Where To Get Snow Yams in Stardew Valley (Locations + Uses)

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Snow yams will only show up in wintertime. And you can only get them by tilling up specific patches of soil around your farm, or by tilling in the forested areas around Pelican Town.

The easiest way to get them is to look for areas marked by worms wiggling out of the ground. Anywhere you see the ground wiggling, that’s where you’ll want to till.

For in-game uses, snow yams can make for cute clothing, decent gifts, and allow you to make winter seeds.


Snow Yams Locations

Digging up a snow yam in winter / Stardew Valley
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Snow Yam Foraging

As the name implies, snow yams are an item you’ll only be able to find in winter.

On top of that, they won’t typically even be lying on the ground – even though most other forageable items are.

But snow yams can pretty much be found anywhere you can till the soil with your hoe, whether that’s on your farm or anywhere else in town.

The key is to look for small worms wiggling on the ground.

That’s a spot where something has been buried.

By using your hoe on the area, you’ll dig up whatever is under those wiggly worms. All kinds of things can be found like this, including clay, stone, artifacts, and snow yams.

These areas will give you about a 16% chance of finding a snow yam.

That may not sound like much, but it really is the best way to find them.


Growing Snow Yams

If you’ve already managed to get your hands on one snow yam & you want to get more, you can turn that one into a “winter seeds” recipe.

Winter seeds are pretty much the only seeds that grow in winter (unless you’ve unlocked the greenhouse).

To make these seeds, you’ll need at least one of each of the winter forageable items:

Crocus, snow yams, crystal fruit, and a winter root.

Combine all of those items and you’ll get a packet of seeds to plant. Once they’ve grown, they’ll randomly turn into any of the winter forageables.


Snow Yam Uses



One of the easiest community center bundles you can fill up is in the craft room.

Here, you’ll find foraging bundles for every season, as well as exotic foraging items.

Snow yams are key when it comes to completing the winter foraging bundle.


Gifting Snow Yams

Leah, Linus, and Harvey will all be pleased to receive snow yams as a present.

Unfortunately, they’re the only ones who’ll have any excitement about it (can you blame them?)

Most of the other residents of Pelican Town will either find these yams to be a neutral gift, or one they dislike.

And unless you want to see what happens when you make a character angry, it’s not recommended that you give a snow yam to Maru – she hates them!


Snow Yam Tailoring

Tailored shirt with a snow yam / Stardew Valley
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If you’re looking for a cute new top to add to your collection, snow yams are the way to go.

Just bring some cloth and a snow yam to a sewing machine. Then you’ll be able to combine them to make a really cute periwinkle hoodie.

It’s a great color and is sure to help you show off your Stardew style!


The Value Of Snow Yams

The best quality snow yams will earn you 200g each when you sell them.

While that may not seem like much, it’s certainly a good bonus, considering snow yams are free to obtain.

The only winter forageable items that are worth more than snow yams include the crystal fruits and nautilus shells, which are worth 300g and 240g respectively.

And these prices are for iridium-quality items, so they represent the highest amount of money you can get for selling them.

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