Vandal Dragon Hunting in Tales of Arise (Locations + Uses)

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The Vandal Dragon is a rare enemy in Tales of Arise. It’s a fearsome-looking creature that drops two items, the Keen Gigafang and the Dragon Flame Sac.

Per the game’s bestiary note, the Vandal Dragon can be found at Adan Lake, as well as the Mobile Fortress Gradia.


Vandal Dragon Stats & Details

The Bestiary entry for the Vandal Dragon / Tales of Arise
The Bestiary entry for the Vandal Dragon

The following table illustrates the stats and attributes that the Vandal Dragon has, as well as its strengths and weaknesses.

Name: Vandal Dragon
Level: 27
Health Points: 47,600
Attack: 642
Elemental Attack: 543
Defense: 437
Elemental Defense: 437
Penetration: 941
Resistance: 991
Weakness: Water
Resistant to: Fire

Where To Find The Vandal Dragon

The location of the Vandal Dragon (circled in red) / Tales of Arise
The location of the Vandal Dragon (circled in red)

There are two locations to find the Vandal Dragon in Tales of Arise – with the best location being Adan Lake.

Just note that you won’t uncover the first one until you are already quite a few hours into the game.

The first Vandal Dragon that you come across will probably be at Adan Lake, just a few steps away from the campfire and fishing spot.

It’s also encountered on the Mobile Fortress Gradia, but honestly don’t worry about that. The Mobile Fortress is a one-time-only dungeon, so it will be of no help unless you’re there in your current save file.

Fortunately we’re able to find, fight, and loot as many Vandal Dragons as we want just from Adan Lake.

A Vandal Dragon having a snooze at Adan Lake. / Tales of Arise
A Vandal Dragon having a snooze at Adan Lake.

Upon scouring Adan Lake from top to bottom, I was only able to discover one location where the Vandal Dragon spawns.

Thankfully, it’s in an absolutely prime spot, making them one of the most farmable creatures in the game. This is despite there being only one spawn in the entirety of the explorable world map.

The singular Vandal Dragon spawn is just northeast of the quick travel spot in Adan Lake, which itself is just by the fishing spot and campfire.

As it’s in such close proximity to the spawn point, it’s incredibly easy to farm this creature.

This is because using fast travel to go to an area resets all of the monster spawns in that zone. So you can simply:

  1. Travel to Adan Lake
  2. Kill the Vandal Dragon
  3. Fast travel right back to the campfire steps
  4. And another Vandal Dragon will have spawned at the same point, waiting for you

Note: Fast traveling does reset the Battle Chain. However, you’ll be able to fight so many Vandal Dragons in such a short amount of time that you aren’t missing out on too much at all from the Battle Chain bonuses.

These dragons can put up a bit of a tough battle when first encountered, but there are a few things to bear in mind.

Firstly, the Vandal Dragon is weak to Water abilities, so Shionne and Rinwell could be of particular use within these fights.

Secondly, it has a core located on its chest which is very easy to target. So focus on that and you’ll break it and stun the beast in no time.


Vandal Dragon Drops + Uses

Earning a Dragon Flame Sac and Keen Gigafang after battle with the Vandal Dragon. / Tales of Arise
Earning a Dragon Flame Sac and Keen Gigafang after battle with the Vandal Dragon.

The Vandal Dragon drops two different kinds of loot:

  • The Keen Gigafang
  • The Dragon Flame Sac

The Keen Gigafang is quite a common item, being dropped by many different kinds of creatures and monsters in Tales of Arise.

The Dragon Flame Sac is one of a kind, though. It’s only dropped by the Vandal Dragon. The Dragon Flame Sac is also a crucial ingredient needed in a powerful weapon for Shionne, the Refined Ignis Roar.

Refined Ignis Roar Stats
Attack: 224
Elemental Attack: 236
Penetration: 220
Enhanced Artes: Fire
The Refined Ignis Roar crafting screen / Tales of Arise
The Refined Ignis Roar crafting screen

This is a very useful weapon for Shionne considering where you’ll be in the game when you first encounter a Vandal Dragon.

So it’s worth acquiring the ingredients you need to craft the weapon.

It’s also tailor-made to be created after fighting the Vandal Dragon, because as well as needing the basic Ingis Roar gun, you’ll also need some Keen Gigafangs (x4) as well as Dragon Flame Sacs (x2).

But with the farming method we mentioned above, it’ll take no time at all to acquire the ingredients you need to craft the Refined Ignis Roar – assuming you held onto the basic model of the weapon to begin with.

The Dragon Flame Sac’s sole purpose is to be used to craft this particular weapon, so it’s a bit inflexible.

Yet several of Alphen’s weapons along with Shionne’s also require some Keen Gigafangs, so if you’re ever in need, simply farm some Vandal Dragons.

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