Stardew Valley Leah Mods (Overhauls, Portraits & More)

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Leah is a well-loved character in Pelican Town, and for good reason!

She’s friendly, she’s artistic, she’s pretty, and most importantly, she actually looks like she fits in around town with her woodsy appearance and rustic nature.

You can’t have too much of a good thing, though (or maybe that isn’t how the saying goes…) so let’s look into some fun Leah overhauls for Stardew.


10. Black Leah

Black Leah Stardew Valley mod

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There unfortunately is not a lot of representation in Stardew Valley.

Maru and Demetrius are the only people of color in Pelican Town, and while that might not be uncommon for a rural, small town that’s likely in the United States, it is frustrating for players of colour who want to see themselves represented.

Welcome to mods!

This one makes Leah black, and it does a wonderful job of doing so.

Even her braid looks fantastic with lovely dark hair.


9. Dark Red Haired Leah

Dark Red Haired Leah Mod for Stardew Valley

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Some people prefer their red hair REALLY red, it seems.

This is a pretty simple mod that just changes the shade of red of Leah’s hair. It does exactly as it promises to do – nothing more, nothing less!


8. Bragd’s Leah

Bragd’s Leah Stardew Valley mod

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Remember what I said about representation? Well, when it comes to body types, there’s even less.

Everyone in Stardew Valley, save I guess Pam, is thin and conventionally beautiful.

This mod makes Leah heavier, embracing fatness and the beauty of fat bodies.

It can be really difficult to be overweight, and overweight gamers deserve to see themselves represented in games without being made into caricatures. This mod helps achieve that, by giving players Leah to help see themselves in.


7. Leah Revised- Seasonal

Leah Revised- Seasonal Mod for Stardew Valley

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It’s so annoying when the characters all wear the same clothes year round.

Like, ma’am, aren’t you cold?

This mod does two things:

Firstly, it gives the player the choice between vanilla white Leah, and a new Black Leah.

Secondly, both versions of Leah are given new seasonal outfits, so that this crazy lady isn’t walking around with a big heavy flannel even in the middle of the summer.

It’s definitely worth downloading, if only to see Leah in some new outfits. I don’t know about you but I love me some variety.


6. Helpful Wife Leah

Helpful Wife Leah Stardew Valley mod

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I love quality of life mods, man. I’m a forgetful woman, I swear, so mods like this are great.

This makes it so that when you marry Leah, she’s way more helpful to you.

She does this by reminding you of the other villagers’ birthdays, and even providing you with a gift to give them.

It’s perfect, because sometimes these villagers like some really out there stuff. A frozen tear, Sebastian, really? I know you’re edgy as heck, but PLEASE.


5. Blonde Leah

Blonde Leah Mod for Stardew Valley

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Here’s another really simple mod, but worth it if it’s your thing: it makes Leah blonde.

It also changes the color of her clothes to blue.

If you prefer blondes, this is definitely for you! Ginger Leah is pretty – but blonde also really suits her.


4. Leah Centaur Horse Replacement

Leah Centaur Horse Replacement Stardew Valley mod

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Okay so sometimes when you go searching for mods, you find some really wack stuff.

Here’s one of those examples.

This mod replaces the default horse that comes with the vanilla game with a Leah centaur.

Regular Leah will still be walking around town, but now you can ride the centaur version. It’s a little unsettling, frankly, but if you like playing your game in a memey way, I can’t exactly stop you.

I don’t want to think about the ethics here, just make sure you feed it/her a lot of salad, okay?


3. Pokémon Gardevoir Replacement

Pokémon Gardevoir Replacement Mod for Stardew Valley

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This mod replaces Leah with Gardevoir.

Why? I don’t know.

If you’re a big Pokémon fan, though, and if you like to embrace chaos, I guess go for it?


2. Improved Leah Side View

Improved Leah Side View Stardew Valley mod

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Yet another simple mod that offers a big fix, by improving the side view of Leah.

Have you ever noticed that Leah’s sprite’s braid is way too thick? It looks more like a mullet than a braid.

Well this helpful mod thins it out and makes it look way better and more realistic.

If you’re into little fixes, give this mod a download and see what you think!


1. Leah Expanded Marriage

Leah Expanded Marriage Mod for Stardew Valley

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It’s always nice when mods give you new dialogue lines, especially after marriage.

The marriage lines get so dry after the hundredth time you’ve heard them… which I don’t know about you, but I definitely can relate to that.

Now you can get about thirty new lines here, including several multiple choice questions for after you’ve married Leah.

Anything with new content and dialogue is always a hit.

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