Stardew Valley Penny Mods: The Ultimate Collection

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Penny is a fan favorite among the Stardew Valley characters.

She’s sweet, great with kids, and kind to everyone. As per usual, though, the fandom is not content with perfection and has demanded mods.

Here’s a stack of mods for Penny to improve your gameplay!


10. Strawberry Dress Penny

Strawberry Dress Penny Mod for Stardew Valley

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Okay, this one is genuinely an improvement.

I love the strawberry dress, as does most of the Internet. It suits Penny beautifully, like she was made to wear it.

Not all mods have to be massive overhauls to be worthwhile. This is a great example of a small change that could have great impact on your game, so go take a look and see what you think!


9. Long Haired Penny

Long Haired Penny Stardew Valley mod

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Here’s another smaller mod, and this one lengthens Penny’s previously short locks. It suits her really well – I would say she looks even better than in the vanilla game!

Some people just really prefer women with longer hair, so here’s a great option if that’s you.

The creator did a great job of keeping the original style of Concerned Ape’s art, too.


8. Penny Expanded

Penny Expanded Mod for Stardew Valley

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Gamers, some of us have been playing this bad boy for years. And in those years, how many playthroughs have you started? (Better question, how many have you finished?)

This mod expands Penny in a big way.

It adds 18 new events, and hundreds of new lines of dialogue, including some for after marriage.

The game can get pretty stale once you’ve played it enough times, so mods like this basically do a civil service by expanding things.


7. Penny Revised: Seasonal

Penny Revised: Seasonal Stardew Valley mod

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Isn’t it weird how everyone wears the same exact clothes regardless of the season?

Like, Penny wears short sleeves and spends a LOT of time outside walking from her home to the library, even in the winter. Isn’t she cold? (Yes, I know it’s just a game!)

This mod replaces the vanilla clothing with seasonal outfits for Penny.

It’s a great fix, honestly – it’s so much more realistic and believable to think that she would actually, you know, change her clothes. What a concept.

The outfits themselves are also really cute, so they’re totally worth checking out.


6. Penny’s Baby

Penny’s Baby Mod for Stardew Valley

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Don’t you hate how when you have kids with a bachelor or bachelorette, they never look anything like the parent?

This mod fixes that by making Penny’s baby look like her mom.

The kid is adorable, with bright red hair just like mama’s.

The male and female toddler have different designs, and even the infant has a shock of ginger locks. They’re all super adorable – how could you ever turn them into doves?


5. Penny Relationship and Dialogue Overhaul

Penny Relationship and Dialogue Overhaul Stardew Valley mod

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This is a BIG overhaul mod.

It adds over two hundred new lines of dialogue, as well as new questions Penny asks the farmer – and even dialogue based on the answer to those questions!

The lines are seasonal, and happen at specific times throughout the year, which is much better- it would be super weird if she was chatting about the Feast of the Winter Star in, like, Spring or something.


4. Brunette Penny

Brunette Penny Mod for Stardew Valley

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Some people prefer redheads, but some people prefer brunettes.

This mod changes Penny’s hair color to brown. And if that’s your speed, you do you!

She’s cute either way, and this mod even comes with the option to add glasses to her design. Even her hairstyle changes to a cute updo with a ribbon attached at the back of her head.


3. Penny Irish Wedding Dress

Penny Irish Wedding Dress Stardew Valley mod

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There’s this cool line of mods that does different ethnic wedding dresses for the bachelorettes.

And this one focuses on Penny, giving her an Irish wedding dress.

I’m not going to unpack whether or not Penny is actually Irish or not. But the dress is pretty and the concept is creative.

There’s even seasonal variations, such as a cape in the winter to help keep her warm.


2. Penny Revised

Penny Revised Mod for Stardew Valley

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This is a pretty simple mod, giving Penny a new hairstyle. It’s a sort of half up, half down kind of situation, but it suits her really well.

It’s definitely worth checking out if you just want something a little different for her design, but if you’re not really looking to change anything gameplay-wise.


1. Penny Expanded Marriage Dialogue

Penny Expanded Marriage Dialogue Stardew Valley mod

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More dialogue is never a bad thing. And the key to every successful marriage is communication!

This overhauls Penny’s dialogue after marriage, adding loads of new lines for the player to enjoy.

She becomes more affectionate toward the farmer, and the dialogue is all really very sweet.

The creator linked all of the lines in the Nexus post, so you can kinda preview what this adds into the game before you install it.

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