Where To Farm Adhesive Bandages in Terraria

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The Adhesive Bandage drops from three enemies which are found in three different locations:

  • Angler Fish, found in water in the Jungle biome at the Cavern layer
  • Rusty Armored Bones, found in the Dungeon
  • Werewolves, found at night during a Full Moon

You must be in Hardmode to farm Adhesive Bandages, as these enemies do not spawn in pre-Hardmode. They have a drop-rate of 1% in Classic mode, and a drop-rate of 2% in Expert mode.

This accessory provides you immunity to bleeding, but is also a required material in the crafting tree for the Ankh Charm accessory.

While all three options are viable farming methods, going into the Jungle for Angler Fish appears to be the most efficient due to increased spawn rates.

Let’s check it out.


Preparing To Farm

Example of a good gear setup / Terraria
Example of a good gear setup

Immediately going into the Jungle after unlocking Hardmode is not recommended, as every enemy’s spawn rate has increased and so has their damage.

Make sure you at least have Cobalt or Palladium armor. Some better-equipped sets would be Adamantite or Titanium armor.

For weapons, most past pre-Hardmode should work well enough. Some easy-to-acquire options are the Anchor, the Crystal Serpent, and the Megashark.


Farming Angler Fish (Best Method)


Method 1: The Traditional Way

Two Angler Fish under the character / Terraria
Two Angler Fish under the character

Angler Fish are anywhere at the Cavern layer of the Jungle, and will spawn alongside Piranhas and Arapaima Fish in bodies of water.

Due to how spawning works in Terraria, leave the area and come back, and a new set of enemies should have spawned in. Repeat the process to kill as many Angler Fish as possible.


Method 2: Setting Up an Auto Farm

Example of an automatic farm for Angler Fish / Terraria
Example of an automatic farm for Angler Fish

Rather than wait for Angler Fish to spawn by constantly moving off-screen and coming back, you can set up a faster way to farm them.

This requires a large body of water, enough that the majority of it is off-screen. You would need to either drain an ocean or use a Bottomless Water Bucket.

After this, you will need to turn the area into a Jungle biome. This can be done by placing 140 Lihzahrd Bricks or 140 Mud blocks with Jungle grass.

Finally, you’ll have to stand in a small pool of water yourself in order to aggro enemies towards you.

Here, you can either use a weapon that goes through walls or set up traps, such as the flame trap in the image above.

Tip: You can use Water Candles and Battle Potions to further increase enemy spawn rate.


The Other Ways To Farm

Fighting Skeleton enemies in the Dungeon / Terraria
Fighting Skeleton enemies in the Dungeon

As previously mentioned, Rusty Armored Bones also drop Adhesive Bandages with the same drop-rate. Run through the Dungeon in your world and you should come across a decent amount.

These enemies spawn most commonly in rooms with Slab Walls. There are three types of walls in the Dungeon: Brick, Tile, and Slab.

Brick, Tile, and Slab wall appearance respectively / Terraria
Brick, Tile, and Slab wall appearance respectively / Image source

Note: Rusty Armored Bones do not spawn until after you have killed Plantera.

Of course, the final option still remains: farming werewolves.

It’s better to use the other methods, as waiting for a Full Moon may take up to 8 in-game days.

However, if one does occur, take advantage of it.

Werewolves are as common as zombies during this time period, so you may get the Adhesive Bandage very quickly.

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