Best Stardew Valley Pokémon Mods For The Ultimate Crossover

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Pokémon fans have wanted to bring their fandom into as many games as possible.

A lot of different games have been invaded by these critters. And the results have often provided amazing cross-overs that are as fun as they look.

Being an extremely modding-friendly game, Stardew Valley also received its fair share of Pokémon-themed mods that’ll make your farm feel like a place that could be on any of the routes in Kanto.

Battles are still not possible yet, so curb that competitive spirit for now.

But let’s take a look at some seriously incredible Pokémon mods for every Stardew Valley fan.


10. Pokémon Animals

Pokemon Animals Preview - Stardew Valley Mod

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Ever wanted to ride a Dragonite as you check stuff around your farm?

Even if you never dreamt of anything like this, I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy the Pokémon Animals mod all the same.

This mod, which was originally planned to be a much bigger overhaul, allows you to change your horse into a Dragonite.

This comes complete with very smooth animations, and that unique charm that only a dragon can possess.


9. Pokemon RSE Secret Base Stuff for Custom Furniture

Pokemon furnitures Stardew Valley Mod

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Nostalgia fans, it’s time to get together and celebrate some of the best Pokémon games ever.

The celebrations will start today in Stardew Valley.

Secret Base Stuff for Custom Furniture is a mod pack with 127 items taken from Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald.

Mostly furniture that you’d use in your secret base, that can now be used to customize the look of your house and farm.

There are a few Pokémon sprites as dolls and beanbag chairs included for good measure, so the celebration can truly feel complete.


8. Growlithe Dog

Growlithe pokemon in Stardew Valley screenshot

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Dogs are man’s best friends.

They’re loyal and trustworthy. And they breathe fire. In the Pokémon universe, at least.

There’s no better Pokémon than Growlithe to replace the vanilla dog sprite.

Unfortunately, it cannot use Fire Spin, Fire Fang, or any of those moves we’ve grown to love.

But its loyalty will make sure your farm will always stay protected, no matter what.


7. Ponyta Horse

Pokemon Ponyta in Stardew Valley

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With so many animal-based Pokémon, is anyone really surprised to see them take the place of actual farm animals?

This Ponyta Horse mod replaces the game’s vanilla horses with a Ponyta sprite that looks as gorgeous as those in the classic Pokémon games.

An can you really resist that beautiful fiery mane, that blazing red tail, and the burning trails she leaves behind?

I don’t think anyone truly can.


6. Miltank Cow

Miltank Stardew Valley gameplay screenshot

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You need more Miltank in your life to be truly happy.

And modders are pleased to provide.

This Miltank Cow completely overhauls all the cows included in the base game, and instead you’ll get differently colored versions of the same sprite.

While it may not be completely faithful to the original Pokémon, it’s the only way to not mistake one cow for another.

Which can be a huge problem in a game like Stardew Valley or even the Harvest Moon series.

Where’s my Harvest Moon Miltank mod?


5. Mareep Sheep

Mareep Sheep Stardew Valley gameplay screenshot

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With its fluffy cream-colored wool, soft curls, and rounded tail, Mareep has captured the hearts of Pokémon trainers all over the globe.

Only to shock trainers when their guard is down.

Since I don’t particularly like getting hit by a thunderbolt, I’m truly grateful that Mareep in Stardew Valley is just a tame little sheep that can be coddled without any danger.

I’m sure you’ll be grateful too. Especially any gen 2 fans.


4. Pokémon Retextures

Pokemon Retextures - Stardew Valley Mod

Mod Pack 1

Mod Pack 2

If you’re tired of having to download many different mods to make your farm a proper Pokémon farm, well, here you go.

The Pokémon Retextures mod is among the best Pokémon mods ever created.

It not only changes many of the Stardew Animals into popular monsters like Pidgey and Vaporeon, but also makes it so they look like they’ve always belonged in the game. Huge graphics overhaul with a true gamer’s theme.

If this isn’t dedication, I don’t what it is!


3. Pokémon Trainer Hat

Pokemon Trainer Hat Stardew Valley screenshot

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Now that Pokémon are roaming all over your farm, the time has come to catch ’em all.

And look the part of a Pokémon Trainer.

Pokémon Trainer Hat introduces the iconic hat worn by Ash Ketchum in the Pokémon show. And now you can war it in Stardew Valley!

It’s also possible to update the name and flavor text for a truly authentic experience that’ll end up making you forget about your farm

And leave you embarking embark on a journey to become the best. Possibly like no one ever was.


2. Pokemon Dolls for Custom Furniture

Pokemon dolls Stardew Valley mod

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Any die-hard Pokémon fan needs to show their love for the series any chance they get.

Even in games that have nothing to do with the series.

Pokémon Dolls for Custom Furniture allows all wannabe Pokémon Trainers to decorate their houses and their farms with Pokémon dolls.

Which is a great way to show your love for the series without going bankrupt.

Do you have any idea how much the official merchandise costs?


1. Stardew Valley Pokemon Gym

Stardew Valley Pokemon Gym Mod

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Pokèmon roaming your farm? Check.

Trainer Hat? Check.

Custom furniture and dolls? Check.

Is anything still missing for the perfect crossover?

Yes, it is.

What your farm really needs is a real Pokémon Gym which can provide some serious entertainment for your villagers.

Sadly, this mod doesn’t allow battling between Pokémon. So you will have to make due with just looking and dreaming about those epic matches that could change Pokémon, and Stardew Valley, forever.

And maybe one day they will!

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