Best Custom Shed Mods for Stardew Valley

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Anyone who’s spent some time living on a farm knows that the shed is where all the funky stuff happens – and Stardew Valley’s most successful farm is no exception.

Everyone eventually builds a shed, whether you need to upscale your production or just want more living space.

You can turn it into a factory, a library, a prepper bunker, and more. Still, if you want to take your shed to the next level, mods are there to give you a hand.

Check out these handy mods that’ll make your shed spark joy.


5. Slate Shed Recolor

Slate Shed Recolor / Stardew Valley Mod

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One of the easiest ways we can change and improve our shed with mods is by changing its appearance.

The Slate Shed Recolor by Asunai is my favorite visual upgrade for the outside of the shed.

Instead of changing the art style and making the shed stick out like a sore thumb, this mod gives it a stylish monochrome paint job.

The new, darker shed looks sleek and modern, but it blends in nicely with the vanilla content.


4. Cabins as Sheds

Cabins as Sheds / Stardew Valley Mod

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Something else you might try to increase the visual variety of the buildings on your farm is to re-purpose cabins as sheds.

Instead of building more sheds, you can take some uninhabited cabins and expand them with the Cabins as Sheds mod.

The cabins will get a 10×9 space addition only after your second house upgrade. As mod creator Cherry puts it, having three free big sheds felt like too much right from the get-go.


3. Cask Enabled Sheds

Cask Enabled Sheds / Stardew Valley Mod

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Focusing on artisan goods is one of my favorite ways to make money in Stardew Valley.

I’ve always been a fan of aged and fermented foods and drinks. Something about it is fascinating from a biological perspective – and the results are absolutely delicious.

If you’re anything like me, you might feel limited by the cellar’s cask-housing capacity.

You can have over 150 casks working simultaneously, but that’s small-scale thinking. We want to take Pelican Town’s wine and cheese industry to the next level.

The Cask Enabled Sheds mod by Doctor Hadley opens up the possibilities by letting you age products in your shed and cellar, significantly increasing your productive capacity.


2. Verti’s Sheds

Verti's Sheds / Stardew Valley Mod

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The obvious thing you’d want to upgrade in your shed would be its size.

I haven’t found a single mod making the building look larger, but many offer interior expansions.

More space can mean a lot of things.

You’ll have more space for Preserve Jars and Crystalariums but also to create new spaces through decoration once you’re done decorating your home.

Verti’s Sheds is a fantastic expansion mod offering four variations for the basic shed and the upgraded version. You can add a couple more square meters, or you can make it a multi-floor Amazon warehouse.


1. One-click Shed Reloader

One-click Shed Reloader / Stardew Valley Mod

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Automation is the name of the game if you want to upscale your production of any artisan goods.

The One-click Shed Reloader is an essential tool in the Stardew Valley industry tycoon’s toolbox. It lets you harvest and reload all processing containers in a greenhouse, cave, cellar, coop, barn, or shed.

All it takes is a single click outside the building, and you’ve done 10 minutes’ worth of work in just a second. It’s almost passive income!

Finally, you can become financially independent and retire early.

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