How To Get A Deluxe Barn in Stardew Valley

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You can get a deluxe barn by upgrading a “big barn”. To do this, you’ll need to visit robin while you have 25,000g, 550 pieces of wood, and 300 stones.

Once your deluxe barn has been built, you’ll be able to keep up to 12 animals in it.

You’ll also unlock pigs and sheep as animals too.

This upgrade can be done at any time, as long as you already have a “Big Barn” first.


Getting A Deluxe Barn

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In order to get a deluxe barn, you first have to build a regular barn and have it improved to become a “big barn”.

Once you have a big barn, you’ll need 25,000g, 550 pieces of wood, and 300 stones.

This might seem like a lot, but it can really boost your profits – so it’s worth building.

After you’ve collected everything just pay a visit to Robin and you’ll be able to select the deluxe barn from the farm building options.

From there it will take 2-3 days before the barn upgrade is completed – but with a little patience you’ll find that the wait is worthwhile.


The Benefits Of A Deluxe Barn

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1. More Animals

When you upgrade to the deluxe barn, you gain the ability to house more animals.

The big barn allows you to have 8 animals in total, while the deluxe barn allows you to have 12.

With more animals also comes more animal products that you can use or sell.


2. More Species

With a regular barn, you can raise cows and ostriches.

In the big barn, you can raise cows, ostriches, and goats.

When you get a deluxe barn, you can raise cows, ostriches, goats, pigs, and sheep.

Pigs and sheep are both quite useful animals to have around. Wool is great for selling (or making clothing) and truffles can bring in quite a bit of gold.


3. Less Work

If nothing else has excited you about your new deluxe barn, then how about not having to feed your animals manually?

Yes, the deluxe barn comes with an auto-feeder.

That means as long as you have hay in your silos, feeding will be taken care of for you.

Instead of putting food into the feeding bench every day, all you have to do is keep enough hay in the silos to feed all of your animals.

Pretty cool right?


Is The Deluxe Barn Worth Getting?

The deluxe barn might appear to be rather costly – but it is absolutely worth getting.

With the ability to add new animals to your herd, you can rapidly increase your farm’s profit.

Animals that you unlock with your barn upgrades often give you new products that are worth more too.

For example, cow milk can sell for up to 380g.

Meanwhile, truffles can earn up to 1,250g.

That really is a huge difference!

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