Stardew Valley Sebastian Mods: The Ultimate Collection

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Ah, Sebastian.

The fan favorite of the Stardew Valley villagers, and it isn’t even close.

There’s something about a motorcycle riding, programming, slightly misanthropic bad boy that the gaming community just seems to love.

But, hear me out – what if the littlest emo that could, could be even better?

Mods are here to help!


10. Shorter Hair Sebastian

Shorter Hair Sebastian Stardew Valley mod

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Some folks really love Sebastian’s long hair – and apparently, some folks don’t.

There’s a complaint that his bangs are a little too “2008 MySpace”, and I can’t really disagree with that.

You’d think for someone who has to use their eyes for their job so much, having hair hanging in the way would be super annoying, right?

This mod is a simple fix to shorten up his bangs, just a little.

It shows on his front, back, and side sprites, so it’s super consistent.

If little fixes are all you’re after, give this mod a shot!


9. Extra Sebastian Cutscene

Extra Sebastian Cutscene Mod for Stardew Valley

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Sebastian has some pretty interesting cutscenes.

Watching him tinker with his bike, get annoyed with friends bugging him while he’s working from home, etc.

We’re a voracious community, though, and enough is never enough!

This mod adds another cutscene when you reach the eight heart mark with Sebastian.

I won’t spoil it for you, so better start saving up some frozen tears to see it yourself!


8. Female Sebastian

Female Sebastian Stardew Valley mod

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My dearest reader, surely you knew this entry was coming.

Nexus Mods has no shortage of gender bender fixes for those of you that ascribe to good ol’ rule 63.

And this one turns Mister Sebastian into a girl.

It sounds as though nothing else changes, and it’s just the sprites and portraits.

To be fair, female Sebastian is adorable.

So if you’d rather a female variant of the resident emo wandering around Pelican Town, give this a try.


7. Marriage Expansion for Sebastian

Marriage Expansion for Sebastian Mod for Stardew Valley

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Stardew Valley has an unfortunate lack of content as the game goes on.

Once the Community Center is built, once you’ve hit fourth year, and once you’ve befriended all the villagers… that’s kind of it.

Marriages are the same beast.

Once you marry a bachelor or bachelorette, you’ll get the same canned voice lines for the rest of eternity.

I’m sure there’s some joke to be made about that being the norm in a marriage, but this modder has created a fix to extend the shelflife of your fictional nuptials!

Install this mod to add a great deal more dialogue and some special events to help keep your marriage to Sebastian from becoming stale.


6. New Hair and Moto Jacket

New Hair and Moto Jacket Stardew Valley mod

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Now this is a simple one that just updates Sebastian’s portraits and sprites.

For those of us in the fandom that maybe prefer our bachelors a little older, this gives Sebastian a way more mature look with a swanky new motorcycle jacket and fresh cut.

It’s really cool, because even though he’s clearly aged up, he still looks true to the vanilla version.

It’s like he’s grown up, rather than had plastic surgery. Neat!


5. Doki Doki Dialogue

Doki Doki Dialogue in Stardew Valley

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Remember what I said about there only being so much dialogue before you get the same voice lines on loop for eternity?

Here’s another mod that helps freshen things up with some new lines for Sebastian.

There’s 15 new lines here that were inspired by the sappy lovey ones from Harvest Moon.

The mod promises to make you “giggle and blush”, so better get some cold water to drink!


4. Taller & Cuter Sebastian

Taller & Cuter Sebastian Stardew Valley mod

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The Stardew community is so funny, in my opinion.

This modder made a sprite fix to make Sebastian “taller and cuter”.

I mean, I didn’t even know Sebastian wasn’t tall, but okay.

Sebastian gets fixed with a blush and a few extra inches of height, as well as a slight recoloring.

If you’re not into short kings then consider giving this mod a try.


3. Sebastian’s Baby Recolor

Sebastian’s Baby Recolor Mod for Stardew Valley

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It’s super weird how no matter who you marry, the farmer’s kid always looks the same, right?

Well this makes the baby look way more like Sebastian, which is cool to see.

Your new bundle of joy gets super dark hair and skin like an English kid, just like their papa.

There’s a new sprite for every life stage, from baby to toddler, so it’s pretty detailed and comprehensive.

Too bad they can’t grow up every year to become a whole new villager!


2. Sebastian’s Garage

Sebastian’s Garage Stardew Valley mod

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I don’t know how much you know about motorcycles, but let me tell you this: no hardcore cyclist would ever, ever leave their bike out in the open air like Sebastian does when he moves in with the farmer. EVER.

This mod builds a little shed around the poor man’s bike to keep it out of the elements.

I mean, can you imagine the rust? What, does he live in a barnyard? Oh, wait…

Even in Stardew, realism ain’t a bad thing.


1. Sebastian’s Father

Sebastian’s Father Mod for Stardew Valley

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One thing I always felt was really missing from Sebastian’s storyline was a little more detail about his backstory.

We know he isn’t crazy about Demetrius and feels a little tense with Robin about remarrying him – but we don’t hear a peep about his real father.

Clearly this modder felt the same way, because they rewrote his character to include some detail about Sebastian’s dad.

It’s a tragic story, so get some tissues ready if you choose to download this one.

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