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It’s time to bring some innovation to the galactic battlefield presented to us in the brilliant strategy title known as Sword of the Stars.

The game might’ve been released in 2006, but the fact that the game is over a decade older isn’t stopping new players from trying it out. Also not keeping older players from returning to it – even after all this time.

The fact that the game is pretty old means that there are countless mods out there.

That was my train of thought, at least, and I was super happy to find out that I was correct.

And from the massive numbers I’ve picked some of the best mods for Sword of the Star that I was able to find on the internet. And these are truly fantastic.

The core players of this game are as loyal as they come, and mods are still being released so keep an eye out for new ones in upcoming years.

10. Ballistic and Missile Redux

Ballistic and Missile Redux mod

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This mod is perfect for those who like the chaos of interstellar war when missiles fly from one place to another.

It’s not fair for humans to be the only race capable of using torpedoes, right?

I mean, why is it that these types of explosives seem to be only associated with us?

I don’t think it’s fair. Other races could be as savage as we are.

This mod is a must-have, I say.


9. Expanded Horizons

Expanded Horizons Sword of the Stars

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Well, this one doesn’t make any changes to the core gameplay of Sword of the Stars, but it does add a few basic frivolities that make the game a bit more customizable.

For example, you will be able to select player colors from a larger palette. And you will also have the chance to see differently named ships.

An overall small but very cool addition. Sign me up for it!


8. Mirage UI Modpack

Mirage UI Modpack mod

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Here’s the first retexture of my list, and it’s for the Zuul and the Human ships.

If you want to see new models and better textures for two of the game’s best races (I know there are only four of them, but bear with me) this is the mod you’ll want to check out.

It’s very basic as well, but when combined with other retexture mods it brings the game to a whole new level.


7. Baaarp! Mod

Baaarp! Mod Sword of the Stars

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The Balance and Arc Project, which has one of the best names a mod could have, is here to bring the game to a whole new plane of existence.

It balances the way some weapons work to make them complementary instead of replaceable.

And it also adds many new changes to the map as well as the fleet selection screen that make playing the game a much more enjoyable and easygoing experience.


6. Galactic Forge

Galactic Forge in Sword of the Stars

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When I first read about this mod, I somehow pictured something along the lines of KOTOR’s Star Forge. But nope.

This one takes the meaning of its name literally.

It basically allows you to select the shape of the map (aka the Galaxy) and make it different to what we’re used to seeing.

Cluster galaxies, spiral galaxies, globular clusters, and even galactic collisions all become playable maps with the Galactic Forge mod.

Forge the map of your dreams and play on my friend!


5. Erdrik’s Mods

Erdrik’s Mods Sword of the Stars

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Erdrik’s Mods doesn’t have that name because it adds plenty of mods.

Instead it simply modifies many of the game’s core features and makes some stuff far more useful than they are in the vanilla game.

It mainly tweaks the odds of shields and moons and makes the game a bit more fast-paced, if I may use that word to refer to these tweaks.

In any case, check out this mod if you want to improve a few key aspects of the core gameplay.


4. Color Blind Issue Fix

Color Blind Issue Fix mod

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This is a small mod that simply changes the issues with green and yellow looking the same when the game is set to colorblind mode.

For all of you colorblind users out there, check this one out.

It’s probably a godsend for you and it deserves a spot on my list because of the level of detail in this.


3. MOD Phoenix

MOD Phoenix in Sword of the Stars

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A mod that adds a sub-faction based on parts of the game’s lore?

Dude, count me the hell in.

I love race mods in space RPGs. I fell in love with many downloadable races that some modders made in Stellaris, so I was sure I was going to love this faction as well.

It’s very well made and fits the story of the game perfectly.

Apparently the race came to exist due to instances of genetic manipulation. Now, they may take over the galaxy.

Will you be the one to lead them to glory?


2. Twilight Mod

Twilight Mod for Sword of the Star

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The Twilight mod, as written by the creator, isn’t really based on any special concept.

It just makes the game much better and the campaign map more suited for longer campaigns.

In fact, if you’re keen to play a Grand Campaign I suggest you install this mod first.

This aims to keep things as realistic as possible (you know what I mean when I say realistic).

It makes everything better to play through and the AI is much more suited to play against different styles of expansionist empires.

I truly think it’s one of the best mods out there for everyone who loves Sword of the Stars.


1. ACM Mod

ACM Mod, best Sword of the Star mod

Check Out This Mod

Alright, is it an overhaul that you’re looking for?

I’m pleased to tell you that you’ve found your match.

This amazing mod makes it so technologies take longer to research; it adds dozens of new weapons and models; it adds new graphics, and much more.

The ACM Mod is basically a complete overhaul to the game.

And if you’re playing this in the 2020s or beyond, I’d say that it’s a must-have.

There are new sections and many new things to discover in the game. Toally game changing and it brings this title back to a truly playable level for younger gamers.

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