The Best Recipe & Cooking Mods For Stardew Valley

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Do you like cooking? Are you tired of the same old recipes?

Welcome to this list then.

We’ve curated the best cooking mods for Stardew Valley, all free, so you can totally refresh your love for one of the most fun & most satisfying parts of the game.

Watch your recipe collection grow and dazzle your neighbors with some great food.


1. Cooking Skill Mod

Cooking Skill Mod in Stardew Valley

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If you think about it, it’s kind of wild that there’s no default cooking skill.

There’s skills for everything else in Stardew. But right off the bat, the farmer can cook any recipe they come across.

Either they’re a culinary genius (and mad respect if so!) or something isn’t quite right.

Enter this mod, which adds an all-new cooking skill. With this, at higher levels your food will sell for more money. What a delicious way to make those dollars.

There’s also new buffs that come with skill. But you’ll have to install this and level up to find out what they are!


2. The Love of Cooking

The Love of Cooking Stardew Valley mod

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Here’s another really comprehensive cooking mod for you.

This one also adds a cooking skill and new recipes, but it also reweights some of the old recipes to make things a touch different and more realistic.

This all happens through an in-game event a few weeks in where the farmer receives a family heirloom: the family cookbook.

You can search recipes, filter out ones you don’t like, and even sort them with several different criteria.


3. Hisame’s New Recipes

Hisame’s New Recipes Mod for Stardew Valley

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With this installed, you get 20 new recipes to the default cookbook.

They’re very summery and sound delicious.

Just to name a few:

  • Grilled Calamari
  • Grilled Conger
  • Grilled Haddock
  • Grilled Ide
  • Grilled Sauger
  • Mountain Herb Mix
  • And lots more!

Yeah, you might notice there’s a lot of fish here. That’s because this mod was made to make more fish recipes.

For a game that’s so big on fishing, there’s surprisingly little fish recipes available with the vanilla game – and they almost always use general types of fish, rather than a specific one.

That’s weird, just so we’re clear.


4. Remote Fridge Storage

Remote Fridge Storage Stardew Valley mod

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Nothing grinds my gears quite like the way Stardew can sometimes.

It makes no sense how the farmer can grab something from the fridge at the stove, but not the chest right friggin next to the kitchen. Make it make sense, man!

This mod makes it so that the chests are automatically accessed when making a recipe in the farmhouse kitchen.

It’s way more efficient- no more rummaging through chests to see if you have an egg.


5. Buy Cooking Recipes

Buy Cooking Recipes Mod for Stardew Valley

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For a game that’s about farming and living the simple life, there’s kind of a lot of pressure in Stardew Valley.

For example, with the recipes that come through on the TV, if you accidentally miss a day, you’re out of luck forever. That’s crazy!

Not with this mod installed. Now you can simply purchase recipes.

They aren’t the cheapest, so you’ll still want to watch The Queen of Sauce when you can. But it won’t be integral for completionists to carefully check the TV each morning anymore.


6. Plentiful Harvest: Crops and Cooking

Plentiful Harvest: Crops and Cooking Stardew Valley mod

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This adds six new crops to every season – and yes, that even includes winter!

Not only that, but you also get over 50 new cooking recipes!

To learn them, a cooking magazine gets mailed to the farmer weekly. It’s such a cool and immersive way to learn, and totally realistic – doesn’t everyone enjoy a good home magazine from time to time?

As if that isn’t enough, there’s also a new fruit tree for every season (and I mean every season), plus the addition of nut trees!


7. Limited Campfire Cooking

Limited Campfire Cooking Mod for Stardew Valley

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If there’s one thing I know about farms, it’s that there’s generally a big open space.

Big open spaces are the perfect places for campfires.

And what’s a campfire without some campfire cooking?

Fill the void with s’mores and hotdogs roasted over a fire with this nifty little mod.

It works with custom recipes and adds a few of its own, so the farmer can rough it outside and do a little campfire cooking. Time to get cozy!


8. Cocoa Plant & Chocolate Cooking

Cocoa Plant & Chocolate Cooking Stardew Valley mod

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I’ve only met one person in real life who doesn’t like chocolate. She ended up being a total buzzkill, which I think is probably related, considering everyone likes chocolate!

This mod adds the cocoa plant to Stardew Valley, which in turn adds recipes to make the only thing worth making with cocoa beans: chocolate.

That chocolate can then be made into other recipes, such as chocolate dipped strawberries, mocha coffee, and plenty of others (nine new recipes total).

Tip: Chocolate also adds buffs useful for things like mining. So it would be wise to stock up on the sweet stuff!


9. More Recipes

More Recipes Mod for Stardew Valley

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Here’s a great mod if you really want to expand the amount of cooking recipes in your game.

They don’t all unlock at once – so much like in the vanilla game, some are unlocked via friendship levels, others via season, things like that.

The art for them looks great though.

And there’s some neat things added here, like different sushi rolls, cakes, and even avocado toast!


10. Witchy Cooking

Witchy Cooking Stardew Valley mod

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I know you gamers love your spooky stuff, so here’s a mod that makes all of the vanilla recipes witch-themed!

Everything becomes black with red or purple dishware for a meal that would make a goth super happy.

I’m not sure how I feel about black food, since that usually means it’s burnt… but I’m always down for spooky creepy-crawly stuff, so it’s worth a try.

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