in the small town like a sore (but very pretty) thumb.

She’s demanding, a bit of a diva, but definitely opens up as you get to know her.

And here’s a handful of custom mods to change things up – from her sprite to her personality!


10. Short Hair Haley

Short Hair Haley / Stardew Valley Mod

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This is a pretty simple one. It takes Haley’s long blonde locks and shortens them to just below her ears.

It suits her really well, honestly.

She looks a little more mature with shorter hair, and a little less Barbie-like, too.

The mod makes sure to keep it consistent across all her sprites, even the ones where she’s a mess with twigs and leaves and stuff.

It’s just really well done, you should check it out!


9. Country Haley

Country Haley / Stardew Valley Mod

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Remember what I said about Haley not really fitting in around Pelican Town?

It would seem this modder agrees with me, because this mod switches her outfit to make her look like an absolute country belle.

With a red plaid shirt and a cowboy hat, Haley looks ready to sling hay and pet cows.

Her now-braided hair is much less likely to get destroyed doing farm chores than the big bush of long hair she had before.


8. Goth Haley

Goth Haley / Stardew Valley Mod

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Maybe you really like goth girls.

I wouldn’t blame you.

If Abigail isn’t your speed but you still want some goth in your game, I really recommend this mod.

It totally changes Haley’s design, giving her dark hair and makeup, but it also switches things out seasonally.

The snakebite piercings are year round, but winter Haley gets warmer clothes than summer Haley, for example.

If this is your kind of thing then absolutely give it a go.


7. Social Haley

Social Haley / Stardew Valley Mod

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It’s kind of weird how Haley, who’s kind of the popular girl trope, doesn’t actually spend much time talking to literally anyone except Alex.

This mod aims to fix that, sending her to more locations with other people so that she’ll socialize a little more.

You can find her in the saloon, the bathhouse, and all over town just hanging out.

Good luck tracking her schedule, though!

You’ll spend a lot of time running all over trying to find her when you go gift giving.


6. Cold Weather Haley

Cold Weather Haley / Stardew Valley Mod

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Maybe the reason Haley’s so mean and foul to people is because she’s cold?

With the vanilla sprites not changing based on the season, she kind of gets a raw deal – with my bare arms out in the cold, I’d probably be kind of nasty tempered too.

This mod gives her a comfy looking red ensemble.

A skirt, hat, and long sleeved shirt will help keep the diva a little bit warmer, hopefully.


5. Haley Off Shoulder Dress

Haley Off Shoulder Dress / Stardew Valley Mod

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Here’s a pretty small mod that just tweaks Haley’s dress a little.

Rather than having just the plain blue straps, it adds some cute off shoulder sleeves to her regular top.

It wasn’t something I noticed before, but now that I’ve seen the different versions compared, this version is definitely better and you should download it.


4. Haley is Nicer

Haley is Nicer / Stardew Valley Mod

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Listen, you can like Haley all you want, but she’s still pretty mean. Especially at first.

This mod changes her dialogue some so that she treats you (and everyone else) a little better.

As the creator mentions in their post, you shouldn’t get a “Mean Girls” vibe from her anymore.

Haley does not have to be Regina George any longer!


3. Pink Haired Haley

Pink Haired Haley / Stardew Valley Mod

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We’ve had goth Haley, cold Haley, and haircut Haley…

How about pink-haired Haley?

This mod keeps everything about her the same, and just changes her bright blonde to a pink that would make anyone swoon.

Egirls walked so Haley could run, or something.

It honestly suits her really well though. But I also super like abnormally colored hair.


2. Haley Skirt Recolor

Haley Skirt Recolor / Stardew Valley Mod

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On the opposite side of the coin here, this mod removes pink – this time from Haley’s skirt, changing it to a much more flattering shade of white.

This is honestly a great change.

Have you ever actually seen anyone wear a pink skirt in real life? Much less someone as fashion conscious as Haley?

White skirts are a much more ‘in’ choice than the original pink one, and you know this woman is on top of the trends.


1. Red’s Haley

Red’s Haley / Stardew Valley Mod

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Here’s a mod that totally reworks Haley’s sprite.

And it’s definitely worth trying out.

Rather than the pink-skirted long-haired diva from the vanilla game, we get a much more fashionable looking one with a shorter & more chic haircut, and a cool blue dress.

Her sprite even has sunglasses!

She looks like a much more convincing ‘it’ girl this way.

And this revamp is a really good take on her character, to be honest.

Some say you can’t mess with perfection. But all of these mods would indicate otherwise.

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