Where To Farm Skeletons in Stardew Valley

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Skeletons like to hang out in the mines on floors 71 to 79.

Fighting the skeletons on these floors will earn you fantastic drops, like bone fragments and rare minerals.

And on top of that, farming in the mines will help improve your overall combat skill.

The bone fragments you get can be used to create tools, décor, and even fertilizer to use on your farm. So they’re pretty handy!

If you’re open to digging deep into the mines, these skeletons are worth your time.


Skeleton Farming

In Stardew Valley, farming skeletons is by far the best way to get your hands on bone fragments.

But if you want a lot of ‘em then it might take more than one pass through the mines.

The good news is that every time you leave and re-enter the mines, there will be brand new skeletons for you to fight.

To farm them repeatedly you’ll need to travel between floors 71 to 79.

Take on all of the skeletons on all these levels, then leave the mines and come back to those same floors as many times as you need.

One thing to mention is that you’re likely to notice that the number of bone fragments dropped by each skeleton can vary.

Some will drop just one, while others will give you two or three.

But either way the process is the same – run through the mine’s floors 71-79 and take out skellies ‘till you’ve got what you want.

Bone Fragments in Inventory (Stardew Valley)
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Uses For Skeleton Bone Fragments

It makes sense that when you defeat a skeleton, the bones might break down into smaller pieces.

These pieces are known as bone fragments, and they’re still relatively new to the game.

Because they’re so new, you might not be familiar with what they actually are.

Bone fragments are considered a resource.

Much like wood and stone, you can use bone fragments to make different items.

What’s really cool about bone fragments is that they can help you to add a darker edge to your decor.

If you aren’t interested in bone-based decor, you can also use bone fragments to create different fertilizers, as trading fodder at the Island Trader, or for creating the perfect skeleton shirt!


Rare Minerals

While you’re farming skeletons, you can also end up with some rare minerals like diamonds and prismatic shards.

This might not be the ideal method if your main goal is to obtain these minerals, but they can definitely make for a nice bonus!


Is Farming Skeletons Worth It?

In short, absolutely!

The bone fragments you get from skeletons can create cool decorative items like dark signs and skull braziers.

Even if you don’t want the decor, bone fragments are fantastic for creating different fertilizers that can improve the quality of your crops or help them to grow more quickly!

With bone fragments on hand, you won’t have to worry about purchasing your fertilizers.

That means more profit for less of an expense, which is what will allow you to make your farm glorious!

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