Stardew Valley: Best Custom Map Mods To Download

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At first glance, Stardew Valley looks just like any other game that tries to take advantage of nostalgia with 16-bit graphics.

But spending a few hours with the game will prove it’s far beyond a simple cash-grab title. It’s a deep and engaging RPG experience.

Despite being fairly new, Stardew Valley gets the support of both its developer and the incredibly active modding community.

A community that has managed to introduce probably hundreds of new features to the game, and a community that’s still trying to perfect the game outside the creator’s ideas. A big chunk of the Stardew Valley mods are custom map mods, which introduce new maps that you can use to create and manage a new farm.

Trust me, there’s a lot. So here’s my picks for some of the best map mods out there, just to save you some time.


20. Ali’s Flower Farm Map

Ali's Flower Farm Map

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Sometimes, simple is good.

And all you really need is simple in your farming life.

The Ali’s Flower Farm Map is a neat-looking foraging map featuring a lot of trees, a lot of flowers, and a lot of space.

This may not be the most complex custom map ever made for Stardew Valley.

But it is definitely a good one if you can find some use for it. Which you surely will.


19. Stardew Valley Reimagined

Stardew Valley Reimagined Map Mod

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More trees! More bushes! More decorations! More everything!

Stardew Valley Reimagined, in a nutshell.

This mod doesn’t introduce any new features, so as a custom map, it may be a little disappointing for some.

You should try it out though. It certainly makes the game look prettier, overhauling pretty much all parts of the map and introducing over 100 custom objects and even new sprites.

If you need to make Stardew Valley feel fresh again, this is the map worth trying.


18. Starblue Valley World Recolor

Starblue Valley World Recolored Map

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Welcome to Starblue Valley, your final destination on the journey to find the best-looking farm in the world.

The Starblue Valley World Recolor custom map doesn’t really bring anything new to the table.

But it goes a long way to make regular maps look better than ever.

The recoloring job I aimed to make everything look less saturated, and it fully succeeds in doing so. It almost looks realistic, doesn’t it?


17. More Accessible Wilderness

More Accessible Wilderness Map

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Have an uncontrollable love for the wild?

If so, this custom map your name all over it.

More Accessible Wilderness provides quick access to the hilltop and valley in the Wilderness map, allowing you to plant you own trees, grow your own flowers, and even attempt to place buildings.

Things may not go so well, but that’s the wilderness for you.


16. White Water Farm Map

White Water Farm Map Mod

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Your farm could always use a little bit more water.

Or more than just a little, depending on your preferences.

White Water Farm replaces the Riverland Farm map with a beautiful custom map featuring fully animated waters, three waterfalls, and relaxing water sounds.

This is sure to lull you to sleep as you enjoy a picnic in the southern parts of this layout.

Just avoid falling asleep during winter. You don’t want to turn into a snowman.


15. Lakeside Farm

Lakeside Farm Map

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More fishing is never a bad thing.

Unless you’re a fish, that is.

This custom map, which can be installed over both a Riverland and a normal farm, will provide your farm with a lake.

There you can fish without having to move too far from your home.

It even expands the Riverland farm, and you won’t be losing items or progression if you want to continue a previous playthrough.

Everybody wins, everybody’s happy.

Except for the lake fishes, obviously.


14. Underdark Sewer

Underdark Sewer Map Mod

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A sewer is not the kind of place you want to spend a lot of time.

Unless you overhauled every sewer with the Underdark Sewer custom map.

This mod improves the sewer map in so many ways by adding vines, mushrooms, and new rooms too, making the sewers finally feel like proper areas.

Don’t get too exploration-happy though.

There are things that lurk in the dark and damp. Dangerous things, so go prepared.


13. Even More Secret Woods

Even More Secret Woods Mod

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The not-so-Secret Woods now really have some secrets with this custom map.

Even More Secret Woods overhauls the look of the woods with more stumps, berry bushes, and oaks.

But it also adds new secrets that can only be found by carefully searching each and every spot.

You wanted secrets, you got’em!


12. Immersive Farm 2

Immersive Farm 2 Mod

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You don’t know the meaning of immersive until you’ve tried the Immersive Farm 2 map.

This custom Stardew Valley map, which can sadly be a little broken due to recent game updates, expands the map in pretty much every way.

It adds dedicated farming and animal fields, more shortcuts, plus it expands the greenhouse and the cave. And it does pretty much everything you can shake your hoe at.

Keep an eye out for future updates here too.


11. Hot Spring Farm Cave

Hot Spring Farm Cave Mod

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Farming is extremely heavy work.

You need a place where you can properly relax, restore your energy, and be ready for even harder work.

This place is the Hot Spring Farm Cave, an underground hot spring complete with waterfalls, beautiful vegetation, and even some farm patches where you can plant crops.

