Best Tales of Berseria Mods & Textures (All Free)

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The Tales Of series has been going on for quite some time. And it took its sweet time to finally hit PC.

But when it did, it did it with a bang.

Even though Tales of Zestiria is the actual first entry in the series to come to Steam officially, Tales of Berseria is the first game that got a simultaneous console and PC release. Meaning anyone with powerful GPUs could enjoy the game in 4K resolution as soon as it hit Western shores.

And as it always is with PC games, a modding community centered around the game was soon created. This gave players brand new costumes, and even the ability to control NPCs.

And that’s what we like about mods: being able to do the impossible!


10. Magilou Skin Fix

Magilou Skin Fix TB Mod

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Mazhigigika Miludin do Din Nolurun Dou is such a powerful witch that she can change her skin tone at will. Burn the witch!

OK that’s not exactly true, as her character model’s skin tone is decidedly darker than the one of her portrait.

This mod attempts to fix this small cosmetic difference, creating a more consistent look that’s definitely appreciated by anyone with OCD.


9. Velvet – Demonic

Velvet Demonic TB Mod screenshot

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The Lord of Calamity is the most fearsome being around, and yet Velvet doesn’t always look the part.

Sure, the tattered outfit does scream danger. But there’s still something missing.

The Velvet – Demonic skin attempts to make her standard outfit more fitting to the character’s role with a few choice tweaks.

Namely changing the color of her eyes and hair, and making her skin a little lighter. She really looks like a vampire now, doesn’t she?


8. Eleanor – Cheria Themed Recolor Mod

Eleanor Cheria Themed Recolor Mod TB screenshots

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Tales of Graces F is a game that all fans of the series should play.

While we wait for a PC port to finally get released, we can start getting acquainted with some of its characters.

The Cheria Themed Recolor Mod is a costume mod for Eleanor which recolors her standard outfit with the same color scheme of the standard outfit of Cheria Barnes from Tales of Graces F.

Her Artes do not change, so you can continue skewering enemies with Gungnir Twister without a care in the world!


7. Rokuro – White Robes

Rokuro in White Robes - Tales of Berseria Mod screenshot

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Time to make a stylish outfit even more stylish!

Rokuro – White Robes is a costume mod with an amazingly good looking design for Rokuro that turns his robes white.

The red highlights are a very nice touch, and they’re especially good to hide all the blood that Rokuro spills while fighting daemons and exorcists alike.


6. Velvet – DMC5 Dante

Velvet Tales of Berseria Mod screenshot

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You cannot kill me! I am Omega!

You cannot kill me! I am Subhuman!

Sorry, seeing Velvet turned into Dante from Devil May Cry 5 put his battle theme from the game into my head.

Sadly, there are still no music mods for Tales of Berseria. So we’ll have to make do with the standard battle themes, which should be more than enough for the Lord of Calamity turned Devil Hunter.


5. Rokuro – Face Rework

Face Rework Tales of Berseria Mod Rokuro character

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For being a warrior that has faced death countless times, Rokuro doesn’t have a whole lot of scars.

Well, that’s changing soon!

This Face Rework mod introduces two new face options for Rokuro, removing the black stain indicating his daemonhood status, and adding a few scars in the process.

If you don’tt like the character’s vanilla look, do give this mod a spin. It looks very good and falls perfectly into the game’s general art direction.


4. Eizen – Old Coat

Eizen Tales of Berseria Mod character screenshot

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A Malak and a pirate who’s been roaming the seas for so long that he has forgotten to bring a change of clothes.

Say hello to Eizen, folks!

The Old Coat mod makes some light changes to the character’s regular outfit, to make his signature coat look well-worn and old.

Which makes a lot of sense. I mean, considering how Malaks can live for thousands of years, and how Eizen has been wearing his since the beginning of his seafaring career.


3. Cheat Engine Table

Tales of Berseria - Start menu screenshot

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God Mode, activated!

This Cheat Engine Table, which requires Cheat Engine to function, will let you activate a multitude of options that can make the game incredibly easy (which is always fun).

But it also removes some of the tedium of grinding.

With an equipment enhancement system as grindy as the one in the game, the ability to instantly max weapons is truly a gift. Maybe from the one and only Lord of Calamity.


2. Cheat Engine Character Modding Table

Character Modding - Tales of Berseria Mod

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Have you never wondered how it would feel controlling Tales of Berseria bosses, and using their uber-powerful Artes?

Wonder no more, folks.

This Cheat Engine Table includes a few options that allow you to swap character models and use enemy-only Artes.

You know what this means, right?

It means you can control Seres, Zavied (who plays pretty much like he did in Tales of Zestiria), and even Arthur himself.

Not all Artes work as intended when used by the player. But experimenting is part of the fun with modding.


1. Tales of Berseria Fix

Tales of Berseria Mod - Fix Preview

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Compared to other console-to-PC ports, Tales of Berseria is a very good one.

But this doesn’t mean that it can’t be made better.

The Tales of Berseria Fix mod introduces a lot of small yet important improvements that make the experience so much better, ranging from image quality to performance improvements.

And if you’re playing with a DualShock 3 or DS4 controller, you can also enable the PlayStation button prompts for an authentic console experience. All on Steam!

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