Street Fighter V’s Best Mods Worth Downloading

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Street Fighter is a household name in fighting games. And each entry in the series is always among the most anticipated games of every console generation.

It was no different for Street Fighter V, but when the game released, the excitement started wearing off pretty quickly… as the game felt extremely underwhelming at launch.

Things have turned around for the best in the past few months, with the release of the Arcade and Champion Editions which add new gameplay mechanics and much better balancing which prevents most matches from turning into a guessing game.

Yes, I hate 50/50s with a passion. And wouldn’t you, when your main doesn’t have an invincible reversal?

And Street Fighter V obviously features a good selection of mods to download by now. Most are just cosmetic mods, but there are a couple that will really spice up your experience… if you avoid hopping online.

The Capcops are always on the lookout for offenders, and are ready to Shoryuken them on sight!


10. King K Rool

King K Rool Street Fighter Mod by ouji

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The nightmare of every ape under the sun has arrived to put his street fighting skills to the test.

The King K. Rool mod replaces Balrog with the main enemy of the Donkey Kong Country series.

While it’s definitely good that he left his bag of tricks back in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, you really shouldn’t rest easy.

He hits as hard as Balrog. As hard as a truck, that is to say.


9. Waluigi Over Cody

Waluigi Street Fighter V Mod win screenshot

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Everyone, repeat with me. We want Waluigi in Smash!

While Nintendo continues to ignore the pleas of thousands upon thousands of Smash Bros fans, modders have made Waluigi in a fighting game a reality.

Too bad it’s the wrong game… but hey, it’s a start, isn’t it?


8. Thanos

Thanos Street Fighter V Mod character menu screenshot

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Street Fighter V is chockfull of villains. And you say that it could use a few more?


The Thanos, and Rhino, mod replace Abigail with two extremely detailed skins of the two Marvel Comics villains.

Thanos may not have brought over the Infinity Gems with him. But he developed an unhealthy appreciation of trucks that will result in a world of hurt.

And a few tires flying around.


7. SSJ4 Ryu Swap

SSJ4 Ryu Swap Mod character screenshot

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Ryu has finally conquered the Satsui no Hado and unlocked his final form.

The SSJ4 Ryu Swap introduces a very cool looking version of Ryu transformed into Dragon Ball GT’s Super Saiyan 4 form.

With the benefit of not having to morph into a giant Golden Ape to obtain such power. How very convenient.


6. Alpha Cammy Remastered

Alpha Cammy Remastered Street Fighter V Mod

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Cammy has grown a lot since her Shadaloo days.

So much so, that she has turned in one of the best Street Fighter V characters. An absolute top tier that has been dominating the scene since 2016.

However, if you miss those older days of bright colors and even brighter stages, I have the perfect solution.

The Alpha Cammy Remastered costume mod!

Download it, install it, and reminisce the glory days of 2D fighting games.


5. Smokin’ Sexy Style

Smokin Sexy Style Street Fighter V Mod title

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Do you know why Ken Masters and Dante are an almost perfect match?

It’s not just their fiery special attacks, their fiery tempers, and their fiery Dragon Punches that make the two characters so alike.

But also the fact that they share the same voice actor.

As such, turning Ken into Dante won’t feel too weird, thus this mod.


4. Freestyle Camera Mod

Freestyle Camera Mod screenshot

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Street Fighter V lacks a proper Photo Mode.

But modders are always here to take a hit for us and save the day!

The FreeStyle Camera mod (which is not exactly a proper mod as it requires Cheat Engine) gives total control of the camera over to the player.

Wanna play the game in first-person mode? You can.

Want to see the Critical Arts animations without the cinematic camera? You can.

But the results may not be as pretty as you think.


3. Boss Rush

Boss Rush Street Fighter V Mod gameplay screenshot

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How much Fight Money did you spend to take down True Akuma?

How much did you waste trying, and failing, to take down the fearsome Shadow Lady?

Would you like to challenge them again, but for free?

The Boss Rush Mod replaces the Street Fighter V Arcade Mode path with a Boss Rush mode. It’ll pit you against Ghost Bison, Shadow Nash, Necalli X, Shadow Lady, and True Akuma. And they’re as powerful as ever.

Be thankful continues are free this time!


2. Street Fighter V: Dolls Edition

Street Fighter V: Dolls Edition Street Fighter V Mod

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Street Fighter V is the first entry in the series featuring a cinematic story mode that also features content that’s not available in other modes, such as unique characters.

Not available without mods, that is.

This Dolls Edition mod replaces all the 16 launch characters, the Season 1 DLC characters and Akuma with the Dolls, M.Bison deadly personal army, and the Shadaloo Grunts seen in the story mode… all complete with their own unique move set.

Just make sure you don’t jump online with the mod installed.

Suffice it to say that Capcom will not like it. And they’ll stomp you down like Bison stomped Charlie Nash back in the day.


1. Street Fighter V Mysterious Mod

Street Fighter V Mysterious Mod

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If you’d be forced to choose just one mod for Street Fighter V, the choice would be obvious.

Mysteriously obvious.

The Mysterious Mod is, to date, the only working gameplay modification ever released for Street Fighter V.

This introduces a lot of balance changes for most characters, plus new special moves, and new ways to combo moves with one another. Which naturally increases combat options exponentially.

Sadly, the mod cannot be used for online play in any way. So you’ll have to go at it the old fashioned way if you want to unleash some crazy combos on your friends.

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