Top 10 Best Street Fighter Waifus, Ranked

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Ever since Chun-Li became a playable character in Street Fighter 2, the franchise has slowly but surely filled with powerful and fun female fighters.

As with any game full of hot women, people have been claiming Street Fighter “waifus” since the term became widespread on the internet.

The Street Fighter series is about competing to find out who’s the strongest – but has anyone ever asked themselves who would be the best waifu?

Let’s find out!


10. Juri

Juri Street Fighter V gameplay screenshot

Any of my friends can tell you I’ve got a thing for crazy ladies both in real life and in video games.

It should come as no surprise that I find eyepatch-wearing psycho fighter Juri Han incredibly hot.

In the words of Shadaloo’s Seth, Juri is like an “untamed animal” who “respects no law” when it comes to quenching her “insatiable thirst”.

I don’t know about you, but each one of those statements is reason enough to declare Juri your Street Fighter waifu.

She shares a heated-up rivalry with Chun-Li, and their fighting styles are pretty similar. If you like Chun-Li but don’t love cops, Juri is a great law-breaking alternative.


9. Poison

Poison from Street Fighter V

As you might expect from the strongest fighters in the world, the girls in Street Fighter are all pretty ripped. Still, Poison is in her own league.

Everything about this fighter is voluptuous and eye-catching.

The spiky pink hair, the revealing outfit – and those abs!

It’s tough to keep your eyes off of this unstoppable force when she’s on-screen.

She spends most of her time working as Hugo’s wrestling manager. If you think you’re strong enough, you could try taking him out and become her client.

He’s only 240cm tall and 200kg… I’m sure you’ll be fine.


8. C. Viper

C. Viper Street Fighter IV screenshot

There’s nothing like a bit of mystery to make someone appear infinitely intriguing.

And intriguing women are just hotter than the average Jane.

Few characters are surrounded by as much mystery as Crimson Viper, a bad-ass mom balancing raising a daughter with her undercover CIA agent work.

Despite being a relative newcomer to the Street Fighter roster, C. Viper has already been in three games and garnered a large fanbase – though her daughter Lauren is her #1 fan.

C. Viper is your playable waifu if you like spies or hot moms.


7. Kolin

Kolin / Street Fighter V screenshot

Video game storylines being what they are, at some point you have to ask yourself:

Does belonging to an evil organization with the intent to take over the world disqualify someone from being your waifu?

If the answer is yes, one look at Street Fighter V’s Kolin might change your mind.

Can you really resist a Russian bombshell with an icy glare and a stylish uniform?

Honestly, if a girl like Kolin gave me a chance, I’d be working my butt off for that evil organization in no time. It can’t be that different from any other nine to five.


6. Karin

Karin from Street Fighter V

Here at FandomSpot, we don’t judge you by your taste in waifus.

It’s just that… Some people like caviar, and others like canned tuna.

The caviar in this case refers to Karin Kanzuki, the wealthiest and most influential woman Street Fighter.

She has the attitude, the money, and most importantly, the beautiful drill hair – Karin Kanzuki is simply the perfect prototypical bourgeois princess.


5. Makoto

Makoto / Street Fighter IV screenshot

I’ll be honest with you: I can’t throw a punch for the life of me.

I’ve never been in a real fight, and I’d honestly hire a bodyguard if I had the cash.

If life was a little simpler, I’d just get a waifu like Makoto.

This tomboyish gal is all about martial arts.

Her life’s goal is bringing honor and glory to her late father’s dojo, which is something I could totally get behind. After all, there’s no honor in beating me up, and a lot in protecting the weak – like me.

She’s cute, driven, and looks fantastic in a Karategi.

Makoto is an ideal fighting waifu.


4. R. Mika

R. Mika / Street Fighter V screenshot

I know there are some of you out there who’d get the word “thicc” tattooed on your forehead if you could.

I totally get it, and so does every fan of world-famous pro-wrestler Rainbow Mika.

Honoring her pro-wrestler background, this thicc tomboy has some of the most sensational moves in Street Fighter.

Pro-wrestlers are fighters and entertainers at the same time.

That’s also the logic behind her flashy costume, which might be the most revealing in the game.

Rainbow Mika’s dedication to her craft and great admiration of other wrestlers like Zangief are adorable personality traits.


3. Cammy

Cammy from Street Fighter V

Cammy has been a member of the Street Fighter cast since Super Street Fighter II.

And her popularity has only grown since then.

Initially, Cammy was just one of many M. Bison clones made to serve him and eventually become replacement bodies for the villain. Poor Cammy had to break free from mind control on three different occasions before she finally earned her freedom.

In each one of her appearances, we see Cammy learning more and more about the world of ordinary human beings.

Learning what it means to have a family and siblings may have influenced how protective she is of the other M. Bison clones known as the Dolls.


2. Chun-Li

Chun-Li Street Fighter IV screenshot

We can’t talk about Street Fighter’s most recognizable character without talking about legs, because Chun-Li has legs for days.

It’s funny, really.

When she was just starting out in Street Fighter II, her legs were already muscular, but they had normal proportions.

However, her legs grew just a bit thicker with every new release – until becoming her defining character trait.

Still, reducing Chun-Li to just one part of her body isn’t fair to this justice warrior.

Chun-Li is an expert martial artist and one of Interpol’s most effective agents.

She’s brawn, brains, and a righteous heart, all in the same package.


1. Laura

Laura / Street Fighter V gameplay screenshot

This would be an excellent time to remind you I’m not evaluating the strongest or most popular females in Street Fighter – we’re looking for the best waifu material.

And some of the most beautiful women in the world come from Brazil. One look at Laura Matsuda is all the proof you need.

This free-spirited Brazilian woman is dynamic and energetic.

Like any Brazilian worth their salt, she loves to dance and have fun – though when push comes to shove, she’ll beat you up in no time.

If you want a buxom waifu with an exotic charm who can teach you a new language and probably makes killer Feijoada, Laura Matsuda is the only sensible choice.

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