How To Farm Chlorophyte Ore in Terraria

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Chlorophyte ore can be found in the Underground layer of the Jungle.

Chlorophyte ore will not appear until after Hardmode has begun. Once you start Hardmode, mud blocks and Jungle grass blocks begin to convert themselves into ore.

This ore will then spread to other mud blocks, creating large ore veins to mine.

In an effort to continue spreading, nearby dirt blocks will automatically convert to mud and normal grass blocks will convert to Jungle grass blocks.

This means that even when you’ve mined all the ore you could see, as long as there is still some chlorophyte left underground, new ore veins will continue appearing over time.

You can also create an automatic farm, which is more efficient. We’ll cover that process too later.

Let’s check it out.


Preparing to Farm

Examples of good gear setups / Terraria
Examples of good gear setups

You’re going to need a pickaxe with at least 200% Pickaxe Power in order to mine chlorophyte ore. This means you’ll need either a Pickaxe Axe or a Drax at the very least.

When it comes to preparing for the Jungle itself, you should be well-equipped with some Hardmode gear before going in.

Cobalt or Palladium armor are viable options, but some better-equipped armor sets would be Adamantite or Titanium armor.

For weapons, some go-to options for a fresh Hardmode character are the Megashark, the Anchor, or the Crystal Serpent.


Farming Chlorophyte Ore


Method 1: The Traditional Way

Mining natural chlorophyte ore veins / Terraria
Mining natural chlorophyte ore veins

Chlorophyte ore is anywhere in the Jungle at the Underground layer.

As you would with any other ore, do some mining and you should come across it quickly.

Note: It’s recommended you leave some chlorophyte lying around, don’t mine all of it. If you leave some, more will spread around and be ready once again when you return.


Method 2: Creating an Auto Farm

Example of a complete Chlorophyte ore farm / Terraria
Example of a complete Chlorophyte ore farm

Rather than mining the whole area for Chlorophyte ore, you can also set up a faster way to farm it.

You’ll only need mud blocks and a small amount of chlorophyte ore.

First and foremost, you want to be in the Underground or Cavern layer. You don’t have to be in the Jungle to set this up.

Due to how chlorophyte spreading works, you’ll have to follow some specific dimensions.

Step 1: Create a long platform with any block.

Step 2: Then, create a 6×6 block of mud.

Step 3: In the center of that, place one chlorophyte ore block. Use a Ruler to see the dimensions of what you’re placing. The Goblin Tinkerer sells it.

Example of what the block of mud should look like / Terraria
Example of what the block of mud should look like

Step 4: Next, count out 38 blocks to the right or left, and create another 6×6 block of mud.

Example of the distance between the two blocks / Terraria
Example of the distance between the two blocks

Repeat this process as many times as you want depending on how much chlorophyte you need. Over time, these mud blocks will convert entirely or almost entirely into chlorophyte ore.

The spread rate appears to be a bit inconsistent, but if you wait a couple in-game days, there should be a lot of chlorophyte ready to mine.


Advanced Farming Tips

While making the chlorophyte farm, you may have struggled with enemies swarming you. There is a simple way to combat this.

In Terraria, enemies stop spawning once walls are placed in an enclosed area, so doing that with your farm will stop them.

First, you’ll want to place another large platform above the 6×6 dirt blocks you made. Create an entrance into the farm with Platforms.

Then, fill all of the areas with walls.

Example of a better farm with negated enemy spawns / Terraria
Example of a better farm with negated enemy spawns

If you add another layer above it for you to walk around, you’ll have an enemy-proof farm.

Enemies are now unable to enter the farm / Terraria
Enemies are now unable to enter the farm

Be sure to use a trapdoor for the entrance.

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