Top 5 Best Mario Waifus Of All Time

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The Super Mario franchise isn’t where most of us would think of finding a waifu.

But after so many years of playing sports and party games with these characters, we all have our favorites.

Unlike waifu-centric games like Genshin Impact and Fate/Grand Order, Super Mario characters don’t have overtly seductive designs – but loving a waifu goes far beyond that.

Waifus are an ideal – a dreamy partner that embodies the beauties of life.

And the Mario girls shine bright in that regard.

Princesses, sports champions, career women, immortal space gods, the Marioverse has them all.

Let’s take a look at the Mushroom Kingdom’s most beloved ladies.


5. Daisy

Daisy from Mario Tennis Aces

Princess Daisy is the regent of Sarasaland, the far-away kingdom from the classic GameBoy title Super Mario Land.

After Mario saved her kingdom from the evil alien Tatanga, Daisy became a recurring character in series like Mario Party, Mario Tennis, and Mario Golf.

This cheerful and dynamic personality is one of Daisy’s loveliest traits.

There’s never a dull moment with her around – which is why Luigi seems to have the hots for her.

If you don’t mind competing with the green plumber, Daisy is a fine Marioverse waifu.


4. Bowsette

Bowsette character from original comic strip
Image source via @ayyk92

Next up, we’ve got an entry that Nintendo wouldn’t approve of.

Bowsette rose to fame as a meme during 2018 after the introduction of the Super Crown in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe.

This item can turn Toadette into Peachette, a figure resembling Princess Peach but bearing many of Toadette’s signature characteristics.

Fans being fans, they started wondering how the crown would affect other characters.

A comic was posted to Twitter exploring what would happen if Bowser got a hold of it, and the rest is history.

Bowsette is the kind of waifu for those of us who like a little muscle on our ladies.

She’s also attractive to those who want to be dominated and anyone into “monster girls”.

I’d give her the top spot, but the whole “non-canon” thing really puts a damper on her appeal.


3. Pauline

Pauline in Mario Golf: Super Rush

On the other end of the spectrum we find Pauline, whose status as the very first damsel in distress to be saved by Mario elevates her appeal.

Something else that makes her appealing is her character development.

Despite being pretty generic in her first appearance as “Lady” in Donkey Kong, each time she’s showed up after that, she’s shocked fans with her personal growth.

So far we’ve seen Pauline find success as a businesswoman, a singer, and a politician.

Who knows what else is in store for this jazzy entrepreneur?

From any perspective you look, Pauline is just prime wife material – as long as you’re OK with your waifu working late hours and only visiting on weekends because her career is priority #1.


2. Peach

Peach screenshot from Super Mario Party

The second place goes to the Marioverse’s most sought-after bachelorette – Princess Peach herself.

Previously known as Princess Toadstool, Peach has been the regent of the Mushroom Kingdom since the very beginning.

Despite being called a “Princess”, she’s most definitely the Queen, and her will is the rule of the Toads.

In a few words, one might describe Peach as classy and sweet – though that’s only scratching the surface.

As seen in Super Princess Peach and Super Mario Odyssey, she’s also fierce and resourceful when she needs to be – even though she prefers leaving the hard work to Mario.

Both Mario and Bowser are constantly at each other’s throats to win the Princess’ favors.

If you think you’re a match for a dragon demon and Mr. Videogames himself, Peach is an ideal waifu.


1. Rosalina

Rosalina screenshot from Super Mario Party

Peach may be the main woman in Mario’s life. But when it comes to fans, Rosalina takes precedence.

It’s simple, really:

I’d never heard the word “waifu” used to describe any of the Marioverse girls until Super Mario Galaxy came around, and half the fandom fell for Rosalina.

That’s partly thanks to her backstory, which we learn through a storybook as we progress through the game. After losing her family, she found a new one in the Lumas, becoming their mother so they wouldn’t feel as lonely as she did herself.

It’s a beautiful story.

And it shows us the quality of Rosalina’s heart and good will.

She’s also a tad more mysterious (and even more regal) than Peach.

Being a Princess is one thing, but Rosalina is kind of an immortal cosmic entity. No contest!

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