Best Inventory & Backpack Mods For Stardew Valley

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There’s few things more annoying than going on a big trip to the mines or the Skeleton Caverns, and finding out you’re out of pocket space.

Yes, yes, realism, I know you’d never be able to fit 999 stones in just a single pocket in real life.

But this isn’t real life!

I want thicker pockets, man. So here’s a bunch of inventory mods to help you carry more stuff, and carry it better.


7. Convenient Inventory

Convenient Inventory / Stardew Valley Mod

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You know what sucks?

Having to hunt for objects.

It’s annoying, it’s time consuming, and apparently, has an easy fix!

This mod makes your inventory way more convenient.

With the press of one button, you can quickly stack things from your inventory to nearby chests for an easy way to make space.

Not only that, but there’s another favorite feature of mine:

You can star items, any couple things that you use often, to make it easier to find them. How handy is that?


6. Ship from Inventory

Ship from Inventory / Stardew Valley Mod

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Speaking of easy and convenient, this one’s very cool.

It allows you to ship directly from your inventory, rather than having to go to the box.

This is great because on those mine trips I mentioned, if you have too many gems (which is a real nice problem to have!) you can sell them right from your inventory. Y’know, instead of having to leave early.

It’s a great way to make some extra pocket cash you normally would not have been able to.


5. Bigger Backpack

Bigger Backpack / Stardew Valley Mod

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Sometimes, you just run out of space.

This is always sucky.

Well the Bigger Backpack mod improves the size of your backpack in Stardew (very true to its name).

Now you can upgrade the same way you always have, by buying the bag at Pierre’s – and this one comes with 48 slots which is a big improvement.

Way more space for collectibles!


4. Better Sort (Organize Inventory)

Better Sort (Organize Inventory) / Stardew Valley Mod

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Even with the auto-sort button, things can get a little dicey.

The vanilla game isn’t terrible, and it’s certainly better than having to sort manually when you’re in a pinch – but that doesn’t mean it’s great.

This mod lets you manually decide how things are sorted, and then it’s automated.

Handy, right?

That will save sooo much time in the long run.


3. Backpacks and Baubles

Backpacks and Baubles / Stardew Valley Mod

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This one is less about the inventory, and more about the backpack itself.

If you don’t love how you can’t tell when you have greater inventory space, be sure to try this mod!

It gives the farmer a backpack, which you can customize with all sorts of keychains and fluff and stuff.

It’s also customizable, so you can do all sorts of colors!

Perfect if you want your bag to match your clothes.


2. Organize Inventory Shortcut

Organize Inventory Shortcut / Stardew Valley Mod

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I’m going to be honest here:

I don’t understand the rush.

You’re playing a game, right? Of course you have time to actually physically play the game.

Some people don’t feel that way, though, and this one’s for you folks out there.

With one button you can automatically organize harvestables that have not yet been gathered into inventories and chests.

Speedy and easy!


1. Backpack Resizer

Backpack Resizer / Stardew Valley Mod

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We already know that Pierre is a menace.

But one of the greatest examples of this is how much the man charges for a bloody backpack.

Ten grand for some fabric?

What is this, Gucci?

Here’s a mod that makes it so you can resize the backpack with a cheat.

I don’t even care that it’s cheating, Pierre deserves it, to be honest.

You can extend beyond the standard 36, but the creator suggests that you keep it to the default slots: 12, 24, and 36 slot backpacks.

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