Study: Half of Gamers Suffer From Insomnia

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As part of our ongoing studies looking into how gaming affects people – often in a positive way, as we’ve found that it can help with mindfulness or help senior citizens with brain stimulation – but we’ve found that many gamers suffer from insomnia!

Our survey of 4,000 gamers worldwide has found that almost half (47%) say that they suffer from insomnia and have moderate to extreme problems with their sleep.

This may well be down to the devices that gamers use – PC, TV, phone, you name it – all things that emit blue light which has been found to suppress the production of melatonin*, a natural hormone that helps people feel ready for sleep.

A lack of sleep can have a massive impact on everyday life and wellbeing, so we want to help our wonderful community with this problem!

One solution that many people use to help resolve issues such as insomnia is hypnosis therapy. We see hypnosis in a variety of games such as Pokémon and Psychonauts, as well as in the movies – often with a hypnotist swinging a pocket watch and chanting “you feel sleepy, very sleepy.”

While it may seem somewhat fantastical, science has proven that sometimes the movies are right! Research reveals that hypnosis can increase deep, restorative sleep by as much as 80% in some people**.



With this in mind, we have decided to partner with an experienced hypnotist who specializes in sleep – Kathleen McCauley – to offer a free, online sleep-improving hypnosis group session to gamers.

Gamers from around the world are invited for the free hypnosis session but have to be aged 18 years and above and must be in general good health. The session will take place virtually on August 17, 2022 at 19:00 MST.

Places are limited to 500 applicants who meet the requirements – but we must reach a minimum of 200 sign ups before we conduct the group hypnosis session. All participants will be required to fill out a disclaimer beforehand.

If you’re a gamer who suffers from insomnia, please sign up here:



Now above we mentioned that blue light-producing devices are potentially the cause of sleep issues.

With this in mind, the majority of the group hypnosis session will be conducted through audio only, so you can relax and use it towards a good night’s sleep.

In the meantime, hypnotist Kathleen McCauley, shares her top tips for a good night’s sleep:

  1. Develop a routine: we are creatures of habit, and setting up a good routine to wind down before bed is very important for sleep, such as avoiding blue light – emitted from electronic devices – before bed.
  2. Keep a sleep journal: keeping a record of when you went to sleep, how you felt before going to bed, what time you woke up, and how the sleep felt, can help you to understand your sleep patterns and see where to improve or what you are doing right.
  3. Create a breathing exercise: this can be a great way to relax yourself. By doing a focused breathing routine for 10 to 15 minutes you can calm your mind and body and remove the stress and worries of the day, and allow your body to enter a peaceful sleeping state.

We hope these tips help anyone feeling sleep-deprived – gamers and non-gamers alike – and if you think you might benefit from some free hypnosis, sign up today to avoid missing out.


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