Best Super Smash Bros. Waifus: The Ultimate Ranking

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At first, Super Smash Bros. had only one female character.

With Melee, a couple were added.

Then Brawl brought in some more – and by the time SSBU got all of its DLC, the game was full of waifus.

They still represent considerably less than 50% of the roster. But in terms of popularity, they’re giving the guys a run for their money.

And why wouldn’t they? Everyone loves a good waifu.

It seems we like to choose our fighters with our hearts rather than our brains – and we’ll celebrate that by ranking the top waifus in Super Smash Bros. history.


10. Lucina

Lucina Victory Pose from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Lucina became an instant classic the moment she appeared in Super Smash Bros. For Wii U & 3DS.

This blue-haired heroine is basically Marth’s female version, making a lot of Marth mains quickly migrate to Lucina.

I don’t blame them.

Lucina is just adorable in Fire Emblem: Awakening.

She’s a brave hero, but she’s also clueless about some everyday things due to growing up in terribly hard times. It makes you want to protect her smile.


9. Inkling

Inkling Victory Pose from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

People online have been falling in love with squids ever since Splatoon first came out on the Wii U, and the female Inkling in SSBU is a major cephalopod heartthrob.

The Inkling was the first newcomer announced for SSBU.

Since then, she has garnered a following who loves her cuteness and lightning-fast movements.

One thing I love about the Inkling is her appropriate sporty attire.

She keeps it real, while some people come to beat each other up in dresses and togas…


8. Wii Fit Trainer

Wii Fit Trainer Victory Pose from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Speaking of gals who know how to dress for the occasion, consider the Wii Fit Trainer.

She might be hard to read, but this trainer never runs out of energy.

She’ll keep up with any outdoorsy activities like a champ, and she’ll teach you proper posture and form whenever you’re fighting for that beach bod.

You won’t get any verbal encouragement – but she’ll set the example so you never miss a gym day.

Wii Fit Trainer is the perfect waifu for the talkative types who have a hard time listening, and the introverts who’d rather stay quiet while grinding those deadlift gains.


7. Palutena

Palutena Victory Pose from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Like many of you, I also have a thing for poly-potent immortal beings who hold my entire existence in the palm of their hands – especially if they’re are hot as Palutena.

The Goddess of Light and ruler of Angel Land is a benevolent deity more interested in uplifting humans than reigning over them.

Palutena’s appearance is just as beautiful as her kind heart.

Her flowing emerald-green hair, fair skin, and big blue eyes are elevated by her flashy-yet-tasteful attire that fits a woman of divine caliber.


6. Princess Zelda

Princess Zelda Victory Pose from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

With her introduction in Super Smash Bros. Melee, Zelda became one of the first-ever newcomers in Super Smash Bros. history – and one of the first women in the playable character roster.

This, coupled with a long history of incredibly influential games named after her, has made Zelda one of the most celebrated women in Super Smash Bros.

What can I say? People like the royals!

Zelda is a gorgeous princess with rock-solid foundations who’d give anything to protect the Kingdom of Hyrule.

She can also turn into an undercover ninja, which is beyond cool.


5. Princess Peach

Princess Peach Victory Pose from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Yet another Melee newcomer whose popularity has only gotten bigger over the years is Princess Toadstool – commonly known as Peach.

I fell in love with the character back in SSB. Melee thanks to her somewhat absurd moves, including digging out turnips and counter-attacking by blocking with a Toad.

It was pretty absurd, as was the idea of anyone fighting in a princess dress.

I loved both, and Peach went from being the mysterious princess from SM64 to a familiar face.

In this case, Peach triumphs over Zelda because of her waifu potential.

Zelda is cool, but Peach lives and breathes classical femininity. Plus, there are many Zeldas, but only one Peach.


4. Isabelle

Isabelle Victory Pose from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

If you’ve been reading our articles for a while, you know how much I love Isabelle.

They say dogs are man’s best friend – so it’s only fair that an adorable dog girl would be man’s best waifu.

I know, I know. A dog? Isn’t that a little weird?

No, young Padawan. That’s the point of having waifus and not, well, wives.

You want a tomato to be your waifu? I’m sure there’s a cute tomato girl somewhere.

A rice cooker? There must be even more.

And speaking of rice cookers, Isabelle is about as convenient as one.

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, she makes your major job seem simple – and in SSBU, she makes crushing your opponents even simpler.


3. Pyra/Mythra

Mythra Victory Pose from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

If you don’t enjoy canine companionship so much, maybe a sword might be more to your liking.

Pyra & Mythra are two humanoid manifestations of an infinitely powerful weapon known as the Aegis.

In the world of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, power seems to translate into cuteness.

If we only consider their designs, these two are easily the hottest characters in the entire roster.

Among other things, they’re both incredibly well-endowed – and that’s after they were “tweaked” to fit SSBU’s E for Everyone ESRB rating.

If you fall in love with them, you’ve got a whole 50+ hour JRPG where you can admire these two adorable fighters in all their glory – no censorship.


2. Zero Suit Samus

Zero Suit Samus Victory Pose from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Technically, Samus was the first woman in Super Smash Bros, appearing since the N64 original as one of the strongest & most fun-to-use fighters.

It wasn’t until Super Smash Bros. Brawl that she started showing off her curvy body in her Zero Suit, much to the fans’ delight.

In the space of a couple of weeks, the Internet had already been flooded with Zero Suit Samus fan art, and the stream of illustrations hasn’t stopped since.

It’s hard to think of a woman who’s always inside a power suit as a waifu.

But she’s a lot more human and relatable once she takes off the mask.

She’s still just as dangerous a fighter, though.


1. Bayonetta

Bayonetta Victory Pose from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Bayonetta is, without a doubt, the alpha female in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

We were all stunned at Nintendo’s decision to include Bayonetta in SSB’s roster.

After all, her first game is well-known as one of the most sexually charged products of gaming history. And Nintendo tends to give those family-unfriendly themes a wide berth.

Releasing Bayonetta 2 on the Wii U was one thing, but bringing the sexiest witch ever created into an E for Everyone game?

I just have to wonder how many people they had to bribe.

Bayonetta is so hardcore, she actually got banned from the competitive scene shortly after release – and it had nothing to do with her femme fatale looks. Instead, it was her insane combos.

Be it seduction, sorcery, or hand-to-hand combat, Bayonetta reigns supreme.

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