20 Best & Strongest Non-Legendary Pokémon From All Games (Ranked)

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Let’s set some ground rules for this listing. I could just go and copy/paste the top 20 Pokémon from Smogon, but that would be incredibly boring. Instead I’m going to make this list a blend between subjective and objective.

Rather than focusing solely on stats, I’m going to be looking at how powerful the Pokémon was when it was introduced, its move pool, its STAB attacks, and what abilities it has access to.

There are a lot of powerful non-legendaries out there, so don’t be mad if your favorite doesn’t make the cut.

Oh, and spoiler: there are a lot of dragon types on this list.


20. Chandelure

Chandelure from Pokémon anime

Chandelure happens to be one of my favorite shiny sprites of all time, but that’s not what we’re here to talk about.

In terms of ability, Chandelure has an insanely high special attack. It’s one of the strongest ghost attackers in the series, and it has access to an incredible move set to back up that claim with STAB attacks.

It has access to Calm Mind, making it a great stall breaker for a lot of competitive teams.

However, it can be a bit of a glass cannon.

In non-competitive play, a Chandelure can easily become one of your go-to sweepers if you build it right.


19. Conkeldurr

Conkeldurr Pokémon anime screenshot

I’m not a fan of Conkeldurr, but there’s no doubt in my mind that it deserves a spot on this list.

While it is outclassed offensively by a lot of hard-hitting fighting types, it does boast a good defense and attack mix.

It suffers from its typing, which is one of the reasons that it rarely ever sees competitive play.

However, as a fighter for a casual playthrough of Unova, you really don’t have any better choice. And that’s saying something given the number of good fighting types Gen V introduced.


18. Gyarados

Gyarados in Pokémon anime

Gyarados has been a member of everyone’s team at some point in their Pokémon careers, even if they don’t realize just how strong this particular mon’ is.

It has great typing and a solid level of offense that makes it playable on its own. However, it also has access to Dragon Dance, turning it into one of the best sweepers in the game.

Even in casual play, setting up a Gyarados with Dragon Dance is often enough to completely tear through a lot of the game’s battles, even in the later portions of the story.

It has a lot of technicality to it, too. There are plenty of item choices and builds for Gyarados, should you want to take it to the global arena.


17. Breloom

Breloom Pokémon

Breloom doesn’t get the love it deserves, which is a shame.

It’s the first Pokémon I ever fully IV and EV optimized, which probably says a lot about me on account of Breloom being a staller.

Despite its offensive capabilities, Breloom is primarily used as a stalling Pokémon. It has access to Leech Seed, Substitute, Sleep Spore, and the Poison Heal ability, meaning you should throw a poison orb on it.

Put that setup with a move like Focus Punch to take advantage of Breloom’s great attack stat, and you have a Pokémon that is built to give people headaches.


16. Slaking

Slaking Pokémon

Slaking’s stats are some of the highest in the game.

In every regard, the Pokémon is an absolute monster that should be utilized on every team… is what I would say, if it weren’t for the fact that it can only attack every second turn.

Slaking is unique in this respect, which is good for balance, but bad for viability.

You’re never really going to want to run one of these. However, it would be remiss of me not to include it on the list on account of just how high those base stats are. And if you want a more creative run in ORAS then maybe this guy does deserve a spot on that team.


15. Blissey

Blissey from Pokémon anime

Blissey holds a special place in my heart, on account of pulling hundreds of them in my time collecting Dark Explorer’s wayyyyy back in the day.

Seriously, all I could get were Blisseys; it was unbelievable.

Blissey is the ultimate defensive Pokémon. It remained normal, not making the transition to fairy, thankfully. This means it only has one weakness, which is perfect for a tank.

It has an out-of-this-world HP stat and an SP. Defense stat that’s also phenomenally high. Plus it has access to healing moves like Wish and Heal Bell that make it a staple on a lot of competitive and casual teams.

