Where Do You Find Hazelnuts in Stardew Valley?

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Hazelnuts can be found lying around the village in fall. So the easiest way to get more is to go foraging.

When you’re looking for them, you should go out to the north of the map, since there’s a higher probability for them to appear around there compared to the southern areas.

Look mainly in the Backwoods and The Mountains (50%+ chance). But hazelnuts also spawn at the Bus Stop (40%) and the Railroad (25%) too.

You can even collect Hazelnuts from your farm if you choose the Forest Farm map.

And from the 15th to the 28th of fall, shaking a Maple Tree may drop a Hazelnut. During this time period you might see a squirrel running to a tree, and this can also shake the tree to drop one for you.

When planting Fall Seeds (a recipe unlocked at Foraging level 6), you can get Hazelnuts as well as Blackberries, Common Mushrooms, and Wild Plums at random. It takes 7 days to fully mature from seeds to harvest.

And luckily, crows don’t interfere with season Seeds. So you don’t need a scarecrow to protect them.


What Can You Do With Hazelnuts?

For the Community Center Bundles, the Fall Foraging Bundle requires the following:

  • Hazelnut
  • Wild Plum
  • Blackberry
  • Common Mushroom

Check out the Crafts Room there and try to get it completed!

You can also use hazelnuts as a gift for Harvey, Linus, or Leah. They’ll like the gift, but the rest of the village is divided between disliking it or being neutral – so probably don’t give it to anybody else.

And there are two recipes which use Hazelnuts:

First is Roasted Hazelnuts. You can get it on the 28th of Summer by the second year, and it uses only 3 Hazelnuts.

The second recipe is Stuffing which you receive from Pam after getting her to 7 hearts. She teaches you how to make this warm meal that offers a Defense +2 buff. It uses Bread, Cranberries, and a Hazelnut.

And when using a Hazelnut on a sewing machine, you can get a Brown Overalls Shirt. Nothing too fancy though.

Aside from these use cases, there’s nothing else you can really do with a Hazelnut but sell it. Although keeping a couple around might come in handy!

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