Where To Get Leeks in Stardew Valley

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Leeks can be gathered during the spring in the forested areas outside of your farm. You can also choose to grow them using spring seeds.

There isn’t a strong guarantee on exactly where to find these by foraging in springtime – so you really have to just search around and see what you can get.

Although leeks might appear pretty mundane, they’re actually one of the most valuable items you can forage in spring.

Leeks can also be given as a gift, used in a salad recipe, or sold for up to 120g.


Where To Find Leeks

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Growing Leeks

Let’s say you’ve managed to get your hands on one leek, but you want to get more without having to search around.

When you combine the leek you already have with a daffodil, a dandelion, and a wild horseradish, you can create spring seeds.

Planting spring seeds allows you to grow more of the forageable items that normally show up in spring.

This is a great way to get some free seeds and add to the income you’re bringing in for your farm.


Foraging For Leeks

As you move through the spring season, make sure to take plenty of time to explore all the areas around your farm.

Places like Cindersap Forest, the bus stop, and the area around Linus’ home can be a great place to find forageable items.

Basically, these are items that just show up in the wild.

You can pick them up and use them however you like.

Just note that they only show up during the spring, but make sure to check every day since new items can spawn overnight.


Uses For Leeks



Not only can leeks be used for crafting spring seeds, but they can also be used to make salads.

All you have to do is combine your leeks with dandelions and some vinegar, and you’ll have as many delicious meals as you can make!

You can keep your salads to enjoy on your own, or you can gift them to other Stardew characters. There are plenty who will be happy to enjoy a fresh salad!



Gifting a leek to George / Stardew Valley Screenshot
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Leeks are a fantastic way to make friends with George, who normally isn’t the most friendly of characters.

You can also give leeks to Linus, Harvey, Penny, and Leah.

All four of them like leeks, and will happily take them off your hands.

Beyond that, the remaining Stardew characters will either react neutrally to getting a leek as a gift, or they won’t be happy about it.



Leeks are one of the first forageable items you should gather.

They’ll start showing up during the first few days into a new game, and can be added to the spring foraging bundle in the community center pretty early on.

You only need one of them to complete the bundle.


Are Leeks Worth Getting?

When it comes to all the items you can forage in spring, leeks are actually the second most valuable out of them all.

That might come as a surprise, considering the fact that leeks don’t really appear to be anything special… but you can’t judge a book by its cover!

When you find an iridium-quality leek (marked by a purple star) you can sell it for 120g.

The only spring foreagable item worth more is the morel mushroom.

But although morels might be worth more gold, leeks are easier to find or grow.

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