It’s one of the hardest Pokémon in the game to actually KO, making it a premier choice to throw against your friends in a casual battle to enrage them. Or to bring into your next E4 challenge.


14. Blaziken

Blaziken in Pokémon anime

Blaziken was already powerful before it got a mega evolution.

With its mega form, it is unbelievably strong.

It boasts a great physical attack stat that is capable of OHKO sweeping a lot of teams. This is compounded by its base speed, which often only needs one hit from its Speed Boost to make it faster than anything else on the field.

It doesn’t hold up well if it gets hit, but your opponent’s Pokémon shouldn’t be standing long enough for that to happen.


13. Infernape

Infernape from Pokémon anime

Infernape falls under the UU metagame bracket and lacks in almost every area when compared to Blaziken.

What makes it higher on my list, though, is its usability through story mode.

Infernape is one of the strongest starters we’ve seen in a Pokémon game, with its typing being especially good for Sinnoh.

It’s also much more versatile than Blaziken, with access to the same STAB moves, but a stat pool that leaves its build much more open. Not to mention it boasts a higher speed stat.

You get access to Swords Dance and Nasty Plot, meaning you can sweep pretty much anything in story mode no matter what move set you use with Infernape.


12. Magnezone

Magnezone in Pokémon anime

Magnezone has niche use as a competitive Pokémon in OU, but boasts a great SP. Attack and defense stat for regular play.

It has access to the Magnet Pull ability, which prevents steel types from switching out.

If utilized correctly, this can completely decimate certain competitive teams.

It’s a great all-rounder that can often be the difference between victory and defeat in a battle.


11. Volcarona

Volcarona Pokémon anime screenshot

Volcarona is one of the deadliest Sp. Attack sweepers that Pokémon has ever seen.

It has access to the ridiculously powerful Quiver Dance, which complements its already high special attack and speed stats.

I mean, finding one in Unova is set up like finding a legendary Pokémon. So it shouldn’t be too much of a shock that this is one powerful beast.

It has a great move set that can prove useful both competitively and in casual play, making it a staple of a wide variety of different teams.


10. Gengar

Gengar from Pokémon anime

Gengar is one of the OG powerhouse Pokémon that has gotten stronger year on year.

It has ludicrously high speed and SP. Attack stats in its base form, and that’s compounded if you mega evolve it.

This thing is perfectly capable of wiping out teams without evolving it, but Mega Gengar is something else entirely.

It gets access to the Shadow Tag ability, meaning you can essentially just pick a Pokémon you want to KO. Combined with its phenomenal move pool and STAB attacks, Gengar sees play at all levels, from casual runs in your favorite gen all the way up to uber in competitive.

There’s nothing better than completely sweeping a team with a Pokémon that was released in Gen I.


9. Metagross

Metagross in Pokémon anime

At the absolute highest level of play, Metagross isn’t particularly viable.

At every level below that, though, it is a complete monster.

Its attack and defense stats are phenomenal, and it’s able to mega evolve, making those stats even more outrageous.

Its speed is nothing to scoff at either. And it has access to a good variety of moves, albeit limited effective STAB options.

Metagross used to be a lot more dominant than it is now. But it’s still a ridiculously powerful Pokémon for every kind of team, not just a casual one.

Plus, Beldum is super hard to catch. With an encounter rate of like 4% percent in most generations, it’s tough. so Metagross should be strong to balance out the two hours you’re going to spend trying to catch one.


8. Tyranitar

Tyranitar from Pokémon anime

Now we’re getting into the really powerful Pokémon.

Tyranitar shouldn’t be a stranger to any of you reading this list.

It has a stupidly high base attack stat with HP and defense stats that are nothing to laugh at, either.

It’s got great typing with a crazy wide range of STAB moves that include Pursuit, making it a massive threat in competitive play.

Plus, it’s a massive dinosaur that sort of reminds me of Reptar from Rugrats. And what else could one really ask for in a Pokémon?


7. Alakazam

Alakazam from Pokémon anime

Alakazam is the yin to Gengar’s yang.

