Stardew Valley Romance Mods: Spouses, Marriage & More

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Ah, can you feel it? As the leaves fall, we humans tend to like to cuddle up together for warmth and companionship during something the Internet loves to refer to as Cuffing Season.

For me (and presumably you too, dear reader!) real life men and women are never going to hit the same spot as fictional characters do. So here’s to another autumn of cuffing Sebastian.

But let’s say you want even more romance in your Stardew gameplay.

Well these mods are sure to deliver everything you could want & more.

Pro tip: if you romance a full town in real life, it’ll probably go a lot worse than it does in Stardew Valley. Expect divorce papers and slashed tires. Just saying.


10. Romanceable Rasmodius

Romanceable Rasmodius Stardew Valley mod

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Starting our list off strong is a mod to romance none other than Pelican Town’s resident wizard.

While there’s some speculation that Rasmodius is in fact Abigail’s father (since she didn’t get that purple hair from Mr. Closed on Wednesdays), there’s nothing wrong with an older man.

He can’t be far off from Harvey in age, I’m sure.

This mod is pretty in depth, too. And it has the standard heart events that every other bachelor and bachelorette in town do.

Live out your witchy goth couple dreams, dearest reader, and woo that sorcerer!


9. Robin Romance Mod

Robin Romance Mod in Stardew Valley

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Listen, I know you guys simp Robin – I do too.

And I’m sorry Demetrius, but here’s a mod that makes it possible to marry her.

It replaces her sprite with a new one, meant to be her sister, who lives out Robin’s current life at the shop.

Divorced Robin now lives with Leah in the woods, which is the start of a great romance story, surely.


8. Romance Valley

Romance Valley Mod for Stardew Valley

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Don’t you hate how between 1-8 hearts, everyone is friendly, and then magically they’re into you when you give them a bouquet?

This mod serves to fix that by introducing around 250 new lines of dialogue for each character to make wooing more immersive and realistic as you romance them.

There will now be a much more natural progression in the way they speak to you, which will make it more believable that you’re falling for each other.

If you’re playing the long game and enjoy Stardew as the dating sim it was always meant to be, I recommend giving this mod a whirl.


7. Romanceable Rasmodia

Romanceable Rasmodia Stardew Valley mod

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If you’re on board for the whole “romancing the wizard” thing, but agree that Rasmodius isn’t exactly the hot warlock of our dreams, I hear ya.

This mod switches him out for Rasmodia, the goth gf I’ve always wanted.

She’s super cute, with long purple hair and a cool witchy dress, and is leagues better than her vanilla counterpart.

Honestly, even if you don’t want to romance her, this mod is worth downloading just so she can be in your game.


6. Post-Marriage Sebastian Expansion

Post-Marriage Sebastian Expansion in Stardew Valley

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Listen, I’m a Sam girl at heart (we stan our blond himbos). But Sebastian was my first romance in this game.

I’d always expected something a little more after marriage – but really, once you’re hitched, that’s it.

For a game that goes on as long as Stardew does, it seems super underwhelming.

This creative player fixed that with a custom mod, at least for people who married Sebastian.

This mod adds a whopping seven more events for after you’re married, as well as some extra details, like a non-smoking sprite for him.


5. Please Remember My Marriage

Please Remember My Marriage Mod for Stardew Valley

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You know, it’s hilarious how literally the entire town shows up for your wedding, but then magically forgets it happened.

What’s going on there?

I’m not sure, but with this mod, villagers will now occasionally comment on your marriage – or at least acknowledge it happened.

It’s even funnier when you remember what happens when you date the whole town, and how that all goes down.

Like dude, you saw me get married. You’re the fool here.


4. Shaney-er Marriage Dialogue

Shaney-er Marriage Dialogue Stardew Valley mod

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And here’s another small mod offering a simple fix to make Shane act like himself after marriage.

Spoilers below, fair warning!

His entire character arc revolves around bettering himself, and yet when he’s married, he acts like a lazy good for nothing. What gives?

Well this mod keeps his character development and gives us eight heart Shane back. He also reminds you about people’s birthdays and a couple of their preferred gifts, which I personally madly appreciate.


3. Harvey Marriage Expansion

Harvey Marriage Expansion in Stardew Valley

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This mod works similarly to the one I listed for Sebastian, except it’s for Harvey.

Variety is the spice of life, I suppose.

But with this Harvey expansion mod installed, you get some new dialogue and a custom twelve heart event.

I’ve never personally romanced him. But I do really like Harvey as a character.

The socially awkward doctor will be next!


2. Marriageable Katsuki Bakugo

Marriageable Katsuki Bakugo Mod for Stardew Valley

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I had to include this mod, just because I found it so funny.

This one does exactly what it says: it brings an adult Katsuki Bakugo from My Hero Academia as a bachelor into your village.

He has dialogue, a custom schedule, and functions the same as the other bachelors.

Granted his sprite looks hilariously out of place, with its spiky hair and uniform. So if immersion is your thing then I doubt this is for you.

But if you like silly & absurd gameplay like I do, then enjoy!


1. Siv’s Marriage Mod

Siv’s Marriage Mod in Stardew Valley

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So this one really opens up the possibility of marriage with more of the townsfolk.

Clint, Gus, Pam, Willy, Rasmodius, Linus, Lewis, Marnie, and Sandy are now available to romance and marry.

While I doubt some of these characters will get much use, I think it’s nice that Clint is romanceable.

Concerned Ape did him mad dirty by making him locked, but letting us romance Emily, essentially getting in his way.

Clint looks like he would give the best hugs. Frankly, Clint looks like he needs a hug.

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