25 Best Mods For Tabletop Simulator: Board Games, Card Games & More

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IRL games are always fun. But Tabletop Simulator is a decent alternative!

Re-create and play any of your favorite card games, board games, and even pen-and-paper role-playing games, all in this virtual sandbox environment.

But maybe vanilla isn’t enough.

Maybe you need some more games to play with TTS – and mods are the solution.

So we’ve put together the best picks here to get you started, all free to download & easy to setup.


25. The Chimera Table

The Chimera Table mod for Tabletop Simulator

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Finding something to play is definitely crucial for a good game night – but so is actually having somewhere to play.

The Chimera Table is a one-size-fits-all six-player battleground with enough space for any game you want to try.

It also has several drawers and slide-in surfaces that can be opened and closed through a simple, unobtrusive widget at the top of the screen.

This has become a must-have for me, as it allows everyone to keep their dice, tokens, miniatures, cards, and even drinks organized in a very realistic way.


24. RPG Dice Collection

RPG Dice Collection Tabletop Simulator mod

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No (virtual) game room is complete without a colorful set of dice to cover all your RPG needs.

This mod will introduce a wide array of hi-poly beveled dice to your digital game room – including D2 through D34 with some special dice thrown in here and there.

There’s also a cool dice cup, so you can throw them in style.

It’s finally possible to take your dice addiction into TTS.


23. UNO

UNO Tabletop Simulator mod screenshot

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Everybody knows UNO – which makes it the perfect game to keep around in your virtual game room.

Any amount of players can sit down and play UNO without any prior experience. Great for a simple, fast, and fun session of obsessively keeping tabs on other players so you can call them out when they fail to announce their last card.

There’s also a fully-scripted version that follows the official rules to a tee. Both mods are great.


22. OrgasMe!

OrgasMe! in Tabletop Simulator

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One of the most unusual card games available for TTS is OrgasMe!, a game where 2-6 players try their hardest to make each other reach climax first.

I wish I was kidding.

Don’t be fooled, though – it may be raunchy and hilarious, but choosing which shmexy moves to attack your friends with requires some strategy.

It’s not the best game around. But it has plenty of shock value, and it’s really easy to grasp. Even your normie friends will want to play!


21. Clue

Clue Tabletop Simulator mod

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Complex role-playing board games and unique card games are all fine and dandy.

But some game nights are better served by a simple, classic title that everyone knows how to play.

A murder has taken place, and 2-6 novice detectives will have to piece together the whodunit, howdunit, and wheredunit of the crime by exploring the game board and sharing their theories.

The first one to make an accurate accusation wins.

We’ve all heard of clue, but have you ever played it in a tabletop game simulator? Welcome to the future, folks.


20. Anna’s Roundtable – The FE Board Game

Anna’s Roundtable – The FE Board Game TTS mod

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Anna’s Roundtable is a fan-made game for fans of the Fire Emblem series, featuring over 190 cards from over 100 fan artists.

Depending on which cards you draw, you’ll get a chance to deploy and command units on an ever-changing battlefield.

Expect to see several FE staples reflected in its gameplay – including the classic weapon triangle.

It’s pretty deep, all things considered.

If you’re having trouble getting into it at first then consider watching this video.


19. Bullet♥

Bullet♥ mod for Tabletop Simulator

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“Fast-paced” isn’t an adjective you’d usually use to describe a board game.

But Bullet♥ is one-of-a-kind.

This relatively low-complexity game has up to four players take the role of a heroine in a futuristic Earth, where you’ll have to use your character’s super-powers to defend the planet.

Turns are simultaneous, and the winner is automatically decided once it becomes impossible for a player to lose.

It’s pretty chaotic and a bit hard to explain – but it’s exciting, and anyone can jump in without prior experience.


18. Dead of Winter

Dead of Winter in Tabletop Simulator

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Lots of zombie-survival video games, films, and TV shows feature the protagonists trying to make their way to some kind of freezing place in the hopes that zombies can’t reach them – but what if it doesn’t work?

Dead of Winter is a 2-4 player tabletop game where you’ll have to collaborate with others to keep your walled colony going through the zombie apocalypse, not to mention a terrible winter.

Each player has a secret win condition, but none can be achieved if the colony collapses. So reluctant teamwork is vital.

This mod features various boards, detailed props and models, and includes the Warring Colonies and The Long Night expansions.


17. The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls

The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls TTS mod

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This award-winning indie video game makes its way to your game night table with The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls – a game about sacrifice, hoarding, and betrayal.

Up to four players fight through their mother’s basement as one of 11 traumatized children, defeating boss after boss until one of them manages to collect four “souls” and is freed from this purgatory.

The game includes 340 cards from the base game, 68 cards from the Kickstarter exclusives, and 98 cards from the Four Souls expansion – along with all the tokens, dice, and everything you’ll need to play the game.

