Stardew Valley: The Best Mods For Robin

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Pelican Town’s beloved carpenter is easily one of the best characters in Stardew Valley, in my opinion.

It was so nice to see a woodworking-savvy female character, since it’s usually such a male-dominated field – not to mention how fun she is!

If you’re a fan of this goat cheese loving, house-hammering ginger, then check out these mods to up your Robin experience.


10. Anime Portrait & Romance Support Mod

Anime Portrait & Romance Support Mod for Stardew Valley

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This mod is a sort of package deal.

Not only do you get a new anime-style portrait for Robin, but it also works when you romance her!

Forget Demetrius. Not everyone playing this game is in their teens and early twenties.

Some of us would much rather marry a well-established career woman.

So it’s even better when that well-established career woman has an anime portrait!

Below you’ll find another mod for romancing Robin, and this one covers all the appropriate portraits – for example, it’ll cover the blushing, smiling, etc.

The art style is really nice too, and makes Robin look super cute.


9. The Robin Romance Mod

The Robin Romance Mod in Stardew Valley

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I did promise, didn’t I?

Here’s your Robin romance mod!

This does exactly what it sounds like: it makes Robin one of the bachelorettes in Pelican Town.

It makes her a custom NPC, which essentially means there’s going to be two Robins running around town.

One will be married to Demetrius, and the other, if you’re lucky, to you!

It’s a great fix if you still want to see the side of Robin that lives in the mountains and you don’t want to split up the family.

Their schedules are changed, so it isn’t like you’ll see them bump into each other – that would be weird.


8. More Personality for Robin

More Personality for Robin Stardew Valley mod

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The voice lines in Stardew can get a little dry and repetitive. Especially when you’ve played it as much as I do.

Well this mod adds over 200 new voice lines for Robin, and they’re really cool and interactive.

She’ll talk about work, festivals, and other stuff going on in her nifty little preprogrammed life – plus she’ll also comment on the player’s relationship with people in her family.


7. Robin Shop Overhaul

Robin Shop Overhaul Mod for Stardew Valley

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This mod totally overhauls the things you can buy from Robin’s shop.

Forget wood and stones, now you can get casks, preserve barrels, and so much more!

I don’t know about you, but I find I spend way more resources on items like that than on the actual buildings, so I find myself wanting.

Depending on your relationship level with Robin, she’ll even give you a discount.

Best get to gifting her your best goat cheese!


6. Robin Sells Hardwood

Robin Sells Hardwood Stardew Valley mod

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Genuinely few things in this game tick me off more than wood does.

It’s annoying to get in the winter, takes a long time to harvest, and I never seem to have enough.

Hardwood is EVEN WORSE!

Imagine being Year 3 rich and still not having a stable because there’s such a limited amount of hardwood in the game.

Imagine an easy fix: this mod.

Now you can buy hardwood right from Robin, and don’t have to fly off to the Secret Woods just for twelve measly chunks a day. You’re welcome.


5. Retexture for Robin

Retexture for Robin in Stardew Valley

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This is a rather simple mod that just retextures Robin.

If you’re not totally into her vanilla look, give this mod a glance.

The art style is nice and she looks a bit younger and super friendly. I can see why Demetrius fell in love with her – she’s so cute!


4. Carpenter & Lumberjack Robin

Carpenter & Lumberjack Robin Stardew Valley mod

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Here’s another shop upgrade for Robin.

Now instead of wood, stone, and the odd bit of furniture, Robin sells all the parts of trees, so to speak:

Sap, seeds, and more importantly, resin, syrup, and pine tar.

She also sells crafted items, like tappers, mayonnaise makers, and cheese presses.

This is super nice because you no longer need to use up your resources on these things if you have a cash surplus.


3. Robin Gifts

Robin Gifts Mod for Stardew Valley

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Don’t you hate when you memorize loved gifts (or just print out the Wiki page!), only to get crap like tree sap back?

Never get junk again with this handy mod.

Now, when you send Robin nice gifts and spend time with her, she’ll send you useful stuff in the mail back.

From seeds to machines, she’ll send something swanky to you at every new level of friendship.

And they say: relationships aren’t transactional!


2. Robin Sells Fruit Trees

Robin Sells Fruit Trees Stardew Valley mod

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Listen, if I didn’t hate Morris more, I would totally run Pierre out of town.

Pierre invented price gouging before the Coronavirus made it cool.

Look here, man: who else is going to buy a fruit tree from you if not the farmer? Pierre has created an unstable marketplace by being the only place you can buy saplings from.

It’s a monopoly, and this won’t stand.

Put Pierre in his place by installing this mod. Now Robin can sell fruit trees, and she’ll sell them to you for a much better price than that money-grubbing dingus over here.


1. Responsible Robin

Responsible Robin Mod for Stardew Valley

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Hey, Robin… bestie…

Why on earth do you leave the shop Tuesdays AND Wednesdays?

I get having a life, but you’ve got two kids. Commandeer one of them to keep it open for you.

This mod does divine work by keeping Robin in the shop on Tuesdays. No more leaving for sports.

I mean really, what do you think you are, self-employed?

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