Best Pierre & Caroline Mods For Stardew Valley (All Free)

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Caroline is one of the unsung heroes of Stardew Valley.

Imagine putting up with Pierre all day and still managing to be one of the sweetest moms in the game?

Unfortunately, the two come as a pair – and so too does their mods list.

Enjoy these customizations to revamp the greatest example of a couple minmaxing!


10. Pierre Shop-Creep-Er

Pierre Shop-Creep-Er in Stardew Valley

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You could argue Pierre’s not that bad.

You’d be wrong, but you could still try and argue it.

Well this mod changes the facial expression of his sprite to match his creepiness. Now he’s got a big, fake smile, since he’s a big fake. It fits.

He’s just the worst, man. The way he’s so smug when he wins the grange festival? Like, buddy, the only reason you have that much produce is because I sold it to you. Your delicate little hands could never garden the way I do, bestie.


9. Better Pierre Character Sprite

Better Pierre Character Sprite Stardew Valley mod

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As one of the fandom’s most hated characters behind maybe Morris and Pam, I know you’re giving me the stink eye for saying ‘better’.

Hear me out, dear reader.

Pierre is trash, yes.

But this mod makes his sprite fit his icon better. “Better” as in an improvement in quality, not Pierre himself being better, because that’s just too much.

The changes you get here are pretty good, as they make some minor but helpful adjustments, like giving the old boy some face definition and shrinking his eyes.


8. Caroline Sprites Remastered

Caroline Sprites Remastered Mod for Stardew Valley

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Neil Diamond had it right when he sang “Sweet Caroline.”

She’s way, way too good for Pierre.

This mod redoes her sprites, even though she’s already flawless. Let’s call it an alternative.

Rather than the skirt-bell bottom thing she had going on, this gives her two different outfits: one with a skirt, another with bell bottoms.

Sometimes we’re better together, sometimes (like in this case) we’re MUCH better apart.

It also cleans her hair up.

Did you ever notice that from the front it shows her pigtails, but her vanilla sprite from the back looks like undone hair? Weird, right?

I’d probably forget to do my hair if I had to deal with Pierre too, though.


7. Pierre’s Matching Sprite

Pierre’s Matching Sprite in Stardew Valley

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Pierre, being the inconsistent goon he is, looks nothing in his portrait like he does as a sprite.


Probably to do some kind of shapeshifting nonsense is my guess.

Either way, this mod forces some consistency onto the swindling loon.

His eyes will look more normal and less buggy, his hair will get darker, and that weird, ominous shadow over his brow will go away.

Now he’ll at least look the part of a functioning member of society.

Too bad it takes more than that, Pierre!


6. Pierre Gifts

Pierre Gifts Stardew Valley mod

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If I’m going to have to deal with Pierre on a regular basis, I’m going to need a little something by way of recompense.

This guy’s happy to send me mail left and right telling me he has seeds in stock (yeah I KNOW, Pierre, why else would I go to your crummy store?). But can never be bothered to, I don’t know, send a gift?

A thank you note for single handedly supporting his store and keeping him out of debt?

Anyway, this mod makes Pierre send you better and regular gifts at every heart level.

I’m unsure who’s actually trying to be besties with Pierre, but go off, I guess.


5. Caroline Gifts

Caroline Gifts Mod for Stardew Valley

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This mod functions exactly the same as the previous mod, except it’s Caroline. And she’s sending you gifts because she’s a sweetheart and not out of some modicum of guilt for the highway robbery her husband regularly subjects you to.

At every new heart, Caroline will send you something fun in the mail.

This mod promises to give you only good gifts, since us players spend so much effort giving these villagers their loved gifts.


4. Pierre to Miss. Pierre

Pierre to Miss. Pierre Stardew Valley mod

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Dearest reader, you’re not surprised there’s a gender bender on this list, are you?

Rule 63 is a pivotal part of the Internet, after all: if it exists, there’s a gender swapped version of it.

This mod simply makes Pierre a woman.

She’s still Pierre, so I’m not even sure if it’s an improvement. That’s up to you.

Plus she still stays married to Caroline, so maybe there’s hope?


3. Immersive Shops

Immersive Shops Mod for Stardew Valley

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Immersive Shops capitalizes on Pierre’s shop, the only semi-redeemable thing about him.

Don’t you find it a little weird how he’s always got fully stocked shelves, and you can’t even use them?

Now you don’t even have to talk to Pierre (win!), you can just go directly to the shelves to purchase.

The shop is sectioned off with a space for plants and seeds, wallpaper and floors, fertilizers, and miscellaneous goods. There’s lots to choose from, and no need to look at Pierre’s smug face while you do!


2. Turning Pierre into a Moogle

Turning Pierre into a Moogle Stardew Valley mod

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You’re probably ahead of me based on the name.

Well this mod promises to fix Pierre’s boring nature by turning him into a Moogle, which is a race from the Final Fantasy universe.

Honestly, I think it does the trick.

Moogles are much cuter to look at.

And when they’re smug I don’t mind so much.

Seeing a Moogle in the avatar box makes me feel much better than seeing Pierre’s face – the cute eyes and red nose are just so much better!


1. Mmmm OMG Stop Pierre Lying

Stop Pierre Lying Mod for Stardew Valley

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If you like Pierre, genuinely, I apologize.

But I have to grief him one final time.

Pierre is a poser, and here’s your proof: I sell crops to him.

He claims to have grown them himself. He uses my items for his grange, claiming again to have grown them himself. The guy takes credit for other people’s hard work, and I’ve had enough!

This mod turns off his dialogue lines in Stardew to make him stop lying.

That’s why it’s ranked at number one on this list: it’s a public service.

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