Both of those guys are older than me, which shows how powerful they’ve remained is absolutely shocking.

Like Gengar, Alakazam is a bit of a one-trick pony with massive SP. Attack and speed stats, but pretty poor defensive qualities. However, if you use it right then your Alakazam shouldn’t get hit at all.

Especially during a story playthrough.

This is talking about regular Alakazam, by the way. We’re not even going to mention its mega evolution out of fear of becoming a broken record.


6. Salamence

Salamence from Pokémon anime

These next six Pokémon can really be put in any order you want. Five of them are dragon types as well, which speaks volumes as to just how overpowered that typing is. Especially when you consider that fairy types are still a relatively new thing.

All of Salamence’s stats are noteworthy. But it sees all of its play thanks to a ludicrous attack and speed stats.

Its SP. Attack stat is pretty high, too, so you can build a special Salamence if you feel like it.

It has access to Dragon Dance and a range of STAB moves that makes Salamence a complete powerhouse at all levels of play.


5. Haxorus

Haxorus from Pokémon anime

I always preferred Gen V’s other notable dragon type to Haxorus, but there’s no denying the fact that its base 147 attack stat is honestly completely unreasonable.

I’m going to start repeating myself here, but access to the dragon type move set is so incredibly valuable when it comes to assessing the strength of a Pokémon.

STAB Outrage puts out unheard-of levels of damage, which combined with a respectable speed stat, makes Haxorus one of Pokémon’s most feared dragon type sweepers.


4. Hydreigon

Hydreigon Pokémon anime screenshot

I’ll be the first to say that Hydreigon is one of the coolest looking Pokémon I’ve ever seen.

It earned its spot in my Unova party purely off of looks. It’s only after that I learned how powerful this monster is.

Where Haxorus excelled in physical attack sweeping, Hydreigon excels in Sp. Attack usage.

It has Nasty Plot, STAB Draco Meteor, a base speed of 98, and a base SP. Attack of 125. That’s all I have to say on the matter.


3. Dragonite

Dragonite from Pokémon anime

There’s an argument to be made that both Hydreigon and Haxorus are better than Dragonite, and I understand that.

In the current landscape, that’s a very reasonable statement. If we compare points of introduction, though, Dragonite blows the other two out of the water.

Dragonite was the only kinda non-legendary powerhouse in Gen I, and it showed. With no fairy weakness and a lack of usable ice types, this chubby monstrosity reigned supreme over the Kanto Pokédex.

Plus it was a staple of Elite Four member Lance. That Dragonite/Lance combination is one of the most recognizable duos in Pokémon history, and that needs to be respected.


2. Aegislash

Aegislash from Pokémon anime

Aegislash is the only non-dragon type to breach the top six, which speaks volumes about how useable this Pokémon is.

There are many arguments as to why Aegislash is so powerful. But the only one that needs to be brought up is its ability to change forms.

In its blade mode, Aegislash has base Sp. Attack and Attack stats of 150.

In its shield form, those 150 stats get assigned to its defense and special defense. To top it off, it only changes to blade mode when you go to use an attacking move, meaning you get yourself one of the best walls in the game that can transition to one of the best attackers whenever you want.

Its other stats lack, but it honestly doesn’t need them.

Used correctly, Aegislash is at least one free KO on your opponent, if not more.


1. Garchomp

Garchomp from Pokémon anime screenshot

What else could occupy the top spot on this list?

Like Lance and Dragonite before it, Garchomp is the staple of Sinnoh Champion Cynthia.

Without touching on its mega evolution, it has an attack stat of 130 and a speed stat of 102. Those extra points in speed are well worth the loss that it takes in attack when compared to Haxorus.

Oh and it gets access to Swords Dance, too.

In story mode, Garchomp is capable of single-handedly carrying your team through whatever region you’re playing. In competitive play, it’s used at the highest level – which is just evidence as to how powerful this penultimate dragon truly is.

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