The Best Custom Flag & Emblem Mods for Stellaris

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One of the most essential parts of creating your galactic civilization is choosing a flag that embodies the values and history that originated their culture and helps you feel invested in their success.

That said, flags weren’t Paradox’s priority during development. And the amount of both flag background and emblem designs are quite modest.

You’ll be meeting empires from all over the galaxy with biology, artistic sensitivities, and societal structures utterly different from yours. Shouldn’t their symbols be vastly different too?

Modders worldwide have been working hard to release custom expansions to flag customization and ensure cultural diversity. Let’s take a look at some of the best out there.


1. IT Flags

IT Flags Mod for Stellaris

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One of the cyberpunk literary genre hallmarks is massive megacorporations essentially owning the world and its governments.

Many believe we’re moving fast on the cyberpunk timeline, with tech companies becoming increasingly wealthy and powerful.

What if the companies we know now are the planetary overlords of tomorrow?

That’s the future explored by IT Flags, which introduces 18 new flag emblems based on modern-day tech companies like Apple, Samsung, Nvidia, and Atari.

Finally, humanity can come together and conquer the stars under the banner of MS Windows.


2. Expanded Colors

Expanded Colors Stellaris mod

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Stellaris’ flag customization is fun, but its limited pool of options can put a damper on your enjoyment and stifle creativity.

Expanded Colours addresses the issue by giving you access to many more hues across the visible light spectrum.

You’ll get 180 new options to color your flag just like you want it.

To put things in perspective, that’s around 32,400 possible color combinations.

The AI also gets access to thousands of new combinations you’ll see flown by computer-generated empires across the galaxy.


3. Flags in the Void

Flags in the Void Mod for Stellaris

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Vanilla Stellaris lets you customize your flag by choosing a shape, a primary color, and a secondary color.

Now that we’ve added over 30,000 palettes, it’s time to expand the designs.

Flags in the Void introduces a massive collection of new flag background designs. It’s 130 all-new backgrounds with unique shapes that’ll let you transmit some complex ideas… or just create a pretty flag.

Typically, you’d be focusing on emblems to add complexity to your flag. Still, these stylish backgrounds will genuinely expand your artistic horizons.


4. Vexillographical Flags

Vexillographical Flags Stellaris mod

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A comparably small but exciting collection of backgrounds can be found in the Vexillographical Flags mod.

Vexillography is the art of creating new flags.

With this title, the mod’s author expresses a desire to bring art into designing custom flag backgrounds.

The result is a compact but attractive collection of intricately detailed flag backgrounds that’ll bring out the best of many emblems.


5. More Flags

More Flags Mod for Stellaris

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Variety is the spice of life.

Varied activities, varied friendships, and varied types of food on my platter can’t be missing from my everyday life!

Where most emblem mods focus on a single topic or aesthetic, More Flags introduces hundreds of new symbols ranging from real-life flags to stuff from Warhammer 40K.

There are Final Fantasy icons, Zelda icons, the Google logo, and even the Soviet hammer and sickle – and that’s just scratching the surface.


6. Humanity Emblems

Mod for Stellaris Stellaris mod

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Humanity has united under many symbols across the centuries.

Whether it’s the Christian cross, the anti-nuclear peace symbol, or the Hindu Om, it’s easier for us to rally behind ideas when we give them a visual representation.

The Humanity Emblems mod helps the human civilizations in Stellaris put their values on display with well-known current and historical symbols.

These go from the present NATO or EU emblems to the Adidas logo, and even the transgender symbol.

I love this mod precisely because of how niche it can get.

I never expected to be given a chance to lead an intergalactic Mormon Empire or expand Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism beyond the Milky Way.


7. Warframe Emblems

Warframe Emblems Mod for Stellaris

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If simple symbols available in vanilla Stellaris look boring to your refined tastes, you’ll find a lot to love in the Warframe Emblems mod.

Warframe is a fantastic sci-fi MMORPG with a very unusual and fleshed-out aesthetic.

The factions in the Warframe universe couldn’t care less about subtlety, and their intricately ornamented symbols reflect this.

Whether your civilization is religious, war-like, or committed to transcending their mortal form, you’ll find a detailed, awe-inspiring symbol that matches their values and makes you feel like a bad-ass here!


8. Civilization Emblems

Civilization Emblems Stellaris mod

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Before I ever played Stellaris, I discovered the pleasure of founding and building an empire in Civilization V.

Since then, I’ve been a big fan of the series, and I’m sure many of our readers feel the same way.

Civilization Emblems is an excellent mod that’ll bring together your love for both series.

It adds the different civ symbols from Civilization V and VI to Stellaris as flag emblems.

In a way, it’s like picking up your Civilization match right after you won the Scientific Victory and left to conquer the stars. Intergalactic Assyrian Empire, here I come.


9. Astronomical Emblem Pack

Astronomical Emblem Pack Mod for Stellaris

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One of the most complete and varied flag customization mods for Stellaris is the Astronomical Emblem Pack, bringing together symbols from many popular franchises.

These include Star Wars, Star Trek, Mass Effect, Warhammer 40K, Fallout, and the list goes on.

This pack of over 600 high-quality emblems has something for every kind of galactic nation you can think of.

Earthling federations, Molluscoid empires, Robot hiveminds… all exist in these various sci-fi universes, and their symbols are now at your disposal.


10. Flags, Emblems & Crests Merged

Flags, Emblems & Crests Merged Stellaris mod

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Most of us don’t like having a load order of 250+ different add-ons. It makes it harder to identify conflicts, and overall, it’s just annoying to keep track of so many names.

Modder Lordlony helps the organizationally impaired by bringing together some of the best and most massive flag background and emblem mods ever created for Stellaris.

This mod features over 2000 new emblems and 450 flag backgrounds, guaranteeing a nearly infinite number of appealing combinations for you and the AI.

If you liked some of the previous entries and plan to download several of them, then check out this mod’s Steam Workshop page first. Lots of other mods are included in this pack!

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