Where To Get Beef in Tales of Arise (Locations + Uses)

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The best way to get beef in Tales of Arise is to farm it at Pharia Ranch, off Trasilda Highway in Elde Menancia. The ranch is unlocked after completing the side quest ‘Pharia Ranch’.

Once this has been completed, simply choose to raise cows in the available slots. Once they have fully grown, you will be able to harvest some beef.

Beef is a common but useful item in Tales of Arise, used predominantly for cooking recipes. It can be used for the following meals:

  • Beef Stew
  • Curry

Farming Beef at The Ranch

Alphen ft. some cows on Trasilda Highway. / Tales of Arise
Alphen ft. some cows on Trasilda Highway.

By far the most reliable method of acquiring beef in Tales of Arise is via farming it at Pharia Ranch.

It’s easy to unlock the ranch and get started, and it’s done so while progressing through the realm of the third lord, Elde Menancia.

At the location shown above, a farmer will be on the ground, passed out. Healing this person using Shionne’s ability will start the brief side quest, aptly named ‘Pharia Ranch’.

This is all you have to do for this side quest, as the farmer will promptly show you to his ranch and all but hand you the keys to the place. What a lovely man! Upon doing so, you’re free to raise certain animals in a limited number of slots, which will increase the more you use the ranch.

Raising cattle at the ranch. / Tales of Arise
Raising cattle at the ranch.

To get beef, you’ll need to choose to raise at least one cow.

After a certain amount of time (which can be expedited by giving them more potent feed), they will be ripe for the harvest, and you’ll automatically acquire beef upon checking in at the ranch or with merchants on the road.


Uses For Beef


Use #1: Beef Stew

The recipe for Beef Stew. / Tales of Arise
The recipe for Beef Stew.

Beef Stew is likely the first recipe that incorporates beef that you’ll encounter upon your travels through Dahna.

It is unlocked via a side quest called Gourmet Saga: Palace Delivery. This is located in Viscint. Upon finishing this side quest, you will unlock the Beef Stew recipe.

The recipe details are as follows:

Recipe: Beef Stew
Ingredients: 1 x Beef
2 x Potato
2 x Tomato
1 x Mushroom
Cooking Effect: Heal HP After Battle S
Duration: 15 Minutes
Character Boost (Dohalim): Increases cooking effect by 30% once remaining
Description: A stew consisting of beef cooked in red wine and demi-glace sauce. One bite of the tender, savory meat makes all the preparation time worth it.

Use #2: Curry

The recipe for Curry. / Tales of Arise
The recipe for Curry.

The second recipe that incorporates beef is Curry.

This recipe can be unlocked a little while after Beef Stew, as it’s gained via a side quest in Niez, Mahag Saar called ‘Kisara’s Initiation’. The details of the curry recipe are as follows:

Recipe: Curry
Ingredients: Rice x 2
Potato x 2
Beef x 2
Pepper x 2
Cooking Effect: Defense Up M
Duration: 13 minutes
Character Boost (Alphen): Cooking Effect + 15%
Character Boost (Law): Cuts duration by 25%, but boosts the effect by 50%
Description: Curry roux made from various spices poured on top of rice. The strong, spicy aroma and flavor make the rice feel that much more filling to eat.

Use #3: Farmer’s Market

Selling 11 Beef for 550 Gald. / Tales of Arise
Selling 11 Beef for 550 Gald.

If you’re totally strapped for cash, another use for beef is simply to sell it to one of the various merchants scattered around Dahna.

Beef sells for a rather underwhelming 50 Gald, so you’ll need quite a lot of it for any kind of worthy income.

Note: If you’re truly strapped for cash consider farming and selling Rappig meat instead, which goes for a considerably higher 250 Gald apiece.

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