Because you’ll always be a farmer, no matter what you’re doing or where you’re spending your free time.


10. Hill-top Forest

Hill-top Forest Mod

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Right on top of that hill, there’s a forest that only a few farmers will be able to conquer.

The Hill-top Forest custom map is the go-to custom map when you feel the need to get away from civilization, but not from farming.

The map uses elements from the mining and foraging maps to create that wild feeling.

Something I think we need to indulge into every now and then to not go crazy from the trappings of the village life.


9. Memory Farm

Memory Farm Map Layout Mod

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Not just one. Not just two. Not even just three, but four different new map layouts.

What else could you ask for?

Memory Farm Map Layouts introduces four different maps that are sure to renew your interest in farming.

And probably make your daily life in the fields much more exciting.

The layouts are extremely varied, featuring new bodies of water, elevated lands, and better placement for Grandpa’s Shrine to respect his legacy even more.

Now my eyes are getting all teary, must be these darn onions.


8. Seasonal Garden Farmhouse V2

Seasonal Garden Farmhouse V2 Map

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Custom farm maps are all well and good.

But why isn’t anyone thinking about the farmhouse? Well, someone did!

Seasonal Garden Farmhouse is the overhaul that every Stardew Valley player needs.

Not only does it make the farmhouse bigger, but it also adds some new features.

Stuff like a functioning kitchen from the very beginning, and a small greenhouse, but also large windows.

And the view out those windows will change depending on the season. It really doesn’t get more immersive than that.


7. Grandpa’s Grove Foraging Farm

Grandpa's Grove Foraging Farm Map

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The bigger the forest, the better the farming. Or so we hope.

Grandpa’s Grove Foraging Farm is a slightly bigger Forest Farm that offers everything you would wish for in a custom map.

Diggable grass tiles, pools you can swim in, easier access to the Secret Woods, and more.

Actually so much more, that writing it all down would take the same amount of time as actually playing through on the map.

So let’s save us both some time and just say this one is worth a download!


6. Convenient Town

Convenient Town Map

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Time to put your farming tools down and become the urban developer you’ve always wanted to be, but never attempted to become.

Convenient Town is an extremely handy custom map that’s just perfect if you want to enjoy the traditional Stardew Valley experience, without changing it too much.

This map brings some very clever quality of life improvements that’ll make your time with the game even more enjoyable. Definitely check it out and see what you think.

Today, we change the town. Tomorrow, the world.


5. Ace’s Expanded Farms

Ace's Expanded Farms Map

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You haven’t played Stardew Valley properly until you’ve tried Ace’s Expanded Farms.

Sorry for the fundamentally wrong intro, but I couldn’t come up with anything else to catch your attention aside from exaggerating.

They’re big! They’re varied! And they are functional!

And they’re so pleasing to the eye that you’ll have quite a bit of trouble going back to the vanilla game.

So what are you waiting for? Download away!


4. Ace’s Expanded Caves

Ace's Expanded Caves Map

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Expanded farms are seemingly not enough for players.

Well at least not this modder, who felt the need to expand the Stardew Valley caves as well. And thank the farming gods they did!

Ace’s Expanded Caves continue the tradition of modder Acerbicon’s expanded maps. It offers five new cave maps that are both bigger and more functional than vanilla.

For when you just have had enough of the sun and need more than 24 hours of darkness.

Are you the first vampire farmer, by any chance?


3. Tiny Garden Farm

Tiny Garden Farm Map for Stardew Valley

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Becoming an amazing farmer on extended maps is not a particularly difficult thing to accomplish.

But what about doing so on small ones?

Time to challenge yourself with the Tiny Garden Farm, an extremely small map that’s one-third the size of vanilla ones.

You thought you were good at the game? Now is the time to prove it!


2. Survival Island

Survival Island Mod for Stardew Valley

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Stardew Valley doesn’t get more challenging than the Survival Island map.

If small farm maps are your thing, Survival Island is the ultimate incarnation of just what you’d want.

This replaces the fishing farm to provide a small island and connected fishing cave. It’ll surely put your farming skills to the test, and your survival skills too.


1. MTN

MTN Map Mod for Stardew Valley

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MTN is the secret tool that all farmers will want to have in their toolshed.

The Excalibur of tools, I’d say.

The “More Than Necessary” mod is an essential Stardew Valley mod. It opens up a lot of interesting options that grant you full control of the map, allowing you to move objects you normally can’t. Or decide which monsters will spawn where.

Or even enhance multiplayer mode and provide support for the most complex custom maps ever made.

Maybe acronyms are easier so I’ll say it that way.

DMTNRA: Download More Than Necessary Right Away!

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