Stardew Valley: The Best Mods For Maru

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Maru is one of the most interesting characters in Stardew Valley in my opinion.

I mean, anyone who feels that strongly about getting battery packs as a gift must be at least somewhat neat, right?

With a carpenter and a scientist for parents, this lady’s got all the right nurturing to be Pelican Town’s best tinkerer or engineer.

So if the studious nurse is one of your favorite characters, this list of Maru mods is all for you.


10. Hebe’s Maru

Hebe’s Maru Stardew Valley mod

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Some people aren’t super crazy about Maru’s final design.

If you’re one of those people then give this mod a look!

This changes Maru to be cuter, with bigger, bushier hair, closer to the way she looked in the earlier designs Concerned Ape put out.

Our new Maru here seems friendlier and more approachable, with a pretty, warm smile. She seems like a total sweetheart, that’s for sure. Not that the vanilla one isn’t kind too!


9. Make Maru Pidge from Voltron

Make Maru Pidge from Voltron Mod for Stardew Valley

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Maybe you’re actually reading this list because you hate Maru.

That would be a pretty weird use of your time, but who am I to judge?

Well this mod will make it worth your while, because it replaces Maru altogether with Pidge from Voltron.

Both are techy, quirky folk, so the swap is surprisingly seamless.

If you’re a big Voltron fan then give this a try.

I think it implies Sebastian would be Shiro, though…


8. Maru Dutch-Xhosa Wedding Dress

Maru Dutch-Xhosa Wedding Dress Stardew Valley mod

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Xhosa is an African language spoken in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

This beautiful Dutch-Xhosa wedding dress is a great way to represent two cultures in Stardew.

It’s a small mod and only affects the wedding cutscene, but it’s a nice detail to have. I think the implication is that it’s a combination of what I can only assume to be Demetrius and Robin’s cultures together to honor her parents.


7. Maru Sprite with Glasses

Maru Sprite with Glasses Mod for Stardew Valley

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Here’s a mod that fixes up some slight problems between the vanilla sprites and the vanilla portraits.

In Maru’s portrait she wears great big red glasses, yet when her sprite is walking around she apparently doesn’t need them.

Speaking from experience, 20/20 vision does not come naturally just because you’re no longer close up.

This mod helps us get some lore-related closure, and slaps some spectacles onto Maru’s sprite.

Oh, it also fixes Abigail’s bow. Just an extra thing.


6. Maru’s Sprite with Closed Legs

Maru’s Sprite with Closed Legs Stardew Valley mod

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The trouble with Concerned Ape’s art style is that with the pixels, it can be tricky to differentiate legs.

You’d think shading would have done the trick. But for some characters, he just kinda opted to have them walk around bowlegged.

It’s kind of funny, but also gets a bit irritating.

Mods like this are handy because they change the sprite around just enough to fix the bowlegged issue.

They still look the same – just with, you know, closed legs.


5. Give Maru Scrubs

Give Maru Scrubs Mod for Stardew Valley

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Has Concerned Ape ever been to a hospital?

This isn’t the ‘60s anymore, and people don’t wear stereotypical nurse dresses.

Here’s a mod that takes away the weird nurse dress and gives her scrubs.

First of all, scrubs are cleaner and better for hospitals because they can be changed easily if, say, the farmer was to pass out in the mine and accidentally bleed on her. But also because they just keep people warmer than a knee length dress.

The colors are also customizable! There are 8 different options here, with half having prints and the other half in solid colors.


4. Curly Hair Maru

Curly Hair Maru Stardew Valley mod

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Maru is already pretty cute to begin with.

But here’s an alternative version for people who prefer curly hair.

Just as a heads up: this only changes her portrait; that is to say, her sprite is still going to look exactly the same.

That’s ok though – because the portrait looks great!

Curls really suit Maru.

Somehow she looks more approachable? Might just be me, I don’t know.


3. Maru’s Baby

Maru’s Baby Mod for Stardew Valley

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It drives me absolutely nutty bonkers how all the babies look the same in Stardew Valley, regardless of the Farmer or who you have them with.

Custom baby mods exist for all the bachelors and bachelorettes. But this one is specifically for Maru.

With this, the baby will have darker skin, beautiful copper-auburn hair, and look just like their mama!

If you like a touch of realism in your games, I suggest you check out this mod to make things a little more normal than just everyone having the same baby.


2. Cuter Maru Sprite

Cuter Maru Sprite Stardew Valley mod

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What’s cuter than Maru?

A cuter Maru, of course!

This changes her around by giving her an adorable head of pinky red hair, a new everyday outfit, as well as an update to her nurse’s uniform.

She looks much better like this honestly – I’d highly recommend at least giving it a look so you can see.


1. Maru Expanded

Maru Expanded Mod for Stardew Valley

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Here’s a mod that’s basically an overhaul for everything Maru.

Her sprites are tweaked, her portraits are tweaked, and that doesn’t even begin to touch on everything you’ll get here.

But more specifically, these changes do focus more on Maru after marriage.

With dialogue expansions and new hobbies like yoga, it’s definitely comprehensive.

It also has a feature similar to what “Maru’s Baby” offers: making her babies actually look like her!

If you only get one Maru mod to try, this is where you should start.

It overhauls her festival dialogue, she asks new questions in the mornings that you can actually respond to, and her schedule is even changed.

Basically a must-have for Maru fans.

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