Where To Get Purple Mushrooms In Stardew Valley

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Purple mushrooms can be found in the Ginger Island mushroom cave, the farm cave, in the mines (mostly from levels 81 and up), and on the forest farm during the fall season.

You might also receive them as gifts, or obtain them from rare mushroom trees.

While they might not look like something you’d want to eat, purple mushrooms are actually quite good for healing purposes (as opposed to red mushrooms).

Let’s take a deeper look into how you can obtain these handy fungi in Stardew Valley.


Purple Mushroom Locations

Purple mushroom growing near farm in Stardew Valley
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In Caves

Caves are an awesome place for mushrooms to grow.

And that definitely includes purple mushrooms.

Early on in the game, Demetrius will pay a visit to your little farm. When he offers to turn your unused farm cave into something more profitable, select the “mushroom” option.

Fresh mushrooms will pop up on a daily basis.

If you wait long enough then you’re sure to get a purple mushroom sooner or later.

In later gameplay, you’ll also be able to find purple mushrooms on Ginger Island.

But this will take longer to accomplish since you’ll need to assist Willy in fixing up his boat before you’ll be able to get to the island.

Following that, there will be other goals you’ll need to meet in order to get to the mushroom cave itself.

Foraging In Mines

Purple Mushroom in Mines in Stardew Valley
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Adventurers looking to make a big name for themselves by reaching the lowest depths of the mines can also find purple shrooms as they explore.

In the regular mines that you find north of town, you’ll need to reach at least level 81 before purple mushrooms can start to appear.

Or those who have unlocked the Skull Cavern can find them on any floor.

The chances of finding purple shrooms are random, but it’s pretty likely that you’ll find one sooner or later if you keep exploring.

On The Forest Farm Map

When you first start up the game, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from a variety of different farms.

Each farm has different benefits and downfalls. Often they lend themselves to different kinds of lifestyle preferences, like fishing or foraging.

Those who want the ability to forage more can choose the forest farm, where purple mushrooms can sometimes sprout up.

Just keep in mind that if you decide to take this path, purple mushrooms will only grow on your farm in the fall.

That said, there is a 25% chance of your forest areas growing these mushrooms, which really isn’t too bad of a deal!


Purple Mushrooms In Less Common Places

While the areas I’ve mentioned above are most likely to meet your needs (and the best places to get a lot of these mushrooms), there are a few other ways to get your hands on some purple shrooms.

These methods include:

Receiving them as a gift: Some characters will gift you a purple mushroom during the Feast Of The Winter Star. The wizard may also send them to you at random if you befriend him.

Shopping at the traveling cart: The traveling cart shows up south of the farm on Fridays and Sundays. Sometimes purple mushrooms will be available there.

Chopping down a mushroom tree: Until you’ve unlocked mushroom tree seeds, mushrooms trees may only show up rarely. Chopping them down may give you purple mushrooms.

Dumpster diving: Once you’ve defeated the mines, you’ll start finding purple mushrooms in garbage cans once in a while.

Purple Mushroom For Sale on Traveling Cart in Stardew Valley
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Recipes For Purple Mushrooms

Purple mushrooms aren’t used in many recipes.

They aren’t considered a delicious food item so much as a potion ingredient.

The one recipe these mushrooms are great for is the Life Elixir.

Made with purple mushrooms, chanterelles, red mushrooms, and morels, you can make an elixir that will heal 89 points of health and 200 points of energy.

Additionally, the elixir sells for 500g.


Gifting Purple Mushrooms

If you’re looking to buddy up with more of the other villagers, purple mushrooms can be a helpful tool in doing that.

Ultimately, purple mushrooms are the best for befriending the local wizard, Rasmodius.

He absolutely loves them.

There are a few other villagers who may not love purple mushrooms, but they do like them.

Stardew villagers who will happily receive a purple mushroom as a present include:

  • Harvey
  • Linus
  • Demetrius
  • Leah

Are Purple Mushrooms Useful?

Compared to other mushrooms you can find in the game, purple mushrooms are by far the most valuable.

Depending on the quality of the mushroom, they can sell for up to 500g each.

The only other mushroom that even comes close is the chantarelle, which can max out at a value of 320g.

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