Where To Get Periwinkle in Stardew Valley

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Periwinkles are a kind of marine snail that can only be caught using crab pots in freshwater.

There are no seasonal or weather-based limits to catching a periwinkle, so feel free to use your crab pots in all seasons.

But if you just want one periwinkle and don’t want to wait for a crab pot to catch one, you may also come across one at the traveling cart.

And once you’ve caught it, periwinkles can be used in a number of recipes that help to increase their overall value.


Finding Periwinkle

Crab pots placed around in Stardew Valley
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Periwinkles are small water-dwelling snails.

Consequently, they need to be caught in a crab pot. But periwinkles can be caught in just about any lake or pond.

All you have to do is either make (or purchase) a crab pot, place it, and load it up with some bait.

Each day that the crab pot has bait in it, it’ll catch a random creature or object.

This might include driftwood, regular snails, or periwinkle.

To help speed up this process you can also place multiple crab pots.

Periwinkle can also be caught in any season, so there’s no worry about waiting for a specific time.


Traveling Cart

From time to time, you might find a periwinkle available on the traveling cart.

This is the more costly way to get a periwinkle, but it works well if you don’t want to mess around with crab pots!

At the cart, periwinkles might be sold for anywhere from 100g to 1,000g. So be prepared to pay if you’re going to take this route!

Getting periwinkle in a crab pot in winter / Stardew Valley
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Periwinkle Uses



You might be surprised to learn that there are a decent number of recipes that use periwinkle.

Those recipes include:

  • Maki rolls
  • Sashimi
  • Quality fertilizer
  • Strange bun
  • Fish stew

Since periwinkle is a snail and doesn’t typically work well as a gift or food item by itself, it really helps that there are plenty of recipes for it.



There’s a crab pot bundle in the community center that you can place a periwinkle in.

Technically it isn’t specifically required – but if you happen to have one then you might as well use it.

If nothing else, the rewards you get from completing bundles are more than worth it!


Fish Pond

If you place periwinkle in a fish pond, you can get some semi-useful rewards, like roe and green algae.

This can also be an interesting option if you’re collecting trash to use in a recycling machine.

Without this handy tool, the periwinkle fish pond wouldn’t be terribly useful.

However, recycling various “trash” items can get you some pretty interesting rewards – such as iron ore, refined quartz, or cloth.


Is Periwinkle Worth Getting?

Unfortunately, periwinkles aren’t worth a lot of gold.

Players who don’t have any related professions can only earn 20g per snail.

However, there is an interesting way that you can increase the value a small amount.

Aside from combining the periwinkle with other items to craft delicious recipes, you can also use a periwinkle alone to make sashimi.

Periwinkles may only earn 20g, but you can get 75g for sashimi.

So if you just take a few seconds to turn those periwinkles into sashimi, you’ll be able to increase their value more than three times over!

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