5 Best Foods To Buff Speed in Stardew Valley

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Time management is the main challenge for a productive farmer life in Pelican Town.

Walking around to get from one place to the next takes up much of your time. If you could only get there a little faster, you might be able to cram in some more fishing or mining into your day.

The best way to increase your walking speed is to eat delicious, energizing snacks that buff your Speed stat – but only a few dishes have this unique power.

Prepare to get the jitters with these Speed-boosting foods.


5. Super Meal

Super Meal in Stardew Valley

Buff length: 3m30s

If you’re looking for an energizing supper, you can’t go wrong with the Super Meal.

Comprised of Bok Choy, Cranberries and Artichokes made into a salad, the Super Meal offers solid healing, a buff to speed, and a significant increase in Energy.

Not only does it provide 160 Energy, but it temporarily increases your maximum Energy level by 40 points. It’s absolutely fantastic for mining and other draining activities.

The Super Meal’s greatest weakness is how hard it is to get at first.

You won’t get the recipe until you’ve seen Kent’s seven-hearts event, and Artichokes are scarce until Year 2. The only option is to buy it from the Stardrop Saloon or Krobus’ Shop whenever it pops up.


4. Pepper Poppers

Pepper Poppers Stardew Valley screenshot

Buff length: 7m

A much easier recipe that’ll give you massive gains is the cheesy, delicious Pepper Poppers.

Just imagining biting into one of these savory bombs makes my mouth water, but they’re not here because of their taste.

In addition to increasing your Speed, these spicy breaded peppers can increase your Farming skill by two levels. This makes tilling the soil and watering plants less tiring and increases the chance of harvesting higher-quality crops.

Cheese is easy to get if you’re keeping cows in your barn, and you can stock up on Hot Peppers for the whole year during the Summer.

Get the recipe from Shane at 3+ Hearts.


3. Spicy Eel

Spicy Eel in Stardew Valley

Buff length: 7m

Another fiery delicacy you might want to consider for speed is the Spicy Eel.

Granting a buff to Luck and Speed for seven minutes is remarkable, and the extra Energy and Health aren’t bad.

If the Pepper Poppers are ideal for farming, the Spicy Eel is meant for mining thanks to its Luck bonus. In addition, it drops reliably from Serpents in the Skull Cavern, so you’ll come across it often.

Alternatively, you can get the recipe from George after achieving 7 Hearts and cook your own Spicy Eel with a Hot Pepper and an Eel – both cheap and easy to procure.


2. Crab Cakes

Crab Cakes Stardew Valley screenshot

Buff length: 16m47s

Here’s one you should always bring with you.

Crab Cakes provide a massive Health and Energy boost on top of significant increases to Speed and Defense – so far, nothing too surprising.

What sets the Crab Cakes apart is the extremely long duration of the Speed and Defense buffs. It’s almost seventeen minutes of being the Flash with medieval plate armor.

Your two main options to acquire Crab Cakes are to wait for the Queen of Sauce to air the recipe on the 21st of Fall of Year 2 or head into the Skull Cavern to farm them from Iridium Crabs.


1. Magic Rock Candy

Magic Rock Candy in Stardew Valley

Buff length: 8m30s

Of everything you could eat to boost your Speed, nothing is healthier than a Magic Rock Candy.

This unreasonably powerful snack heals you for a ridiculous 225 HP and grants 500 Energy. In other words, you could smash 250 rocks or till 250 squares of land just running on Magic Rock Candy.

You can’t really call MRC a “Speed food” because that’s just one of the many things it does. You’ll get a massive bonus to Defense, Attack, Luck, and Speed.

The reason you probably won’t be eating Magic Rock Candy every time you need to go fast is how hard it is to get.

You can’t cook it, and it costs three Prismatic Shards at the Desert Trader. You’ll also get one as a reward for bringing 90 items to the Museum, but that’s just one.

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