Top 5 Most Profitable Crops for the Greenhouse (Stardew Valley)

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The Greenhouse is one of the farmer’s most potent tools to scale their business in Stardew Valley.

Not only can you grow crops out of season, but none of them ever wither away. This means that renewable crops like Cactus or Cranberries keep producing indefinitely.

This makes them prime candidates to grow in your Greenhouse, but you must go deeper to find the real moneymakers. Let’s take a look at some of the heavy hitters.


5. Coffee Beans

Coffee Beans in Stardew Valley

Raw daily profit: 30g

The Modern world runs on Coffee, and so can your farm’s finances once you’ve built a Greenhouse.

Each Coffee plant yields four Coffee Beans upon reaching maturity, then continues to produce four beans every two days. At a selling price of 15g, that’s a profit of 60g every two days.

If that doesn’t sound like much, it’s because it isn’t. To unlock the Coffee Bean’s true potential, you must put five of them in a Keg and wait a couple hours.

The resulting Coffee sells for 150g at base quality, giving you a massive return on your investment. Get enough Kegs, and you’ll be raking it in for real.


4. Hops

Hops Stardew Valley screenshot

Raw daily profit: 25g

If I wanted to spend all day running around making coffee, I’d get a job at Starbucks, or Jojabucks, or whatever they have in the Stardew Valley world.

A less labor-intensive and more profitable scheme can be drawn up around Hops.

These trellis plants yield one fruit daily from the moment they reach maturity. Even without processing, you could make almost 2000g every day with a full Greenhouse.

Not bad, but not nearly the best you can do.

Hops are the main ingredient in Pale Ale, a Keg product selling for 300g at base quality.

This is the highest investment return of any Artisan product in the game, and it can make you a millionaire in no time.


3. Strawberry

Strawberry in Stardew Valley

Raw daily profit: 30g

If we only considered the selling price of renewable plants, the Strawberry would emerge as the apparent choice for Greenhouse profits.

After all, every Strawberry sells for 120g – the highest out of every “normal” renewable plant.

That said, their long growth cycle of four days means you’d only be making around 30g per plant every day. Nice, but underwhelming.

Strawberries become top-level cash crops through processing. Strawberry Wine from Kegs sells for 360g, and Strawberry Jelly from a Preserves Jar will net you 290g.

The longer growth cycle gives you more time to process the Strawberries, and you’ll need fewer Kegs (or Jars). It’s a lot more manageable from a gameplay perspective.


2. Peach & Pomegranate

Peach & Pomegranate Stardew Valley screenshot

Raw daily profit: 140g

One of the keys to a profitable Greenhouse is planting as many fruit trees as possible.

You might not have noticed, but trees can grow outside the tillable tiles of the Greenhouse without cutting into your grow space for regular crops.

In total, you should be able to plant around 30 thriving fruit trees in your Greenhouse. It’s a significant investment (saplings cost 6,000g at Pierre’s), but then it’s one fruit a day, every day, forever.

At a selling price of 140g, Peach and Pomegranate trees will have paid back your investment in a month and a half – and only a tiny fraction of that if you make wines or jellies.


1. Ancient Fruit

Ancient Fruit in Stardew Valley

Raw daily profit: 78g

Finally, we’ve reached the pinnacle of Greenhouse profitability.

Standing (growing?) at the apex of Stardew Valley’s food chain lies the Ancient Fruit, which sells for a staggering 550g a piece.

It takes seven days to re-grow, meaning you’ll be making around 78g a day. Since it’s not a trellis plant, you can have many more of these than you can Hops of Coffee Beans.

If you fill the entire tillable land with 120 total Ancient Fruit plants, you can make 66,000g a week, or around 9,400g per day.

And the wine… It’s like printing money!

It’ll take a while to gather that many Ancient Seeds, but it’ll make you filthy rich.

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