The Best Husbands in Stardew Valley (All Ranked)

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Dating is hard.

And choosing just one person for the rest of your (in game) life is even harder!

Luckily, in Stardew Valley the choices are varied enough to make the choice an easy one for most players.

Even so, if you do happen to end up with a lemon of a husband – you can always pay a visit to a certain witch for a romantic reset. You didn’t hear that from us!

So if you’re wondering who the best options are in your Stardew Valley husband search, we’ve got our opinion on the matter right here.


6. Shane

Shane in Stardew Valley Screenshot

Shane starts off as a particularly cranky resident who doesn’t seem to enjoy it much when you stop him for a chat.

Because of his rough personality, you might even be surprised that he’s even on this list.

While he starts off as a grouch with a bit of an alcohol issue, it doesn’t take too long for Shane to turn it around – if you do decide to date him.

After a couple of heart events, you might even find that he’s more relatable than many of the other bachelors. His character arc is really quite beautiful.

However, the main issue with Shane comes with married life.

Once you’ve said your vows, he goes right back into his old toxic behaviors.

If only his profound changes and zest for life continued into marriage!


5. Sebastian

Sebastian Stardew Valley gameplay

With his dark hair and interest in tabletop gaming, how could Sebastian not seem like the perfect husband?

He’s nerdy, he’s misunderstood, and he’s so darn cute.

Sebastian has a big heart and some wild dreams.

As such, he definitely makes for an interesting character to date.

Sebastian is another character that some folks can really relate to. He may be introverted and hard to seek out at first, but he’s a really interesting guy once you get a few heart events in.

Although there’s some controversy on how Sebastian behaves once you’re married to him.

Some claim that he really doesn’t do a lot to help out the farm. Others wonder if they’re holding him back from his dreams by keeping him in the valley.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide if he’s a deadbeat or a dreamboat!


4. Sam

Sam in Stardew Valley Screenshot

If you’re interested in finding a husband with a little less of a dark side than Sebastian, Sam just might be the ideal choice.

This spikey-haired stud can often be found skateboarding or playing music with Sebastian.

Alongside Sebastian and Abigail, he dreams of starting his own band.

On the softer side, Sam is often seen hanging out with his kid brother, Vincent.

Vincent and Sam’s father is in the military, and he’s away at war for the first year you spend in the game.

While their mother is still around, Sam likes to make sure that Vincent is getting plenty of attention so he won’t worry too much about their father being away.

After marriage, some claim that Sam might get a little boring.

Aside from sharing pancakes from time to time, he may not help out much.

That said, he does make for a great father!


3. Alex

Alex in Stardew Valley Screenshot

Unless you’re already a fan of sports, Alex can easily look like the typical boring jock who only thinks about football.

That said, his character actually goes a bit deeper if you put in the effort to get to know him.

He’s quite sweet, and makes an effort to let you know he has a softer side.

On top of that, Alex has a delightfully cute relationship with his dog Dusty.

Having been through a rough past together, the pair have forged an unbreakable bond fueled by a mutual love of steak.

As a husband, Alex is thought to be pretty helpful. He likes to take care of your player character by giving them healthy meals.

There are many players out there who find Alex to be the best husband in the game, and there are plenty of reasons why!


2. Harvey

Harvey in Stardew Valley Screenshot

Look, not all of us need to have the coolest husband in town.

Maybe you’d prefer someone who’s stable, loving, and happy to be right here in Stardew Valley.

Harvey may not seem like the most exciting of love interests. But he’s a sweet guy who cares a lot about making sure people are healthy and happy.

As the town doctor, he’s sure to be a partner that your parents approve of.

Harvey is a really genuine, practical guy.

It’s because of those features that so many players prefer him over the other available bachelors.

He’s also the most mature guy in town, which is great for those who don’t want to feel like they’re dating a teenager.


1. Elliott

Elliott in Stardew Valley Screenshot

As my personal favorite, I have to say that every moment of this romance is poetic.

Elliott is sweet, charming, romantic, and you cannot miss out on those long luxurious locks!

Living in a charming little shack by the sea, this ridiculously handsome writer is happy to enjoy the simpler things in life.

He can easily be swayed by something as simple as a cup of coffee.

Some might find that he’s a little bit too confident and flirty right from the get-go. But he’s a loyal partner through and through.

In your post-marriage life, he’s quite helpful with the farm chores. And he adores any children you choose to have together.

I mean, who doesn’t want to wake up and see this long-haired Adonis every day?

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