The mod will even play music from the original video game to set the mood!


16. Exploding Kittens + Expansions

Exploding Kittens + Expansions in TTS

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I love games that are easy to get into, but tough to master – and Exploding Kittens is one such game.

It’s a card game for people into kittens and explosions. Easy, right?

Players take turns drawing cards from the deck until one of them pulls a kitten, effectively blowing themselves up and losing the game – unless, of course, they have a “defuse” card that can keep the kitty away from their faces.

It’s like Russian Roulette, but with kittens and surreal humor.

This fantastic scripted TTS mod includes the Imploding Kittens, Streaking Kittens, and Barking Kittens expansions.


15. Frostpunk: The Board Game

Frostpunk: The Board Game mod for TTS

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This official release of Frostpunk: The Board Game for TTS simulator puts up to four players in control of the last city on Earth during a calamitous ice age.

You’ll have to develop infrastructure, manage resources, and solve complex moral dilemmas as you balance your citizens’ well-being with the continued existence of the city – a well as your own victory condition, which must be kept a secret from other players.

This mod includes detailed 3D models, a gorgeous game board, and it automates many of the more time-consuming aspects of Frostpunk.


14. HeroQuest: Master Edition

HeroQuest: Master Edition Tabletop Simulator mod

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The classic HeroQuest can be a bit troublesome to get into when playing the physical game.

There are just too many things to setup and keep track of, and it really puts the GM to work.

Well this TTS mod helps speed things along by scripting several aspects of gameplay. Now your GM can focus on crafting the best possible experience while you (and up to seven more players) worry about keeping your characters safe in these treacherous dungeons.

It really manages to capture the magic of the classic game, while making it more accessible for novices and people who just don’t have the time to etch the entire rulebook into their memory.


13. Kingdomino + Queendomino

Kingdomino + Queendomino Tabletop Simulator mod

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Kingdomino is an award-winning game where up to six players compete to expand their kingdoms, taking turns to annex wheat fields, lakes, and mountains represented as dominoes.

The rules for annexing a domino tile are simple – at least one of its sides must match an adjacent owned tile.

The game goes on until every player has taken over a 5×5 grid, or failed miserably.

It’s easy-to-grasp, but there’s quite a bit of strategy involved in choosing the best tiles, making it an enjoyable experience for both novices and experienced players.


12. Moonrakers

Moonrakers mod for Tabletop Simulator

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This game follows up to five spacefaring mercenaries as they fight for control over the largest outlaw coalition in the galaxy – the Moonrakers.

Once you’ve built-up your ship you’ll have to forge temporary alliances to take up high-paying contracts and engage in shrewd negotiation over Prestige and other rewards – but don’t be too pushy, or your “allies” may decide to betray you.

The first one to obtain 10 Prestige points wins.

This TTS Moonrakers mod recreates the real-life experience wonderfully and makes things more straightforward thanks to scripting some functions like Tactical Zone clean-up and discarding/drawing cards.


11. Veiled Fate

Veiled Fate Tabletop Simulator mod

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Made by the IV Games – the same people behind Moonrakers – Veiled Fate casts up to eight players as powerful deities who are trying to get their favored demigod champion into power over the mortal world.

The thing is, you don’t necessarily control the demigod you’re favoring – and you have no idea who the other players are trying to exalt.

As such, it’s a game about exerting your influence while concealing your intentions. Distracting others with witty jokes while carefully clearing the path for your champion to take over.


10. Betrayal at House on the Hill

Betrayal at House on the Hill mod for TTS

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In Betrayal at House on the Hill, 3-4 players explore a seemingly haunted manor.

They all work together to explore it, until one of them turns on the others. Classic.

You’ll encounter wraiths, ominous signs, and the treachery of your fellow players as you explore a mansion of your own design – well, unless you let this scripted TTS mod take care of it for you.

The game mod includes all the cool miniatures, character cards, and special tokens that came with the original board game, setting the atmosphere for a night of fright.

It also includes the Widow’s Walk expansion, which can be played by up to six people.


9. Gloomhaven – Fantasy Setup

Gloomhaven – Fantasy Setup mod for Tabletop Simulator

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In Gloomhaven, up to four players create an adventurer and set out into a dark and dangerous world full of dungeons to explore, monsters to fight, and riches to find.

Everyone has their own reason to visit Gloomhaven – meaning they have different win conditions.

You’ll have to work together with others to tackle tougher challenges, as long as that work serves your purpose of approaching victory over several game sessions.

This TTS mod is fully scripted and features an easy-to-use UI that’ll make playing through Gloomhaven much faster and more dynamic. Everything from character creation to monster-fighting is pretty much automated.

It also includes everything the original game does, including detailed models for characters and monsters, and a high-quality game board.


