Where is the Cargo Freighter & What Is It For? (Tales of Arise)

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The cargo freighter is a mode of transport found in Mahag Saar. Once you’ve conquered The Wedge, a late game dungeon, you can return to the Hidden Wharf and the Cargo Freighter will be available for transport.

Using the freighter, you’ll be able to access several locations, one of which can’t be accessed via the normal method of fast travel.

The getaway destinations that you’ll be able to travel to upon taking a ride on the cargo freighter are as follows:

  • The Wedge
  • The Uninhabited Island
  • The Ocean (Fishing spot, otherwise inaccessible)

How To Find The Freighter

The map location of the cargo freighter / Tales of Arise
The map location of the cargo freighter

You’ll naturally come upon the cargo freighter by progressing through the main story. It’s first encountered upon approaching the conclusion of the Mahag Saar arc.

However, in its debut appearance, it simply functions as a set piece – and you won’t be able to freely choose your destination at this stage.

It’s found when entering the Hidden Wharf, a location within the Mahag Saar realm.

You’ll promptly be taken out to sea as part of the main story, leading to the introduction of the fifth and final area, Lord’s realm.

Note: You won’t be able to return to the Hidden Wharf for a little while during this section of the game.

Eventually, the cargo freighter will again prove useful a little later in the story for accessing The Wedge. It’s after clearing that dungeon that the cargo freighter becomes truly accessible.


How To Use The Freighter

Fishing at sea, aboard the cargo freighter / Tales of Arise
Fishing at sea, aboard the cargo freighter

The primary use of the freighter is for its unique fishing location.

The freighter can be taken out into the open sea to catch several types of fish, including the boss fish, the Silver Marlin. The Silver Marlin is regarded as one of the trickiest fish to catch within the game – but this is the location to do it.

The complete list of fish available in the open sea are listed below:

  • Vesper Sea Bass
  • Sardonyx Grouper
  • Garnet Sea Bream
  • Blueback Tuna
  • Mahag Saar Barracuda
  • Silver Marlin
Kisara stands proudly over a Blueback Tuna / Tales of Arise
Kisara stands proudly over a Blueback Tuna

After the party has reached Rena, a second location will be unlocked via the cargo freighter.

This is the Uninhabited Island, in which a second fishing spot is available.

The fish that can be caught here are:

  • Vesper Sea Bass
  • Tsuyukusa Sea Mackerel
  • Mahag Saar Flatfish
  • Zesti Grouper
  • Gluttonous Barracuda

Note: To be able to travel to the Uncharted Island in the first place, you’ll need to undertake the side quest ‘Beyond the Grave’. Once you’ve started the quest and obtained the necessary item to show to the freighter captain, the option to travel to the island will become available.

The Uncharted Island / Tales of Arise
The Uncharted Island

Finally, the cargo freighter also can come in handy whilst undertaking The Wedge dungeon for the first time.

This is because it’s rather a lengthy section of the game, with many tough enemies and a rather tricky boss fight at the end. As such, you could be prone to running out of supplies if you happen to enter this dungeon unprepared.

Fortunately the captain of the freighter will hang around the entrance of The Wedge, so you can ask him to return you to the mainland. From there it’s very easy to restock your gels and bottles before returning back to the dungeon.

The cargo freighter travel point at The Wedge / Tales of Arise
The cargo freighter travel point, at The Wedge.
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