Top 10 Most Profitable Artisan Goods in Stardew Valley

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Artisan goods are a fabulous way to make a lot of money quickly in Stardew. And they’re an essential part of later gameplay revenue.

While some are necessary to even build the Community Center, their main use is for gifts and profit.

With many artisan goods having a longer production time comes a greater amount of gold when sold, which makes it a great source of a more passive income. Not all are created equal, though, so here’s our ranking of the most profitable artisan goods in the game.


10. Cloth

Cloth in Stardew Valley

Cloth is likely one of the first profitable goods you’ll come across.

Valued at 470g, cloth can be used to make clothing for the farmer, and is also a loved gift of Emily’s. The sale price is not huge compared to some of the others on this list, but the cost to make it is so cheap – only one bit of wool – and so it’s a very profitable item to make.

Wool can be obtained from both rabbits and sheep, and is one of the options for the Animal Bundle to build the Pantry in the Community Center.


9. Pumpkin Pickles

Pumpkin Pickles Stardew Valley screenshot

Pickles and jams are going to be a huge part of this list, because there’s potential to earn a huge amount of profits from them!

The base selling price for things from the preserves jar is double the price of the vegetable or fruit, plus fifty gold.

Pumpkin pickles are the most profitable of the vegetables to be pickled, and these sell for 640 gold.

Honestly, if you aren’t strapped for cash, one of the best things you can do is hoard all of your regular quality crops to be used for preserves – since they’re guaranteed to be at least doubled when it comes time to sell.


8. Fairy Rose Honey

Fairy Rose Honey in Stardew Valley

Honey is a great source of passive income.

Build a bee house, go check it every couple of days, and voilà: Honey!

It’s even more profitable if you place them where you’ve planted flowers – Fairy Roses, to be exact.

Fairy Rose honey is one of the most profitable things in game. And you don’t even have to actively do anything to get it.

This bad boy sells for 680g a pop.

One rose can accommodate four bee houses, so if you have the materials, I highly suggest filling your farm with as many roses and houses as you possibly can.


7. Lava Eel Roe

Lava Eel Roe Stardew Valley screenshot

Lava Eel Roe is the next most profitable artisan good in the game.

Selling for a whopping 760g, it can be acquired by placing the roe from the fish pond into a Preserves Jar to cure.

Lava Eels can be a little tricky to catch, mind you. They can be found at Level 100 of the Mines or the Volcano Caldera any time of day, any season.

Their behavior is mixed, meaning that you can’t expect anything one way or the other. If you can catch one, though, make sure to put it in the fish pond to start making some fat stacks.


6. Goat Cheese

Goat Cheese in Stardew Valley

Goat Cheese is a super simple way to make a lot of money.

With an Iridium quality sell price of 800g, Goat Cheese is easily the most profitable of all the different types of cheese in game.

Iridium quality can be achieved by upgrading the farmhouse and aging the cheese in a cask in the basement. It can be made by putting Goat’s Milk in a Cheese Press.

Goat Cheese is another option for the Artisan Goods bundle for the community center, and is also a loved gift of Robin’s.


5. Dinosaur Mayo

Dinosaur Mayo Stardew Valley screenshot

Dinosaur Mayo might be profitable, but it also isn’t very easy to make or easy to come by.

It sells for 800g, though, so it definitely deserves its spot on this list.

Dinosaur Mayonnaise can be made by putting a Dinosaur Egg into a Mayonnaise Machine. It’s described as smelling earthy and leathery – pretty bad for a sandwich, if you ask me!


4. Truffle Oil

Truffle Oil in Stardew Valley

Now we’re getting into the really profitable goods.

Truffle Oil can be made by putting Truffles into an Oil Press, and Truffles can be found by having a pig dig them up on the farm.

Truffle Oil sells for 1065g, making it a very profitable addition to the roster of artisan goods. It’s also one of Harvey’s Loved Gifts, and can be used in the Animal Bundle in the Community Center.


3. Ancient Fruit Jelly

Ancient Fruit Jelly Stardew Valley screenshot

Ah, Ancient Fruit.

The seeds can be found by hoeing the ground where you see worms, but not very common to find.

I suggest growing the seeds in a Greenhouse, and then putting the fruits in the seed maker when it’s ripe. That way you can quickly start a solid crop of Ancient Fruit.

Ancient Fruit Jelly can be made by putting the fruits inside a Preserves Jar. It sells for 1100g, making it a very expensive thing to spread on toast, indeed.


2. Starfruit Jelly

Starfruit Jelly in Stardew Valley

Starfruit is kind of the MVP of Artisan Goods in Stardew Valley.

The jelly can be made the same way as all the other preserves, but it has a massive sell price of 1550 gold.

Starfruit seeds can be purchased from Sandy – and they aren’t cheap, either.

By late game, it’s worth mass producing Starfruit just because they have such a massive profit.

All the base quality ones should be turned into jelly or wine.

Speaking of…


1. Starfruit Wine

Starfruit Wine Stardew Valley screenshot

Iridium quality Starfruit Wine is the most profitable artisan good in Stardew Valley.

Selling for a monstrous 3375g, there’s no beating it.

Aging it in a cask is absolutely crucial for this insane value, though. And that takes a really long time to achieve.

But TBH it’s totally worth it.

3375 gold is a lot for one bottle of wine!

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