Best Game Mods For Startup Company (All Free)

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Being the CEO of a successful company is everyone’s dream (right?). But what about becoming the CEO of your employees’ dreams?

Or what about building a detailed software development studio on the same level as Microsoft and Apple?

If you’ve played Startup Company then maybe you’ve already realized this dream. And if you’ve played it already then you probably already want a bit more.

The fact that Startup Company is a relatively niche game hasn’t prevented the creation of a very dynamic modding community. These passionate fans have uprooted vanilla and customized the game in so many different ways.

And it’s kind of ironic, in a way: real-life developers working on a game about software development. Mind = Blown!


10. Manage Inventory

Manage Inventory Startup Company Mod

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As any software developer knows, keeping track of inventory can be a challenge.

And it’s a tricky challenge that if left ignored, could spell the end of the development studio.

Things are much easier in Startup Company thanks to the Manage Inventory mod, a simple yet extremely useful add-on that lets you manage your inventory with ease. So you can buy and sell components as if it were spelling out your name (you can do that, right?)


9. Auto Next Day

Auto Next Day Mod for Startup Company

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Simple tweaks go a long way to make a game like Startup Company feel smoother and more enjoyable.

Auto Next Day has got to be the most unsurprising mod ever developed for the game. It simply skips ahead to the next workday automatically once the current one has ended.

I wish I could skip my workday altogether! But alas, money has to come from somewhere to keep buying these games.


8. Additional Products

Additional Products Startup Company Mod

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Want to expand your company’s possibilities?

Then the Additional Products mod is one to check out.

This introduces 8 additional products as well as 56 new competitors to the game. Among the new products are File Sharing Services, Search Engines, Gaming Platforms, and Adult Websites.

Want to be the next MindGeek? You can be raking in the dough while hiring your employees to do… god only knows.


7. Sell Website

Sell Website Startup Company Mod screenshot

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You know what they say: you should sell out while you still have a successful product on your hands.

And with this mod, you’ll know precisely when to do so!

The Sell Website mod allows you to sell your website based on its current valuation and owned percentage, so you know exactly how much you’re getting and when.

The mod also comes with multiple language options, so it doesn’t matter where your company is located. Start making some serious money now!


6. Unlimited Money

Unlimited Money Startup Company Mod

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I wish a mod like this worked in real life.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to have unlimited money?

This aptly named mod makes it so that your company’s balance will stay at a minimum of 5 million dollars, pretty much granting you unlimited funds.

Just note that there’s no way to go back to the original balance of any save file, so make sure you save some backups in case you find out that being poor is somehow more fun.


5. Vacationator

Vacationator Startup Company Mod screenshot

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Time to become the boss that any software developer would want to have.

Crunching will become a thing of the past for your virtual employees with Vacationator, a useful mod that will ensure your workers’ morale will always stay above 45. How?

It automatically sends people on vacation when their morale gets low. I wish my boss was like this!


4. Cheat Menu Plus

Cheat Menu Plus Startup Company Mod

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If you’re among those evil players who love breaking games any way they can, you’ll love the Cheat Menu Plus mod.

This allows you to have unlimited money and components, force your employees to always be in a good mood, activate max level and efficiency of all features, and even skip the entire day.

I wonder why you’d still play the game if you can do all these things with ease… but to each his own, right? Go get that high score champ.


3. High Productivity

High Productivity Startup Company Mod

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I love hyperactive employees. And so should you!

High productivity makes it so that employees will work at a maximum of 1500% speed, getting tasks done pretty much instantly. They must be ingesting something more powerful that coffee for this to work…

You can also tweak the speed increase in the settings, so you’re not forced to break the game if you still want some realism here.


2. Real Companies

Real Companies Mod for Startup Company

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Startup Company doesn’t get any more realistic than with the Real Companies mod.

This removes the fictional company names and logos and replaces them with their real-life counterparts. So no more Friendbook, Damp, and so on.

This mod also makes me quite sad, as it befools me in thinking I own these multi-million net worth companies.


1. Always in a Good Mood

Always in a Good Mood Startup Company Mod

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A happy office is an office that gets work done. A happy office is what you want to have at all times in this game.

And to paraphrase Apple, there’s a mod for that.

Always in a Good Mood is a very simple mod that keeps your employees at 100% good mood at all times. This does feel quite a bit like cheating to be honest, and I guess it is.

But I’m ready to do everything to keep my employees happy. Gotta keep that startup growing, right?

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