Stardew Valley Wild Horseradish: Where To Get & Common Uses

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Wild horseradishes are easiest to obtain by foraging in spring.

They’ll mostly spawn in random locations, but just check areas outside your farm (especially around Cindersap Forest) and you should find plenty to pick up.

Once you have some wild horseradishes, you can use them to make spring seeds or shrimp cocktails.

You can also sell wild horseradishes for up to 100g, if you’re in it for a quick buck.


Wild Horseradish Locations


Foraging For Horseradishes

In the spring, wild horseradishes are often pretty easy to find.

All you have to do is spend some time exploring the areas outside of your farm.

Make sure you search around Cindersap Forest, the bus stop, and the area around Robin’s house.

You’ll spot wild horseradishes growing in these areas on different days.

So if you want to get your hands on a lot of wild horseradishes, you’ll need to search these areas every day and take what you can get.

New forageable items will spawn overnight, so spend time looking all over the place.


Growing Wild Horseradishes

Combining wild horseradishes with leeks, daffodils, and dandelions will result in making spring seeds.

When you plant spring seeds, you might get any of those items you would normally have to forage for.

This makes for a great way to get forageable items you need, all right on your farm!

Plus this is beneficial for earning more gold without having to purchase more seeds.


Uses For Wild Horseradishes

Making a Shrimp Cocktail in Stardew Valley
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If you’re a fan of fancy drinks, then you might enjoy knowing that wild horseradishes can be used to create a shrimp cocktail.

All you need for this recipe is:

  • A wild horseradish
  • A tomato
  • A shrimp

Once you’ve whipped up this delicious drink, you’ll find that it does a great job of regenerating both health and energy.

In addition, it’s great for increasing your luck and your fishing ability!



Most Stardew characters aren’t big fans of wild horseradish – but there are a few who will be happy to receive it.

Your #1 villager here is Krobus.

He absolutely loves this horseradish (for some reason!)

Linus, Leah, and Harvey will also appreciate the gift of a wild horseradish. They may not be as crazy about it as Krobus is… but they’ll still enjoy it.

Beyond that, you’re likely to get a neutral response from other characters at best.


Bundles And Quests

Wild horseradish is another important part of the spring foraging bundle, which you’ll find in the community center crafts room.

So don’t forget to fill up that bundle if you want some great rewards!

You might also find a quest involving wild horseradish on the “Help Wanted” board outside the local grocery store.

If you choose to do this quest, all you’ll need to do is bring a wild horseradish to a randomly-chosen character in return for 150g.


Are Wild Horseradishes Valuable?

Typically, wild horseradishes only sell for up to 100g.

You can earn a little more by using wild horseradishes to make shrimp cocktails, which are worth 160g each.

However you might just be better off using or gifting those items, since there are many other crops and forageable items that can earn you more gold.

That said, you can absolutely sell them if you want to.

Just don’t expect wild horseradishes alone to make you rich!

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