The Best Stellaris Event & Story Mods (All Free)

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My favorite part of Stellaris is hunting down anomalies, dig-sites, and other mysterious points of interest that might send me down a rabbit hole of scientific discovery.

In other words, I play Stellaris for the story!

The only reason I’m driven to keep upgrading my fleet and constructing a healthy economy is the promise of new and exciting story events lying in wait as I advance toward the end-game.

But each new playthrough brings me closer to having experienced every possible event in Stellaris.

This makes space exploration progressively less engaging – until you start playing with mods.

So don’t waste any time with these event mods once you’ve gotten your achievements in Ironman Mode.


10. Fatal Foundations Story Pack

Fatal Foundations Story Pack Mod for Stellaris

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Have you ever wondered what lies beneath the foundations of our reality?

The Fatal Foundations story pack will give you a glimpse into the inner workings of existence through numerous new events, anomalies, excavations, and quests.

It introduces a novel mid-game crisis known as the “Overgrowth.”

It all starts with a dream, and… well, I’d rather not spoil it for you.

In addition, the mod takes some cut and unfinished content from the main game and fills in the blanks to get it up and running. This includes colony events like a mysterious plague ravaging the population and other surprises.


9. The Nyblax & The Collector

The Nyblax & The Collector Stellaris mod

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In the distant past, a legendary void beast known as the Nyblax wandered the galaxy searching for a mate.

After much failure and frustration, the Nyblax cut a deal with an ancient civilization: they’d make six “power runes” to grant its wish.

Nobody knows where the Nyblax is anymore. But The Collectors are making a move for the runes – and if they get them all, there’s no telling what could happen.

This mod adds many story events and dig sites, mostly related to the Nyblax and the six runes of power.

There are also two new mid-game crises where you’ll have to protect the fabric of reality and the lives of every organic in the galaxy. Succeed, and the rewards will be plentiful…


8. Don’t Panic

Don't Panic Mod for Stellaris

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“Don’t Panic” is always helpful advice – especially when it’s on the cover of an outer-space survival text like The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Lovers of Douglas Adams’ seminal novel – or the 2005 film of the same name – will find a lot to love in the Don’t Panic mod, introducing numerous anomalies and events based on this epic sci-fi comedy.

These events will take you on an emotional journey. You’ll discover wondrous and unusual things, become cultured with sublime space poetry, and more.

Finding these anomalies is a pretty rare occurrence, and it’s meant to be that way.

Keep this mod in your load order and let it surprise you in due time!


7. Extra Events

Extra Events Stellaris mod

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If you’ve been reading our other Stellaris content for a while, you know I favor mods that bring a ton of content with a single install.

Extra Events does just that, with 63 top-quality events spread out across the galaxy, including multi-stage storylines where your decisions will shape the story’s outcome – and the future of your empire.

Crazy scientists, mysterious monoliths, and even a serial killer from outer space are some of the mind-blowing surprises you might run into while playing with Extra Events.


6. Archaeology Story Pack

Archaeology Story Pack Mod for Stellaris

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The Archaeology Story Pack was created through a community effort.

It brings together the creativity of many different minds for a collection of 19 archaeology stories that’ll make every dig site a treasure trove of good reading and even better rewards.

You’ll find new artifacts, all-new planet types, and many decisions that’ll steer your empire in mysterious directions.

Many of these storylines will produce rewards in the form of relics, decisions, and even a colossal weapon capable of moving planets around.

Believe me, you’ll love that last one.


5. Precursor Story Pack

Precursor Story Pack Stellaris mod

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The wonders of the Archaeology Story Pack continue in the Precursor Story Pack, introducing three beefy storylines detailing our discovery and research of those that came before.

This mod features three new precursor civilizations:

  • The Sless Alliance
  • The Coprean Constitution
  • And the Astanine Empire

They each have their own values and history and different paths to their ultimate demise – and we’ll discover them by digging deep into their ancient planets in multi-stage event lines.


4. Endless Frontier: An Event Mod

Endless Frontier: An Event Mod for Stellaris

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Outer space can be described as an “endless frontier.”

Even with FTL travel, most of our ever-expanding universe is already so far away, there’s just no way we can ever get there without bending the space-time continuum.

Luckily for us, our corner of the universe in Stellaris is already full of new discoveries and landscapes – especially with the Endless Frontieer mod.

Newly formed stars, orphaned planets, and moons that rotate in the wrong direction are only some of the bizarre new findings you’ll come across in your travels.


3. Dynamic Political Events

Dynamic Political Events Stellaris mod

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Not all the flavor of Stellaris comes from the ancient past or the vast unknown beyond our galaxy.

Dynamic Political Events lets us enjoy history in the making from a more direct perspective with a wealth of all-new events revolving around the inner workings of your empire.

Factions will rebel, emancipation movements will pop up, and every new colony will have its own governance perspective.

Will you gently steer them in the right direction or remind them why you chose Fanatic Authoritarian as one of your governing ethics?


2. Expanded Events

Expanded Events Mod for Stellaris

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The top two spots are reserved for the community’s favorite event mods, bringing a treasure trove of new adventures and flavor to your next campaign.

Expanded Events shines for the sheer number of new events and how they interconnect with vanilla game mechanics.

For example, there are many new Primitive World events, including more chances for primitives to discover your meddling in their society.

You’ll also notice many vanilla anomalies have been extended to create longer event chains.

That’s only a tiny fraction of the mod, though. There are also new relics, origins, dig sites, anomalies, and everything you can think of.


1. More Events Mod

More Events Mod Stellaris mod

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The More Events Mod has been a staple of Stellaris modification since its release back in 2016.

And it’s considered a definite must-have for almost any playthrough.

It adds a wealth of new anomalies, events, and dig sites that’ll develop into a sprawling web of new storylines and decisions that’ll completely change your Stellaris campaign.

Mysterious aliens might contact you to warn you of incoming danger, while others might seek to deceive you.

Different neighbors will trigger unique border events, and many new intergalactic threats are waiting to become the crisis.

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