How To Get Pickles in Stardew Valley

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Pickles can be obtained either by placing vegetables in a preserves jar for about 2 to 3 days, or you can also purchase them from the traveling cart.

But before we get too far, it’s worth noting that the term “pickle” in Stardew Valley doesn’t just refer to pickled cucumbers.

In fact, it doesn’t refer to pickled cucumbers at all since there are no cucumbers in the game.

Instead, “pickle” refers to any vegetable that has been pickled.

Luckily, that means you can end up with some really valuable pickles if you use the right veggies!

These things also make for great gifts, and can sell for a decent amount of gold, but you can’t actually eat them in-game.


Getting Pickles

Pickles in Storage in Stardew Valley
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Pickling Your Own Pickles

The #1 best way to get delicious pickles is to pickle vegetables.

You can do this with just about any vegetable that’s available during a specific season.

And you can also just grow any vegetable you want in the greenhouse too, so it’s possible to have a supply of stuff to pickle year-round.

Once your vegetable of choice is fully grown, simply place it in a preserves jar.

If you’re anything like me, you may not have realized that you can do this! Personally I thought the preserves jar was just for making jellies.

Turns out you can also use them for pickling vegetables – and you can get a decent amount of gold by selling those pickled items.


Shopping For Pickles

Let’s say you just want one container of pickles for whatever reason – maybe it’s meant to be a gift, or maybe you’re curious about how much they might sell for.

Once in a while you’ll be able to find pickles available at the traveling cart on Fridays and Sundays.

Depending on the day, they might cost anywhere from 300g to 1,000g, so make sure you have plenty of money to spend if you go this route.


Uses For Pickles

Tailoring a Pickle Shirt in Stardew Valley
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If you take some pickles and a piece of cloth to your nearest sewing machine, you can make this adorable green shirt!

It’s a simple look, but it’s one you can add to your collection.

Why not add an extra piece to help you express yourself?

It probably doesn’t smell like pickles!



In the land of Stardew, there are a lot of characters who really enjoy receiving pickles as a gift.

That said, no one loves these more than Harvey.

Whether you’re trying to woo Harvey or just become best friends with him, you can’t go wrong with pickles.

He absolutely loves them!

On the other hand, you should not give pickles to Leo, Maru, Sebastian, Vincent, Jas, Sam, or Shane.

Anyone else in the valley will be happy to receive them!


Are Pickles Valuable?

Depending on the vegetable you’re using, the value of pickles can range from a max of 100g to 690g.

Those are the top prices for the highest quality pickles, but without the artisan profession.

If you do have the artisan profession then the maximum value for pickles is 966g.

And the most profitable vegetable to pickle is actually pumpkins – so that’s what you’ll want if you’re after that top pickle sale price!

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