8. Spirit Island

Spirit Island Tabletop Simulator mod

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In Spirit Island, up to six players take the role of nature spirits in a virgin island that has just been discovered by a colonial empire – and they’re trashing the place.

Take turns scaring or outright attacking the invaders to keep them at bay.

You can also enlist the local aboriginal tribes’ help or destroy parts of the island yourself – to be fixed once the invaders have been dealt with.

Spirit Island may just be better in TTS than it is IRL, thanks to the wonderful scripting done by the mod’s creators. This script automates several aspects and can randomize the game’s set-up too.


7. Dark Souls: The Board Game

Dark Souls: The Board Game Tabletop Simulator mod

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Based on the award-winning game by FromSoftware, Dark Souls: The Board Game will pit you with up to four players against colossal beasts in a world that’s as treacherous as its inhabitants.

This profoundly immersive strategy game revolves around the exploration of a world that’s created as you traverse it.

Combat is do-or-die, and revolves around stamina management in the same way as the video game.

One of its best parts is the gorgeous miniatures for characters and enemies – all of which were scanned and added into the mod for authenticity.

It can be hard to get into the game at first, but it’s definitely worth it.


6. ROOT + Expansions

ROOT + Expansions in Tabletop Simulator

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ROOT was a hit back when it was first released, and continues to be one in this scripted TTS mod version.

The Cats have taken over the forest, and several factions have risen to defend their interests and drive invaders away from their ancient homeland.

ROOT is a 1-6 player asymmetrical board game, meaning not all players start with the same resources or have the same win conditions.

This is determined by which faction you decide to play as.

The Cats try to hold their power over the forest, the Eyrie try to take back the woods from the air, the Alliance skulks around in the shadows setting up traps… and so on.


5. Oath – Chronicles of Empire & Exile

Oath – Chronicles of Empire & Exile Tabletop Simulator mod

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Oath is a unique game 1-6 player game where you and your rivals will shape the history of an ancient land.

Each player takes the role of an exile who has to gather support, recruit warbands, and discover critical information that’ll give them an edge in battle so they may one day return to their homeland and hopefully take over.

What’s so interesting about it is how your actions in one playthrough will affect the next. Every single decision you make will have repercussions for every subsequent game session.

Lots of fun to be had with this mod.


4. Settlers of Catan + Expansions

Settlers of Catan + Expansions mod for TTS

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Over the span of 25 years, the classic Settlers of Catan has gone from a niche game to a mainstream hit – and now you can play it online in Tabletop Simulator.

This scripted version of Catan will set up the board for 5-6 settlers who’ll take turns creating new settlements, upgrading them into cities, claiming resources, and slowly but surely acquiring victory points until one of them gets to 10 and wins the game.

This mod includes all current expansions for the game too, like Cities & Knights, Traders & Barbarians, and Explorers & Pirates.


3. Dungeons & Dragons Table – Tavern Themed

Dungeons & Dragons Table – Tavern Themed TTS mod

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If you’ve ever been a Game Master for a D&D session, you know how hard it can be to get everyone immersed and keep things interesting.

This Dungeons & Dragons Table mod makes things easier by providing the GM with everything they could possibly need.

There’s a weather control panel, soundboards, and the lighting can be regulated to mimic a dark cave or a sunny field.

There’s also a TV in front of the GM’s seat that shows a bird’s eye view of the table, and a bookshelf with every official DnD 5E book inside.

The mod also includes all necessary game cards, dice, and a box for each player containing everything they need to get started. Probably the best D&D mod you can get for this game.


2. Red Dragon Inn – Complete Collection

Red Dragon Inn – Complete Collection in Tabletop Simulator

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Red Dragon Inn follows up to ten brave adventurers as they sit down for drinks and gambling once the monsters are slain and the loot is claimed.

Slowly, players will run out of money or succumb to their blood alcohol levels until only one remains.

The classic comedic strategy game makes its way to TTS in a fully-scripted mod that’ll make setting up the game a breeze.

Just pick your characters, fill-out the nameplates, and the system will do the rest.

Note: this “Complete Collection” includes all 49 characters, eight Otto decks, and every single drink deck ever released.


1. Cards Against Humanity + Expansions

Cards Against Humanity + Expansions Tabletop Simulator mod

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Let’s face it: we’re all horrible people deep inside – and no game will expose your dark sense of humor and politically incorrect tendencies like Cards Against Humanity.

This incredible party game has players drawing terms from the white deck – stuff like “The Gays”, “9/11” and “Mecha-Hitler” – and matching them with incomplete sentences from the black deck. Why?

To create hilarious and potentially offensive phrases.

The one with the craziest and funniest phrases wins.

This mod includes all Holiday cards, along with the Canadian expansion, the 90s pack, and plenty more.

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